Ways of exploring the world

Traveling as a way of learning also has a long tradition. By traveling we get new information. It is very

Ways of exploring the world



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There are a lot of ways of exploring the world. Previously the choice of the means of exploring the world was rather limited. It was confined to books and meeting other people. With the appearance of newspapers in 17-th century people had a chance to learn about current events more quickly. The technical progress of the 20-th centuries has made our planet a small world. Today besides books are traveling the world can be explored with the help of mass media and the Internet.

Books are considered to be a traditional way of learning about the world around us. Books give information about various subjects, and also introduce us to the experience of the present, past and future. From books we derive all possible knowledge of arts and science. Textbooks and manuals are written to give knowledge and information about different special things. I think that books play a very important part in our education.

Traveling as a way of learning also has a long tradition. By traveling we get new information. It is very useful to visit different countries and get familiar with different cultures. Now a person travels in order to learn more about the culture of the country he is visiting and compare the real life of the people with the information given in the books. Traveling is indispensable for learning foreign languages. Pupils go to different countries to learn a chosen language. In European countries there are a lot of summer schools. The effect is great. They dont have a language barrier any more. It should be said that now people travel by car, train, plane, ship, spacecraft or on foot. Traveling, going from one place to another, gives a person a kind of social experience.

Another phenomenon of the 20-th century is the Internet. It is a brand-new way of exploring the world. Through the Internet people get all kind of information. The Internet as a means of communication is very convenient: a person can get a lot of information without leaving his apartment.

We can not imagine our life without mass media. Mass media give not only the current information about the situation in the world. The received information moulds the way of thinking. There are educational programs, which help pupils to study history, geography, biology, and learn foreign languages.

Visiting museums is another possible way of exploring the world. There are a lot of museums in Moscow as the State Tretyakov Gallery.

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