Образ России в британских средствах массовой информации на материале газеты "The Guardian"

%20were%20a%20surprise,%20not%20just%20because%20of%20his%20party's%20low%20level%20of%20popularity%20but%20because%20they%20were%20allowed%20to%20happen[The%20Guardian,%2012.12.2011].of%20thousands%20of%20Russians%20are%20expected%20to%20take%20to%20the%20streets%20on%20Saturday%20despite%20Kremlin%20efforts%20to%20ease%20tensions%20over%20disputed%20elections%20and%20Vladimir%20Putin%20<http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/vladimir-putin>'s%20expected%20return%20to%20the%20presidency[The%20Guardian,%2024.12.2011].are%20calling%20for%20election%20results%20to%20be%20overturned,%20the%20elections%20committee%20chief%20Vladimir%20Churov%20to%20be%20fired%20and%20political%20prisoners%20to%20be%20released.%20They%20have%20also%20begun%20to%20turn%20their%20attention%20to%20a%204%20March%20presidential%20election,%20calling%20on%20disaffected%20Russians%20to%20vote%20against%20Putin%20as%20he%20seeks%20to%20return%20to%20the%20Kremlin%20after%20four%20years%20as%20prime%20minister%20[The%20Guardian,%2024.12.2011].the%20public%20outrage%20that%20followed%20last%20December's%20rigged%20parliamentary%20poll%20in%20Russia%20<http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/russia>,%20Putin%20<http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/27/vladimir-putin-profile-putinism>%20ordered%20that%20live%20web%20cameras%20be%20fitted%20in%20each%20of%20the%20country's%2091,000%20polling%20stations%20[The%20Guardian,%2005.03.2012].the%20cameras%20didn't%20do%20what,%20superficially%20at%20least,%20they%20were%20"intended"%20to%20do.%20They%20didn't%20stop%20the%20fraud.%20Opposition%20activists%20have%20posted%20video%20footage%20of%20a%20host%20of%20electoral%20violations%20including%20ballot-box%20stuffing%20<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qPraoPXevM> and paid supporters of Putin being ferried around <http://slon.ru/russia/ne_govorite_nichego_patsany_-760938.xhtml%5d> in an armada of buses to vote in multiple locations.

Образ России в британских средствах массовой информации на материале газеты The Guardian

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Power to the powerful. The Russian plutocrats have no interest in changing a system on which they thrive [The Guardian, 10.09.2010].Putina. The picture of Russia presented by US diplomats reinforces the need to press the reset button on US-Russian relations [The Guardian, 03.12.2010].'s position became one of humiliation. I heard one expert describe Russia's ruling model not as a tandem but as "a bicycle with a child's seat in the front" [The Guardian, 26.08.2011].the past four years Medvedev has done nothing to dispel the impression that he is anything other than a useful seatwarmer, his time in the Kremlin a legalistic blip in an epoch of endless Putin rule[The Guardian, 26.08.2011].

Многие журналисты усматривают в России отсутствие законности и связанные с этим коррупцию и бюрократию:also remains a serious problem. Transparency International, which monitors the problem, claimed in its last annual report that graft had increased in Russia. The nation's transparency rating fell from last year's 2.2 to 2.1, on a scale of 0.0 ("highly corrupt") to 10.0 ("very clean"). Additionally, its country ranking fell from 146 out of 180 countries to 154 out of 178 countries, landing between Papua New Guinea and Tajikistan [The Guardian, 11.12.2011].

Эта отрицательная динамика наблюдается в условиях реализации системы мер по борьбе с коррупцией, принятой на государственном уровне.confirmed that immorality was a serious issue throughout business - but also the wider judicial system. "There needs to be a brutal war against corruption," he said. "Deng [Xiaoping] killed corruption at the top level [in China]. We need a huge clearout - perhaps fire all judges and hire a new young generation on three times the salary"[The Guardian, 11.12.2011].'s trouble is the absence of law, with its clear and enforceable rules [The Guardian, 11.12.2011].

,%20a%20well-known%20TV%20presenter,%20was%20right%20to%20say%20recently%20that%20many%20Russians%20have%20"a%20feeling%20of%20being%20totally%20unprotected"%20[The%20Guardian,%2011.12.2011].Yurgens,%20head%20of%20the%20Institute%20of%20Contemporary%20Development%20(and%20a%20former%20supporter%20of%20president%20Dmitry%20Medvedev)%20complained%20that%20the%20Kremlin%20"underestimated%20the%20gap%20between%20a%20society%20that%20has%20become%20sophisticated%20and%20advanced%20and%20the%20feudal%20relations%20that%20operate%20at%20the%20upper%20echelons%20of%20state%20power"%20[The%20Guardian,%2011.12.2011].40%%20complained%20of%20bureaucracy%20and%20corruption%20[The%20Guardian,%2012.12.2011].">No wonder so many young Russians choose to emigrate when they see how justice is administered selectively, the rich pay no tax and officials charge fees for services that should be normal civic entitlements. Vladimir Pozner <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Posner>, a well-known TV presenter, was right to say recently that many Russians have "a feeling of being totally unprotected" [The Guardian, 11.12.2011].Yurgens, head of the Institute of Contemporary Development (and a former supporter of president Dmitry Medvedev) complained that the Kremlin "underestimated the gap between a society that has become sophisticated and advanced and the feudal relations that operate at the upper echelons of state power" [The Guardian, 11.12.2011].40% complained of bureaucracy and corruption [The Guardian, 12.12.2011].

СМИ Великобритании неоднократно обращались к теме дела М. Ходорковского, как показательному примеру нарушения законности в России. Медийные комментарии, как и раньше, сопровождались тезисами о том, что дело Ходорковского превратилось в символ несправедливости российской системы и продемонстрировало, что Президент Д. Медведев не в состоянии выполнить свои обещания обеспечить законность в стране. Комментарии по решению ЕСПЧ, отказавшегося признать политическую подоплеку в деле бывшего главы ЮКОСа, носили более сдержанный характер. Вердикт суда расценили как неожиданную победу Кремля. М. Ходорковский потерпел поражение, констатировала пресса, но сочла моральной победой бывшего главы ЮКОСа признание судом факта нарушения его прав во время ареста и нахождения под стражей. В вердикте обвинения снова проявились двойные стандарты российского законодательства, которые были замечены западной прессой. The Guardian резюмирует, что судьба Ходорковского есть пренебрежение нынешних коррумпированных правителей России законностью [The Guardian, 04.06.2011].

Западные СМИ акцентируют внимание мирового сообщества еще на одной российской проблеме - расцвете неонацизма.vitriol was all too palpable during a recent rally in which 7,000 nationalists, mainly young men and boys, donned black balaclavas or blue medical masks and took to the streets of Moscow chanting messages of hate and slogans in support of ethnic Russians. They ran from the conventional - "Russia for Russians" - to the bizarre - "Sport! Health! Nationalism!" - to the extreme - "Fuck the Jews". City authorities gave permission to hold the rally, a right regularly denied to the liberal opposition, albeit on the city's outskirts. Helicopters hovered overhead, and a relatively small contingent of police lined part of the rally's path [The Guardian, 11.09.2011].

"I came here because there's an occupation going on by people from the Caucasus," said Andrei Sharapov, a rosy-cheeked 14-year-old who attended the march with friends. "They steal, they're violent and we need to get rid of them in any way" [The Guardian, 11.09.2011].

%c2%bb%20[The%20Guardian,%2011.09.2011].">В указанной статье Кремль упрекают в «ситуативном» подходе к национализму - разгоняя, когда нужно, закрывая глаза, когда это возможно».the number of racially-motivated killings soared, police stepped up their investigations. That has seen the number of murders drop - Sova registered at least 84 killings in 2009, down to 42 in 2010 and 20 so far this year [The Guardian, 11.09.2011].say nationalism has risen to feed the void in national ideology - communism fell in 1991 only to be replaced by today's cult of Putin. «Russian nationalism may be biggest threat to Putin's power, experts warn <http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/nov/09/russian-nationalism-challenge-putin-power>» [The Guardian, 11.09.2011].

В последние полгода западной прессой наиболее активно обсуждаются две избирательные кампании в России: в Государственную Думу в декабре 2011 года и Президента РФ в марте 2012.

%20were%20a%20surprise,%20not%20just%20because%20of%20his%20party's%20low%20level%20of%20popularity%20but%20because%20they%20were%20allowed%20to%20happen[The%20Guardian,%2012.12.2011].of%20thousands%20of%20Russians%20are%20expected%20to%20take%20to%20the%20streets%20on%20Saturday%20despite%20Kremlin%20efforts%20to%20ease%20tensions%20over%20disputed%20elections%20and%20Vladimir%20Putin%20<http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/vladimir-putin>'s%20expected%20return%20to%20the%20presidency[The%20Guardian,%2024.12.2011].are%20calling%20for%20election%20results%20to%20be%20overturned,%20the%20elections%20committee%20chief%20Vladimir%20Churov%20to%20be%20fired%20and%20political%20prisoners%20to%20be%20released.%20They%20have%20also%20begun%20to%20turn%20their%20attention%20to%20a%204%20March%20presidential%20election,%20calling%20on%20disaffected%20Russians%20to%20vote%20against%20Putin%20as%20he%20seeks%20to%20return%20to%20the%20Kremlin%20after%20four%20years%20as%20prime%20minister%20[The%20Guardian,%2024.12.2011].the%20public%20outrage%20that%20followed%20last%20December's%20rigged%20parliamentary%20poll%20in%20Russia%20<http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/russia>,%20Putin%20<http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/27/vladimir-putin-profile-putinism>%20ordered%20that%20live%20web%20cameras%20be%20fitted%20in%20each%20of%20the%20country's%2091,000%20polling%20stations%20[The%20Guardian,%2005.03.2012].the%20cameras%20didn't%20do%20what,%20superficially%20at%20least,%20they%20were%20"intended"%20to%20do.%20They%20didn't%20stop%20the%20fraud.%20Opposition%20activists%20have%20posted%20video%20footage%20of%20a%20host%20of%20electoral%20violations%20including%20ballot-box%20stuffing%20<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qPraoPXevM> and paid supporters of Putin being ferried around <http://slon.ru/russia/ne_govorite_nichego_patsany_-760938.xhtml%5d> in an armada of buses to vote in multiple locations. Nor did the cameras catch election officials who fudged totals once polls had closed - the most common form of fraud in December <http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/dec/11/medvedev-orders-inquiry-poll-violations> [The Guardian, 05.03.2012].a long time now, "elections" in Russia's ritualised imitation democracy have lacked one crucial element: drama. This was no different [The Guardian, 05.03.2012].">Russia and its power-hungry leader Vladimir Putin are still reeling. The results of last week's parliamentary elections <http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/dec/05/putin-united-russia-election> were a surprise, not just because of his party's low level of popularity but because they were allowed to happen[The Guardian, 12.12.2011].of thousands of Russians are expected to take to the streets on Saturday despite Kremlin efforts to ease tensions over disputed elections and Vladimir Putin <http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/vladimir-putin>'s expected return to the presidency[The Guardian, 24.12.2011].are calling for election results to be overturned, the elections committee chief Vladimir Churov to be fired and political prisoners to be released. They have also begun to turn their attention to a 4 March presidential e

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