What strategy are most effective in the conditions of globalization

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What strategy are most effective in the conditions of globalization


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Theme: What strategy are most effective in the conditions of globalization


The plan



1. New game rules

2. Integration processes

3. Virtual life of the real company

4. The contractor sounds is proud

5. Heroes of local scale





Every day the world economy becomes more and more global. This tendency hasn't avoided also Ukraine. Many domestic companies have already felt on themselves negative consequences of this process: the competition amplifies, risks become more various including from the point of view of consequences, requirements to skills and knowledge of the personnel constantly grow. However to consider the international character of a business activity it would be exclusive through a prism of negative events incorrectly. New conditions of business dealing is first of all new possibilities. To use them to the full, effective strategy of development is necessary to the companies.

Ñòðàòǻãèÿ (other-grech. στρατηγία «art of the commander») the general, not detailed plan of any activity covering the long period of time, a method of achievement of the difficult purpose.

In general understanding Strategy is a hierarchy of the purposes, which consecutive achievement, since bottom levels, leads to goal achievement of the uppermost level. To be the strategist - means to be able to build such hierarchy which with the minimum costs of resources (time, forces, money and so forth) will lead to goal achievement (or the purposes) top level.

Strategy as a method of actions becomes necessary in a situation, when for direct achievement of a main objective not enough cash resources. A strategy task is the effective utilization of cash resources for main objective achievement. Tactics is the tool of strategy implementation and is subordinated a strategy main objective. Strategy reaches a main objective through the decision of intermediate tactical tasks on an axis "resources-purposes".

Globalization process of the world economic, political and cultural integration and unification. The basic consequence of it is world job specialization, migration (and, as a rule, concentration) in scales of all planet of the capital, human and production resources, standardization of the legislation, economic and engineering procedures, and also rapprochement and merge of cultures of the different countries. It is objective process which has system character, that is covers all spheres of life of a society. As a result of globalization the world becomes more connected and more dependent on all its subjects. There is as increase in quantity of general for groups of the states of problems, and an expansion of number and types of integrated subjects [1].

Economy globalization one of laws of world development. Interdependence which has immeasurably increased in comparison with integration of economy of the various countries. It is connected with forming of economic space where branch structure, information interchange and technologies, geography of placing of productive forces are determined taking into account a world conjuncture, and economic elevatings and recessions acquire planetary scales.

Growing globalization of economy is expressed in sharp increase in scales and rates of moving of the capitals, advancing growth of international trade in comparison with gross national product growth, origin of world financial markets round the clock working in real time. The information systems created for last decades immeasurably have strengthened capability of a financial capital to fast moving that comprises, at least potentially, capability to destruction of steady economic systems.

Economy globalization difficult and inconsistent process. On the one hand, it facilitates economic interaction between the states, creates conditions for access of the countries to the advanced achievements of mankind, provides economy of resources, stimulates world progress. With another, globalization bears negative consequences: fastening of peripheral model of economy, loss of the resources by the countries which are not entering in «gold billion», small-scale business ruin, distribution on the weak countries of globalization of a competition, decrease in a level of living, etc. to Make globalization fruits accessible to the maximum number of the countries one of the tasks facing the world community. Arising tasks of economy, often, are discussed by influential politicians and economists together

  1. New game rules


Economy globalization is accompanied by variety of changes. We will consider most appreciable of them.

The strengthened fragmentation of a price chain. In the conditions of globalization specialization of each link of a price chain to that promote increase in quantity of accessible markets, occurrence of new vehicles and kinds of the cooperation amplifies, allowing to keep in touch on distance. Simultaneously with it the competition that causes in the companies aspiration to surpass others in the area becomes tougher. In such conditions the classical organizational structure with accurate hierarchical submission of divisions quite often appears insufficiently effective. As alternative to it many international companies use the structure based on interaction of autonomous links, participating in process of production of a product. For example, Benetton reserves marketing and goods quality control, and other operations, such as design, production and sale, charges to the partners.

Occurrence in the market of players of new type. Specialization strengthening opens road for active players of new type. In the conditions of globalization by winners become not only world famous marks. Economic giants, at times even more profitable, than their clients, can become still yesterday to nobody known subcontractors. So, the turnover of Taiwan company Quanta has exceeded $10 ìëðä, and as to such marks, as Dell and Hewlett Packard in their case it is possible to speak about the largest in the world manufacturers of portable computers.

The raised complexity. Promotion conditions have considerably changed. Speech doesn't go any more producing more goods of better quality as it was before. For today it is necessary to master new success factors. And it means, for example, to count risks. In the conditions of geographical ðàçáðîñàííîñòè the companies and strengthening of dependence on numerous participants-subcontractors, contractors, judicial bodies, etc. there were new risks, and with more serious consequences: risks of logistics, political, risks of loss of reputation in connection with unworthy behavior of partners and etc. Besides the companies, wishing to receive benefit from transfer of many functions (we will tell, production or design) on outsourcing, should be able to adjust relations with subcontractors who work and on competitors, but also, can become competitors.

Globalization, as a rule, identify with the large enterprises, capable to impose the interests to the world market. But actually at the modern market much more shades. There are many strategy which allow to become successful in globalization conditions, and speech no means always goes about the companies-giants (drawing. 1).


















For example, it is possible:

To benefit by opening of the new markets, using strategy of integration with other companies;

To specialize on one link of a price chain and to develop as "the virtual" enterprise, leaning against a network of partners;

To position itself in the market as the master builder;

To use those possibilities, which the competitors who have been concentrated in the world markets neglect to surpass them on a domestic market.


  1. Integration processes


Use of advantages of integration the first what remember when speech comes about strategy in the conditions of globalization. The integration essence internationally consists in implementing at world level model of the traditional integrated enterprise, and then to search for benefit from use of cheap labor power and production of the goods in great volume, to serve larger market at the optimized prices. Such approach many companies (use Sony, Zara and etc.).

That integration strategy was successful, it is necessary to acquire success key drivers, such as:

  1. Support on strong position. To achieve success in the world market, the integrated enterprise should adjust efficient control all components of a price chain that will allow to resist to numerous competitors. To this strategy should adhere and those companies which were already fixed in the sector. Beginners seldom manage to use the given advantage, as they don't have that set êîìïåòåíöèé, which are necessary to subordinate to itself all links of a chain. So, it is better to them to specialize on one of components of general activity and not to risk, trying to master others.

For example, Sony has stopped the cho

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