USA weather forecast

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USA weather forecast



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USA Weather forecast




Across the USA - Long Range National Forecast

Regional Summaries based on New Moon charts.


Northern New England

Early spring brings in the snow, possibly in record-setting amounts only to thaw and create flooding miseries that the 'mud' season can bring up north in New England. Mid April - mid May will see more precipitation, a sunny period then a cold spell. Mid-May eases out of the cold spell only to be into windy conditions with occasional downpours. Typical spring weather but with more oomph to it this year.


Ohio Valley

Showers and downpours could lead to flooding during the March 17th New Moon period. Mid-April to Mid-May will feature thunderstorms with great intensity and wonderful weather to enhance idyllic spring awareness. Mid-May through summer brings a problem with the winds. It is also a time for drying out and the heat to start building.

Early spring is delightful. Mid April to mid-May allows normal conditions with thunderstorms alternating with hot and dry periods. Mid-May to summer finds the humidity beginning to build but there will be a cold wind that brings a few destructive storms.




Chilly to cold days early in the season and excessive moisture. Mid April to mid-May should be a wonderful time for tourists to visit. Native will enjoy the pleasant and sometimes windy month. Mid-May to summer will find the Floridians donning sweaters as the chilly breezy may bring goosebumps.

The Upper Plains, the Dakotas, Minnesota, & Wisconsin

The area will begin with snow and other forms of precipitation-some freezing rain long with exhilarating gusts of wind. Genuinely lovely days are promised in this period also J Mid-April brings in the windy days with quite a punch! Prettier days to prevail with an early heat plume; a little early summer humidity.

Mid-May to summer will ease you out of a cloudy cool place into a heat spike that could set a record. The nodes and Uranus are angular for this area. Expect the unexpected for the normal season!


Mid Plains States, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri

Fair, windy and at times rainy for the March 17th New Moon. Mid-April to mid-May brings in the anxiety of fierce tornado activity. Be concerned and listen to all warnings. Mid-May to summer brings more unusual wind activity that will happen during the night. Following your local forecasters is a must during this period.

The wind planet, Mercury is placed in an ominous position for the New Moon chart in Dallas TX. This whole area should be on the alert for a very aggressive wind from March 17th to mid-April. A repeat of intense and threatening winds continues for the April to May period with many close calls. Mid-May through summer brings in the traditional hot weather for Texas. It's another season of record breakers. Just how hot can it get in Texas!


The Rockies

Seasonal winds and normal spring downpours and generally fair through mid-April. Through mid-May, there is damp weather, melting snow in extreme, tending to flood. Mid-May through summer brings the ending to the waterworks and slides into an early summertime heat to dry things out.


Arizona and New Mexico

Similar weather conditions as the Rockies with less extreme weather and a lower percentage of precipitation.


Southern California

Mid-March shows a chilly and windy scenario. Mid-April will have unusual and unexpected weather events that could be difficult and destructive. Merging fronts bring in thunderstorms and lightning strikes. Tremors may be more of a problem. Mid-May to the summer season indicates a Saturn on the 1st angle, which tends to restrict life in general in the area. If not a coastal storm, then a restructuring of some kind is indicated.


Oregon, Washington and Idaho

Season indications with tendency to be brisk and breezy. Fair weather patterns to mid-April when thunderstorm activity and fluctuations in temperatures from quite warm to cold then warm through Mid-May. Finishing up through to summer indicates the melting snow process brings difficulty to the area because of the additional precipitation that could linger for weeks.





SolarMap of the USA Aries Ingress

Explore the view of the spring planet placements in another perspective - on the map of the USA. Each line represents a planet on an angle of the ingress chart and, in turn, a weather indication for the area it flows through. Notice the Saturn, Venus lines on the descendant or 7th angle/house cusp through New England. This indicates a cold and wet beginning to spring in the northeast. Uranus on the 4th angle/house cusp shocks the same area with the unstable weather patterns and reversals of weather events. Moving west you will see the Neptune 4th house line in the area of western Pennsylvania down through the Carolinas. Neptune is a good indicator for flooding if found in hard aspect to other planets. It is just that. The last of the Saturn and Neptune squares happens this spring and flooding along this Neptune line is highly probable. The Ohio Valley is most suspect for overflowing.

The Jupiter descendant line through the western states helps to bring in more fair weather and strong northerly flows of wind into the areas. Sun and Mercury on the 7th cusps through the west coast and rockies suggest warmth and wind activity.



Very windy in early April through the 17th. A more aggressive wind until May 8th. Difficult winds continue to May 23rd. The end of May has a short quiet time from the wind but there could be some erratic pockets of fierce wind. As spring ends, the winds die down until summertime begins.


Spring in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts

The season, March through June 2001, has temps that will swing from abnormally cold to extremely hot for short periods of time. In-between these abnormal periods, the weather will be moist, mild and typical of spring. This is a virtual roller coaster of weather activity, complete with summerlike T-storms and lightning, for the entire eastern half of the USA. Flash flooding more for the east coast and a major flooding in the eastern half of the USA will be a concern and an over abundance of steady rains could damage early plantings in the east.





Weekly Summaries, Rhode Island and the Northeast


Wednesday, March 24, 2001, First Quarter moon

Spring rains are featured this week. A windy thunderstorm near 27th. Clearing around the 28th to more pleasant springlike weather. Because we enter a two-week period where the warming Sun and beneficial Jupiter can bring pleasant, balmy days, we could override some of the nasty weather. An interesting weather day on the 31st could find a spike in the temp. Happy times. A rush of Spring Fever!
Technical:Gemini on 4th, Moon. Pisces on 1st, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn late in house.


Wednesday, March 31, 2001, Full Moon - Easter Sunday April 4th

Indications are very strong for a heavy rain leading to spectacular flooding in the northeast especially because of the saturated ground from last week's rain. There is an equally strong potential for bright
Sun and rising temperatures during breaks in the rain with the Jupiter/Sun aspect on the weekend. Cloudy skies do threaten all week. One year ago, a similar combination of planets brought drenching rain for several days in early June. The storm covered the eastern 1/3rd of the nation.
Technical: Capricorn on 4th, Neptune. Libra 1st, Moon conjunct. #3 Sat/Nep square.


Thursday, April 8, 2001, Last Quarter moon

Clouds may linger and we will see some wind and chill. Moisture events range from fog to a rise in humidity. More pleasant weather may arrive by the weekend; mostly fair to the 14th.
Technical: Pisces on 4th, Mercury. Sagittarius on 1st, Pluto.


Thursday, April 15, 2001, New Moon

Mixed conditions for this week. Dry, sunny and warm temps dominate the early part of this week. Classic hot and cold fronts bring a rousing thunderstorm on the 19th. Lingering clouds and perhaps more rain to the end of the period. Colder temps feed in for about 12 days. (Sun with Saturn)
Technical: Aries on 1st, Sun, Moon, Saturn. Sagittarius on 1st.


Thursday, April 22, 2001, First Quarter moon

An aggressive period of strong weather that we haven't seen in a while. Temps could be very chilly.

Sun and dismal Saturn are still together and are creating a pattern of stormy, wet and destructive energy most of the week. Possible clearing on the 26th. On the 27th, the northeast has a chance of being involved in

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