The basic principles of regulation by safety of econom

The main levers of management of a national economy, regions, companies and enterprises are the prices for the goods both

The basic principles of regulation by safety of econom



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ions of economic activity рецессия of domestic manufacture, that puts a national economy in steadily growing dependence on world(global) economic system. And you see the wages for the workers of hired work, from which the significant part goes on the transport charges on work and back and payment of services ЖКХ, are a unique(sole) source of maintenance of well-being and health of a nation, and also substantially and for reception of a trade.

table 2 - Comparative estimation of productivity and зарплатоотдачи on ВВП (on parity of a buying power)

The countries productivity on ВВП, $ /чел. the salary, $ /чел. ВВП on 1 $ the salariesUSA 27,0 16,4 1,7England 22,0 13,8 1,6Germany 27,7 22,7 1,2France 28,8 14,4 2,0Japan 21,6 12,3 1,8Canada 23,4 17,1 1,4Italy 30,6 16,4 1,9Turkey 10,3 2,6 4,0Chile 9,7 4,3 2,3Korea 9,6 7,2 1,3Mexico 14,5 4,5 3.2Hungary 8,8 2,7 3,3Czechia 8,5 2,5 3,4Poland 6,2 4,3 1,4Russia 7,6 1,7 4,6note: the items of information, specified in the table 2, are given on the basis of the socio economic problems, given Institute, of the population of the Russian Academy of clear, that at such level of wages the decision of national idea on maintenance of well-being, health and qualitative professional training of a manpower practically is impossible, and idea about increase ВВП by 2010 twice economically not proved (as well as predicted неполитизированные the economists and as actually has taken place), the national purposes and prime tasks of a national economy does not decide(solve). The stratification of a society(community) on a level of the incomes and well-being (tab. 3) by 2007 has reached(achieved) such enormous difference what to speak about unity of a nation the presence of obvious social injustice growing intensity and antagonistic contradictions is not necessary any more, opposite(on the contrary) available, that excludes an opportunity of a safety of a society(community) and national economy not only in a long-term future, but also in the nearest prospect. In these conditions extreme urgent there is a task of restoration of the broken parity of interests of the lowest and average layers of a society(community) with the top elite layers including as a result of social conditions, created by them, of ability to live of basic weight of the population in group of risk of preservation of own safety and safety of the country in whole(as a whole).

table - 3. Dynamics(changes) of the money incomes of the population, %

Years the money incomes, all in %% first %20 -s' group with the least incomes second %20 -s' group third %20 -s' group fourth %20 -s' group fifth %20 -s' group with the greatest incomes1991 100,0 11,9 15,8 18,8 22,8 30,71992 100,0 6,0 11,6 17,6 26,5 38,31993 100,0 5,8 11,1 16,7 24,8 41,61994 100,0 5,3 10,2 15,2 23,0 46,31995 100,0 5,5 10,2 15,0 22,4 46,91996 100,0 6,2 10,7 15,2 21,5 46,41997 100,0 6,2 10,6 15,1 21,4 46,72000 100,0 6,1 10,6 14,9 21,2 47,22005 100,0 6,0 10,5 14,8 21,3 47,42006 100,0 5,8 10,4 14,7 21,6 47,5note: on the data of Institute of socio economic problems of the population of WOUNDS. The essence of the economic taxes and their purpose(assignment) consists in maintenance of functioning of all system of a state superstructure ensuring ability to live and development of a national economy. The progressive role of the state or separate region consists not in increase of volumes collected with the population, organizations and enterprises of the taxes, and, opposite(on the contrary), at the expense of skilful and competent management of a national facilities(economy) with extreme small number of the state device to ensure(supply) a high technical and technological level of industrial and non-productive spheres of activity at simultaneous preservation and development of natural environment(Wednesday) and on this basis to create necessary conditions for increase of well-being, strengthening of health of a nation, increase of a level of its(her) intelligence and morals. Highest (the level of management of economic activity consists in especially professional aspect) not in regular and radical reforms tremendous all national economy from below up to top and rearrangement of the influential staff, and in extreme thin and skilful regulation of the industrial and economic attitudes(relations) in a society(community).maintenance of conditions and achievement of high results in business of preservation both development of health and well-being of the population of the country, first of all of workers creating national riches, steady increase of their professional level, culture and other moral values is the main, urgent and major state task of a society(community) both state. The education and management of all structure and volume of needs(requirements) working, pensioners, youth and all population of each region and society(community) as a whole in a harmonious combination among themselves and with interests of the country is наиглавнейшей an economic task facing all system of state authority in the country. For this reason the connection of authority with an economic science is a guarantee of stability both safety of functioning of a society(community) and forward movement of a national economy without shocks, дефолтов and depressions. Major parameter of an economic efficiency of functioning both development of national economy and its(her) major base and key branches is not the fiscal collection probably of large financial assets from the enterprises, organizations and population of the country as the taxes (at absence of the mechanism of their effective utilization), and всемерное maintenance of a necessary and sufficient standard of well-being of a nation, first of all of workers and pensioners, which are the base of a nation in any country of the world and parameter of well-being of a nation and his(its) international status. And urgent necessity instead of all weight of the taxes naturally follows from this rule(situation) an economic feasibility to establish the uniform state tax, (including the absent nowadays parental tax, as in the majority the adult children in the usual hard economic conditions actually have stopped care of the parents) on the proceeds from realization of production and services in volumes ensuring functioning of a public superstructure.the economic point of view it is necessary to note, that the less than volume of the raised taxes and their quantity(amount), the above professional level of management of a national economy and higher rates of growth of major economic parameters, including its(her) major parameter - standard of well-being both health of the population of the country and its(her) separate regions, instead of far-fetched раздутый валовый a parameter such as ВВП. And than higher is the well-being of wide national weights, the above and level by national economy, the more stably and more reliably economic situation of the country, its(her) safety and strategic rule(situation) in world(global) economic and хозяйственно-political system.

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