Sir Henry Rider Haggard

The story begins one rainy night, when a man of twenty-two Ludwig Horace Holly was sitting in his room at

Sir Henry Rider Haggard



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began more than two thousand years ago may stretch a long way into the dim and of the story is not reached yet. Haggard wrote an endless story and in it, he raised a question of Life and Death that has always occupied people minds. This is the question about rebirth of both, mind and body after death.

The purpose of this book is to make a man reflect on the purport of life and make him try to solve the most important problem for humanity the question about life prolongation.

The message of the book is to make a man believe that his life after death does not come to an end, but after a while the rebirth of soul and body will be and “to the world his is born again and again.”

Rider Haggard wrote this book with an intention to share with a reader his thoughts and ideas about Past, Present and Future of mankind. He wanted to bring up for discussion the subject of Immortality and Eternal Life.

Haggard in his novel uses specific literary method. He depicts all the events very brightly and thus a reader finds himself in the deepest jungle of civilization among the savages, in Africa. Excited about impending adventure, with his heart filled with mingled dread and curiosity the reader shares the adventures with the heroes. The main heroes of the story often turn over their minds the events that they experienced and share their thoughts with the reader.

The author often uses inversion as a quite unusual rhetorical device in order to lend the speech of the main heroes still greater importance.

Savages never called their Queen by name. Speaking about her they used to say: “She-who-must-be-obeyed!” This and many other expressions make Ayesha more powerful and majestic. Haggard uses many metaphors, epithets and comparisons. For example, in order to describe the difference between young handsome Leo and ugly appearance of Mr. Holly more vividly, the writer compares the heroes with Beauty and the Beast.

Rider Haggard uses many words from Uncial Greek, Old English and Latin languages. He even gives his heroes ancient Greek names. For example, Kallikrates (means the Beautiful in Strength) and his wife Amenartas. All these literary devices give the story a shade of antiquity and ancient times.

I found the book instructive and very interesting. Reading the novel I really experienced a fascinating adventure to Africa. I like the story because the author offers interesting insight into human nature. His idea differs from the Bible interpretation of this question. I consider Haggards thought very interesting because he thinks that not only soul exists after death, but body also revives.

The main hero of the story Ayesha appeals to me more than other ones. Her intellect and wisdom amaze me. I respect this woman and admire her inquiring nature, intellectual curiosity and diligence. Living two thousand years not everyone could resist the temptations of life, but She dedicated these years to studying different sciences and as a result of her endurance and hard work Ayesha reveled the Secret of Nature and got the enormous power over all things. Im delighted with her devotion to the man she loved and waited for, all these years. Ayeshas power, youth and beauty are not magic, but her tireless work. The Queen even says: “There is no such thing as magic”, thought there is such thing as knowledge of Secrets of Nature.

As to my opinion this book will be interesting for everyone, because the questions of Life and Death, prolongation of Life and rebirth of body and soul are eternal questions for mankind. All people are interested in it. Little children ask their parents about Future, about life, as well as old people often turn over these questions in their minds. I recommend to read this book to everybody. I cant say that after reading it you will be sure that Eternal life exists, but still the story leaves a hope…

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