Unidentified Flying Objects

The Sun Augustine plain is situated in the hundred with half miles from the Foster Place, where in the

Unidentified Flying Objects



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he air wideness of the country. It was the plate-former object with the brightly gleaming windows, as described it one of pilots. Having got the distance of a rocket volley, four sky-destroyers shot. Two rockets stroke the target. The UFO disappeared in fire-cloud at once.

Beginning form the end of the 40-s UFOs are subjecting to attacks from air and from land regularly. Mostly that attacks fixed over the Ural, in the Far East and in Kazakhstan. Perfectly known that UFOs never attack foremost and what about defense…

In 1959 during the unsuccessful attack of four UFOs over Alaska, Americans lost two flying machines. One of pilots escaped. Later he related that his “Seybr” suddenly lost the regime and fell down to cork-crew. The pilot felt splitting headache and than he was out of senses. To his luck he succeeds to pluck the catapult lever.

The Britain air force pilot, who attacked UFO, related that rocket self liquidators executed as soon as rockets separated from his “Fantom”. It was stayed only on fire front part with the cabin from the sky destroyer. The pilot escaped only by miracle.

Mostly UFOs attack only rockets, approaching to it.

Having joined all evidences, we can do some deductions. UFOs are material and vulnerable objects. They do not use special armor for defense and burn from rockets. The UFOs defense system is somewhat radio-electric weapon, influencing on electric equipment.

The last occurrence of the UFO attack fell on 1991, the “Desert storm” operation. The strange drop-formed object in the EL-Bachrak territory followed the American copter “Apache”. The object was moving on 200 meters height. The UFO changed the course after unsuccessful attack and disappeared at once.

The UFO in iceberg.

In autumn 1999 Norwegian ship was in grazing collision with iceberg in cold waters near Greenland.

Nobody suffered. However, the captain was in flap having looked the iceberg: it was the part of a big disk frozen in the iceberg with durability. It was an excellently preserved UFO.

All over the world scholars - ufologists came to find place, near from the Greenland Scoresbisund town. They wanted to investigate the UFO. According to Gerd Stuber, Swede, words the UFO construction and technologies are excelling all world inventions.

The investigator learned the UFO centimeter by centimeter. It was cleared up that the crew of fine ufonouts was managing the disk, but UFO lost the regime and cut in the iceberg by some reasons. The tracks of newcomers are not discovered.

Now nothing can explain the catastrophe.

Bob Lazar in the Dreamland.

The scholar-physicist Robert Lazar asserted, that he was working at the sea forces secret object in Nevada, where learn and try the UFO technology. Bob Lazar words:

“If we represent the space as a matter scrap and if the light speed is the limit, that it will be required too much time to fall in point B from point A, even with the light speed.

You cannot exceed the light speed. Nevertheless, let imagine that you are in the spaceship, which can produce the powerful gravitation it self. In that case, somewhere you are, it is enough to power the gravitation to strengthen and twist off the wideness time. Then the generator switched, only light fillip, and you are far from that place, where you are just now. The time is not ticked away, because you switched it.


In consequence with many stories, it asserted the opinion that the holded UFO technologies are kept in the 18A hangar of zone B of the Right-Patterson airbase. To the press representatives questions Pentagon answers monosyllabically: “The 18A hangar of zone B in the Right-Patterson airbase is absent”.

















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