SEASONS Everybody knows that there are four seasons in a year and every season is good on its own way with



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  1. Everybody knows that there are four seasons in a year and every season is good on its own way with its own charm.
  2. Consider autumn for example.
  3. In September and November it is still warm and the sun shines brightly in the blue cloudless sky.
  4. But November brings cool winds, nasty and gloomy days.
  5. And how nasty cold autumn rain is! Sometimes it rains for hours!
  6. Nature is falling slowly asleep.
  7. But there are people who like autumn, they say, it is the time of harvest, golden leaves, its the time when the nature is very attractive.
  8. Poets of all nations have sung autumn as the most beautiful time of the year.
  9. “Golden autumn,” they call it. Golden, indeed. Yet autumn does not appeal to me very much.

10) I like winter much better with its frost and snow.

11) But I should say winter is not very cold in our place without awful snowstorms and deep snowdrifts, it is becoming milder due to the greenhouse effect.

12) Although the average t is -5 C, it sometimes freezes up to -20 C.

13)We enjoy skating, skiing or tobogganing when there is much snow, but snowless winters are also possible in Belarus.

14) Then we have the New Year Eve with a lot of presents.

15) Its my favourite holiday and I like it very much.

16) Snow covers the ground from December to March and it seems that winter will never end.

17) But March brings us hopes and nature wakes up after a long sleep, birds come back from warm countries and everything around us promises something new and exiting.

18) I think nobody is sorry when winter is over with its long black nights and the wind howling outside.

19) We suddenly start feeling the new air; we can see the real beauty around us.

20) Trees burst into leaves, fresh and lovely, the air smells of young grass and first flowers.

Everything is filled with life pleasures.

21) To my mind, spring is the most marvelous season of the year and we often go to the country in order to get in touch with nature and enjoy its beauty.

22) While time goes on spring turns to summer.

23) The great Russian poet A. Pushkin wrote: “Oh, summer fine! Id love you but for the heat, the mosquitoes and flies!”

24) I share his opinion, but it wouldnt be fair not to consider the brighter side of the picture.

25) Being on a hot day in a cool river, picking berries and mushrooms, lying in the sun on the beach…

26) We enjoy every minute of the weather, but the main thing is certainly having a three-month holiday.

27) In summer we have new meetings, new impressions, merry time.

28) But summer is over and autumn comes and everything starts from the very beginning.

29) So to cut the long story short, I must admit that I couldnt say what my favourite season is.

30) I like and admire them all because each of them is beautiful in its own way.

31) Summer is for rest, autumn is romantic anв a bit sad, but it is a good time to think over our life anв ourselves, winter is for work and study, spring is the time to fill in with a new life.

32) Id like to finish my topic with these lines:

“Man is a fool

When its hot, he wants it cool,

When its cool, he wants it hot.

He always wants what he has not got.”

33) So everything is good in its season.







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