Protection of band names

With the implementation of band laws, band rights are effectively protected in China. These laws are also actively encouraging invention

Protection of band names


Юриспруденция, право, государство

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Юриспруденция, право, государство

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on does enormous harm to band equities.

(3) I cannot over-emphasize the need for communication. We didnt stop after writing policy documents but embarked upon a large-scale training program that included global training of trainers. Now this training is part of our executive education curriculum.

As China implements its reform and opening to the outside world, it is changing with each passing day. Today more than a few international observers have come to the conclusion that in terms of band protection China has reached international advanced levels. China's backwardness in its band system is now a thing of the past.

However, there remain some naysayers in the world seemingly willfully blind to China's development and transformation who incognizant of present realities pass improper judgements on the nation's current situation regarding band protection. They allege that China has not yet established a "full and effective band system," and that China "lacks the ability to undertake international obligations." Such unfounded opinions do not bear argument; the truth speaks for itself.

Nonetheless, China cannot remain satisfied with the achievements it has already made. China is a developing country and still has much work towards optimizing its band system. This system in its modern form was established only a short time ago, and as a result, awareness of band rights remains underdeveloped in society at large. In some regions and in some governmental departments there is insufficient appreciation of the importance of band protection. Some serious acts of infringement have violated not only the legitimate rights and interests of the holder of the band right, but also the dignity of the law. Accordingly, even as the nation continues to otherwise improve the band legal system, the State Council has drawn up Decisions on Further Strengthening the Protection of Band. China is confident that the implementation of all the important measures contained in the Decisions will mark a great new step forward in the nation's efforts to ensure the protection of band rights.

China will continue actively to promote international cooperation in the field of band. China itself has received active assistance from the World Band Organization and from others working in the field in establishing and fine-tuning its band rights protection system. The nation will, as in the past, actively join in the activities of relevant international organizations and fulfill the obligations described in the international band treaties and agreements. Operating on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and in accordance with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, China will continue to cooperate with the rest of the world's nations, working and making positive contributions towards the development and optimization of the international band system.




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