Theatre, Music and Cinema

Usually we see films either in the cinema or on TV. But from time to time I go to the

Theatre, Music and Cinema



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Theatre, Music and Cinema

Theatre is a place where you can see a play staged. It is also one of entertainments.

A theatre consists of two parts: the stage and the hall. They are separated by a curtain and the orchestra. Actors and actresses perform on the stage and public the hall, the pit, the dress-circles, the boxes and the gallery.

If we made up our mind to go to the theatre we should go to the box-office to buy tickets. Seats can be reserved beforehand.

There is a theatre in our town. On the stage of this theatre you can see such plays as “Meetings in Vienna”, “Silva”, “The Princess of Circus” and others. The theatre is very popular in the South of Russia. In spring the actor of this theatre played on the stages of Moscow. There are many talented actors in the theatre and some of them are known all over the region. They are Molchanova, Zaiseva, Smirnov, Aliev and others. I have seen the play “Mister X” and I liked it very much.

But we are to admit that theatre is not so popular now as it used to be. There are many people who prefer to seat comfortably in front of the TV and enjoy themselves without leaving their homes.

Usually we see films either in the cinema or on TV. But from time to time I go to the cinema. My favorite film is “Romeo and Juliet”. The Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, produced a masterpiece in this adaptation. The costumes are brilliant, the actors are wonderful, the music by is perfect, and the lines are delivered beautifully. The movie starred Leonard Whiting (a British actor, who played Romeo) and Olivia Hussey (Juliet). They were young when they filmed the Classic, 17 and 15 years, respectably. This movie is one of the most realistic interpretations of William Shakespeare's Tragedy.

It is difficult to live without music. We hear music everywhere: in the streets, at home, over the radio, on TV, in the parks & in concert halls.

We cant live without music. We like to listen to music, we play musical instruments.

Music reflects peoples mood & emotions. As for me I enjoy several musical styles: pop, rock, rap, electronic and others. But I dislike metal, hard rock, country and blues.

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