Professional sea English language

1. Off-lying dangers. - An approachа) Песок Р. на юго-западной сторонеto S. isles from south-westward orканала простирается на полторыwestward requires

Professional sea English language

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acked cargo of one commodity.bulk cargo, such as grain, ore, fertilizers, etc. is carried in specially designed vessels with holds that have been divided into compartments by longitudinal and transverse separations, so that the ship's stability will not be affected by a full cargo.bulk cargo is loaded and discharged by cranes with grabs or by pumps.cargoes such as crude oil, petroleum, edible oils, etc. are carried in tankers, for example in Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC's), chemical tankers, such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas tankers (LPG carriers) or Liquefied Natural Gas tankers (LNG carriers).tankers are small tankers that carry different sorts of reasons tankers must be fitted with double bottoms. These spaces also provide storage for fuel, lubricating oil and waters.

Dry Bulk CarrierLPG-carrier


2. Vocabulary and reading

these words orally. Repeat them after the teacher and learn them by heart - 1. В кормовой части судна, на корме, 2. корма Р5" Abeam - на траверзе Р9" Athwartship поперек

P=" Bay - номер секции от носа к корме (для контейнеровозов) Р^ Bow (здесь) нос корабля

Р^ Cargo handling equipment - оборудования для обработки груза Р=" Coaster - судно прибрежного плавания, каботажное судно Р^ Fore - носовая оконечность; в носовой части $*■ Gantry crane - портальный, эстакадный кран Р^ Humidity control - контроль влажности Р^ Layer - слой, пласт Р5" То measure - измерять Р5" Obstacle препятствие, помеха Р^ Perishable cargo - скоропортящийся груз Р^ Ramp - (здесь) аппарель, наклонная плоскость ffc" Ro'Ro cargo - колесный груз

Р=" Ro/Ro ship - ролкер, судно с горизонтальной грузообработкой Р=" Row ряд, порядковые номера в секции от правого до левого борта Р^ Stern - корма

Р^ Stow - 1. хранение, 2. хранилище; (гл. укладывать, размещать) Р=^ Tier - (сущ.) ряд, ярус, штабель; номер ряда (яруса) по высоте от днища судна

# (гл. располагать ярусами)shipsthat has been containerized is carried by container ships.are most often measured in Twenty Feet Equivalent Units (TEU 's) and are stowed in a cellular arrangement in Rows, Bays and Tiers.rows run abeam, or athwartship; the bays run fore to aft and the tiers are horizontal layers. The three-figure code on each container refers to this stowage system. Thus, each container can easily be found.ships are sometimes equipped with their own gantry cranes that load and discharge the containers. Container ships may carry general cargoes, liquid cargoes or refrigerated cargoes.


Roll-on/Roll-off ships (Ro/Ro ships)

a Ro/Ro ship cargo is rolled on and rolled off by lorries or trailers. The great advantage of this system is that no cargo handling equipment is required.loaded vehicles are driven aboard via ramps through special stern and bow doors and are properly secured for the passage. Upon arrival in the port of discharge, the vehicles are released and driven ashore to their destinations.


coaster carries cargo along the coast or on sea voyages. Trans-Atlantic voyages are quite common.coaster is of limited length and tonnage.engine room is situated aft. Often there are no tweendecks and the cargo spaces have no obstacles, so that a variety of cargo can be handled.


Refrigerated-cargo vessels (Reefers)

cargo vessels are ships that carry perishable cargoes, such as meat or fruit. These cargoes require cooling and must be stored in spaces that have precise temperature- and humidity controls during the voyage., as these ships are also called, are equipped with refrigerating plants.


РАКТ З. Vocabulary and reading

these words orally. Repeat them after the teacher and learn them by heart" Cargo handling gear - грузовое устройство=" Derelicts and wrecks - фрагменты судна, покинутые экипажем в результате потери плавучести судна Р^ Ferry - паром Р" То float - плавать

Р^ Heavy-load vessel - судно для перевозки тяжеловесных грузов Р" То hoist - поднимать Р=" Lash-vessel - лихтеровоз типа ЛЭШ Р=" Lighter - лихтер, портовая баржа Р" Multi-purpose vessel - судно многоцелевого назначения Р" Raw material - сырьё Р" Route - маршрут, курс, путь Р^ То submerge - затоплять, погружать(ся) Р" То tow - буксировать Р^ Tug буксирvessels

"Lash " stands for "'Lighter aboard Ship ". A Lash-vessel has a main deck that is flat and without any obstacles. A lighter is a container that floats in the water. The containers may be hoisted on board by the vessel's own heavy derricks that stack them on board.way of loading the containers on board is by submerging the vessel first (for this she must be equipped with a powerful pumping-system), then have tugs or push boats tow or push the lighters over the Lash-vessel, after which the vessel will emerge again and will "pick up" the lighters. This type of vessel is also referred to as a "Seabee"

Heavy-load vessel

load vessels have been designed to lift and carry extremely heavy cargo on the main deck.most prominent features are very heavy derricks ("booms"), masts and lifting-blocks.cargoes, such as drilling platforms, engines, yachts, trains, derelicts and wrecks, are loaded onto the main deck, which is free from any obstacles.


Timber Carriers

is a raw material from which wood-products are manufactured. Vessels that carry timber can easily be recognized by their tall derricks. A timber carrier has been designed in such a way that she can carry a tall deck cargo.


Multi-Purpose Vesselsships that carry both general cargo, bulk cargo and containerized cargo are called multi-purpose (or multi-loads) vessels. These ships are equipped with a variety of cargo handling gears to load and discharge the different types of cargoes.OBO-ship has been designed to carry oil/ bulk/ ore. She has been subdivided in such a way that oil can be carried in the largest compartments and ore can be carried in the smaller compartments.


Passenger Ships

ships, such as cross-Channel ferries, have been designed to carry passengers and their vehicles on a prearranged route.main features are more or less the same as the features of the Ro/ Ro vessels.


1. Complete the chart

"Purpose she serves ": give a short description of the purpose that the vessel serves.Begin your answers with "To ". In this way a verb will be used to indicate the vessel's purpose.: "To transport.... "; "To assist.... "

"Feature(s) of design": give a short description of particular details of the vessel.


Type of vesselPurpose she servesFeature(s) of design1) General Cargo Carrier / 'Open Freighter" 2) Dry Bulk Carrier 3) Tanker 4) Container ship 5)Ro/Roship 6) Coaster 7) Reefer 8) Lash-vessel 9) Heavy-load vessel 10) Timber Carrier 11) Multi-load vesselTo

Exercise 2. Watch the CD-ROM program "International Maritime English Programme" (Types of Vessels)3. Fill in the diagram

4. Choose the best variant of a, b, c, d. Fill in the gaps

1.... carries cargo along the coast.

  1. Ro/Ro
  2. Lash ship
  3. Reefer
  4. Coaster

2.... is a container that floats in the water

  1. Lighter
  2. crate
  3. box d)bag

3.Cargo is loaded and discharged by the vessel's... on general cargo ships.


b)gantry cranes

  1. trailers
  2. derricks

4.The loaded vehicles are driven aboard via ....

  1. a hold
  2. a ramp
  3. a compartment
  4. an engine room

5.Reefers are equipped with


  1. double bottom
  2. refrigerating plant

d)gantry crane

6.. . is a raw material from which wood products are manufactured.

  1. grain
  2. timber
  3. ore


7.... have been especially designed to carry holidaymakers.

  1. Ro/Ro
  2. General Cargo ships
  3. Cruise Ships
  4. tramps

8.Upon arrival in the port of discharge the vehicles are ... and driven ashore to their destination.


  1. stowed
  2. released
  3. secured

9.Perishable cargo must be ... in spaces that have precise temperature and humidity control.





10.Containers are ... in a cellular arrangement in Rows, Bays and Tiers.

  1. run
  2. stored
  3. stowed


11.Double bottoms provide ... for fuel, lubricating oil and waters.





12.... that carry cargoes according to schedules that are not called fixed are called tramps.

  1. liners
  2. LPG
  3. tramps


13.... is liquid cargo.





14.Unpacked cargo of one commodity is ... cargo.



  1. bulk
  2. heavy

15.Heavy load vessel is designed to carry


b)bulk carriers



Exercise 5. Odd one out (if any)

  2. liner, coaster, lorry, freighter
  3. stern, bow, |amp, aft
  4. row, bay, tier, pump
  5. petroleum, edible oil, liquefied na

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