Professional sea English language

1. Off-lying dangers. - An approachа) Песок Р. на юго-западной сторонеto S. isles from south-westward orканала простирается на полторыwestward requires

Professional sea English language

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st Station and ships:

  1. Elm Queen to Colombo Radio
  2. Almoussa 9 KJS is calling Dubai Radio
  3. Boguslav UFLR to Ostend Radio
  4. Lands end Radio to Centaur DLCZ
  5. Gothenburg Traffic to Dae Jin 6MB A
  6. Daila I, HZJK is calling Maas Pilot
  7. Dalibon YTRI is calling Yuokohama Port Radio

Ship and ship

  1. Dimitriy Zhloba UQOB to Drill Fish FUOY.
  2. Gold Bond Trail Blazer D5BW to Atlantica HPRK
  3. Ambia Finjo ELBF5 is calling Genclik TCCF
  4. Batabano COGX is calling Cluj YQSQ
  5. Anco Chaser GTEX to Cattleya D7 AW
  6. Dorg Bang GMGI is calling to Fenn Victory KHVU.
  7. Ferg Xiang BOWK to Global Mariner

Ship and unknown ship

  1. Annika N ( SYDM) is trying to call an unknown ship of Lash type with red funnels near the North Goodwin Buoy.
  2. Bellyatriks ESSW is trying to call a car ferry in the sea area Maas approach, bearing 200 distance 2 miles from Maas Centre buoy.
  3. Clytoneus GUWG is trying to contact an OBO ship in sea area Practicos Recalades course 126 degrees speed 13 knots.

Portable Station and Portable station (no call signs used)

  1. Ferras bow is calling Ferras bridge.
  2. Marinada stern to Marinada bow
  3. Grand Youth gangway to Grand Youth bridge
  4. Glomfjord bridge to 2nd Officer ashore
  5. Coral Sea bridge calling coral Sea lifeboat
  6. Canadia number 3 calling Canadia Number 1

Listening 38. Read after the speaker.your own voice, speaking Standard Marine Communication Phrases. Replay the original and your own version

What is your name (and call sign)? How do you read me? I read you... Bad/1 Poor/2 Fair/3 Good/4 Excellent/5 Or other variant with signal strength... 1/ barely perceptible 2/ weak 3/ fairly good 4/ good 5/ very good Stand by on channel... Change to channel... I cannot read you. Trass your message through vessel... Advise try channel... I cannot understand you. Please use the... Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary/ International Code of Signals I am passing a message for vessel... Correction... I am ready to receive your message I am not ready to receive your message I do not have channel... Please use channel...Каково название вашего судна и его позывные? Как слышите? Я слышу Вас... Плохо/ на единицу Слабо/ на двойку Посредственно/ на тройку Хорошо/ на четверку Прекрасно/ на пятерку С силой сигнала... 1/ едва различимо 2/слабо 3/ довольно хорошо 4/ хорошо 5/ очень хорошо Слушайте на радиоканале... Передайте на радиоканал... Я вас не слышу / не разбираю Передайте Ваше сообщение через судно... Советую попытаться использовать канал... Я не могу вас понять Пожалуйста, используйте... Стандартный морской навигационный словарь-разговорник/ международный свод сигналов. Я передаю сообщение судна... Поправка... Я готов принять ваше сообщение. Я не готов принять ваше сообщение У меня нет канала... Пожалуйста, используйте канал...of Standard Phrases defined by use and response

Making and maintaining contactStandard phraseMeaningTranslationResponse(phrase/action)All ships in ... areaI request that all ships receiving this transmission listen to what followsВсем судам, находящимся в ... зонеAll ships listen(if what follows is an attempt to make contact with an unknown ship, then the ship so addressed should respond in the normal way)Calling...I wish to speak toВызываю ...Respondent replies using name, callsignHow do you read?How well are you receiving me?Как слышите меня?I read you (1-5)InterruptionI am being interrupted. I will take action to deal with it.Меня прервалиRespondent waits on same channel while the interruption is dealt with.OutI'm terminating the conversationКонец связиRespondent switches back to normal watch channel.OverI've completed my transmission and I'm ready to receive yours.ПриемRespondent transmits.Stand by VHF channel...Remain on VHF channel...Продолжайте слушать на УКВ канале ...Standing by VHF channel ...Stop transmitting.Stop transmitting on this VHF channelПрекратите передачу на этом УКВ канале.Respondent ceases to transmit on that channelThis is...My name (or call-sign) is ...Говорит название или позывныеUnknown ship... (details)... (always preceded by 'all ships')I wish to make contact with the ship described. I don't know its name or callsign.Неизвестное судно (детали)...Respondent replies using name, callsignWait... minutesWait for ... minutes and do not terminateЖдите ... минутRespondent waits for ... minutes

Exercise 9. Choose the right variant.Bad

а) плохо


b) слабо


с) посредственно

4.Barely perceptible

а) едва различимо


а) слабо

6.Fairly good

  1. довольно хорошо

Exercise 10. Choose the right variant

1.Я вас не слышу/ не разбираю a) I cannot read you.

2. Передайте ваше сообщение через судно b) Pass your message through vessel

3.Перейдите на радиоканалa) Change to channel

Exercise 11. Translate into Russian

  1. Call sign.
  2. Signal strength.
  3. I am passing a message for a vessel
  4. I'm ready to receive your message
  5. Excellent
  6. International Code of Signals.
  7. Correction
  8. I read you barely perceptible.
  9. Wait 10 minutes and don't terminate.

Exercise 12. Translate into English

  1. Как слышите меня?
  2. Слушайте на радиоканале...
  3. Передайте на радиоканал...
  4. Пожалуйста, используйте СМНСР
  5. Я готов принять ваше сообщение
  6. У меня нет канала...
  7. Я передаю сообщение для судна.
  8. Конец связи.
  9. Прием.

10.Прекратите передачу на этом радиоканале.

Exercise 13, Choose the synonym (a word, word combination or sentence with the same meaning) from the right column for the following sentences from the left one

1.1 read you bad.a) I read you with signal strength barely perceptible.

.1 read you poor.b) I read you with signal strength very good.

.1 read you fair.c) I read you with signal strength good.

. I read you good.d) I read you with signal strength fairly good.

.1 read you excellent.e) I read you with signal strength weak.

Exercise 14. Choose the antonym (a word, word combination or sentence with the same meaning) from the right column for the following sentences from the left one

1.1 read you bad.a) I cannot read you.

.1 read you poor.b) I am not ready to receive your message.

.1 am ready to receive you message.c) I cannot understand you.

.1 can read you.d) I read you good.

Л can understand you.e) I read you excellent.

Exercise 15. Fill in the blanks with the corresponding questions in writing 1. (...)?- My ship's name is 'Utopia'

  1. (...)?- My call sign is UNGR.
  2. (...)?-! read you with signal strength poor.
  3. (...)?-1 cannot read you.
  4. (...)?- Standing by VHF channel one-two.
  5. (...)?-1 read you poor.
  6. (...)?-1 cannot understand you.

Exercise 16. Put in the missing element of the sentence where it's necessary

  1. Stand (...) on VHF channel 12
  2. Pass your message (...) 'Utopia'
  3. Please use (...)
  4. I do not (...) channel 12
  5. All ships (...)
  6. Change (...) channel 16
  7. Advise (...) try channel
  8. Wait (...) 5 minutes.
  9. I'm not (...) to receive your message

10.1 read you (...)

Exercise 17. Which of the standard phrases will you choose if..?

  1. You are being interrupted.
  2. You're terminating the conversation.
  3. You wish to make contact with the ship described. You do not know its name or callsign.
  4. You advise to change to another VHF channel.
  5. You've made a mistake.
  6. You remain on VHF channel 12
  7. You've completed your transmission and ready to receive respondent's one.

Transmission of numbers, measurements and quantitiesand reading Practise these words orally-четкоdigit - цифраdraught - осадкаknot - узел- длина- измерениеpronounce -произносить- количество- отдельно

  1. Numbers are pronounced as in normal English except for a few numbers listed below.
  2. Trie decimal point is expressed by the word decimal (pronounced as de-see-mal)
  3. Each digit must be given separately
  4. If the number is a whole thousand, e.g. 23000, the number of thousand is given by separate digit followed by the word thousand.

e.g. 23000 - two-three thousandit is not a whole thousand, e.g., it is given by separate digits without using the word thousand..g. 25256 - two-five-two-five-six418. The recording gives the required pronunciation of numbers. Listen and repeat. Record your own voice, speaking numbers. Replay the original and your own version


FigureSpelling of numbersPronunciation guide0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1000zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ThousandZERO WUN TOO TREE FOWER FIFE SIX SEVEN AIT NINE TOUSAND19. Read the following numbers


FigureSpelling of numbers as spokenPronunciation guide2TwoTOO15One-fiveWIJN-FIFE34Three-fourTREE-FOWER217Two-one-sevenTOO-WUN-SEVEN25000Two-five-thousandTWO-FIFE-TOUSAND25256Two-five-two five-sixTOO-F1FE-TOO-FIFE-SIX250000Two-five-zero-thousandTOO-FIFE-ZERO-TOUSAND36.04Three-six decimal zero-fourTREE-SIX-DA YSEEMAL-ZERO-FOWER20. Say the following numbers and record your voice. Then check with the recording





Exercise 21. Work with the partner, read the following grid to each other. Repeat until there are no errors


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