Robin Hood - a legendary hero

Robin Hood was a legendary hero of those times. He was well known_and loved by the poor people of England.

Robin Hood - a legendary hero



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Robin Hood - a legendary hero

After Duke Wiliiam conquered England he took away lands and houses, money and cattle from the Anglo-Saxons and gave them to the Normans. Many poor Anglo-Saxons became the serfs of the Normans. Two different peoples lived in England at that time: each spoke its own language, and each hated the other. This went on for a very long time.

Robin Hood was a legendary hero of those times. He was well known_and loved by the poor people of England. He was tall strong handsome, and his songs were heard everywhere. He was brave too and there was no better archer in that part of the country. He was also kind in never hurt the weak or the poor. One day the Normans came with many soldiers to Robin's house. There was a terrible fight in which Robin's father was killed. The Normans took everything from the house and burnt it down. Only Robin was saved, because he fougfit so bravely that no soldier could go near him, kill him or take him prisoner. But when Robin saw that his father was dead and that his house was burnt down he stopped fighting and ran away to the great forest of Sherwood. Many other Saxons, who were oppressed by the Normans, soon learned that Robin was in Sherwood Forest. A great number of poor men joined him. In short time there were very many men in the forest who wanted to take revenge upon the oppressors. They made Robin Hood their leader. The poor people loved Robin and his men whom they called the Merry Men. Robbin became known as Robin of Sherwood Forest or Robin Hood. We do not know how he got the name Hood. Some people say that he was called Hood because he

and his men wore green_hoods. He became known not only in England, but in many

other countries as Robin Hood. And now we know him also as Robin Hood.

to learn (learned;learnt) узнавать

a number число; количество

to join присоединяться

to take revenge upon отомстить

a hood капюшон

a serf крепостной

different различный

to hateненавидеть

to go on продолжаться


an archerстрелок из лука

kind добрыйto hurt (hurt;hurt) обижать, причинять больweak слабыйterribleужасныйa fight битваto save спасать (ся)to take smb. prisoner взять кого-л. в пленdead [ded] мертвыйto oppress угнетать

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