Opening a coffee shop

than 15 years since Londons espresso cafe new wave spawned a boom of coffee houses across Europe. Early players like

Opening a coffee shop

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Potential investor

Day Holdings is Indias owner of chain of coffee houses Cafe Coffee Day, and is the second largest coffee producer after India's Tata Group. ://www.cafecoffeeday.comcompany is considering buying in the UK (London) commercial real estate to open a coffee shop.


Characterization of the investment object

of commercial premises in the south-west of central London, 803 Nar Bar & Apartments. A great place to open a shop, restaurant, cafe. Fulham Road, London. Also in the price offered for buying property include three storey building, which have 9 rooms and 2 studios. (with a permission to renovate the 9 rooms in a two-bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments).rental income from the upper floors is £ 70,440 per month.

"Restless" and "convenient" - that's two words that are most commonly used in English to describe the area. Local residents like the main street bustling and convenient location of the area because it is on the way between central London and Heathrow Airport. Because of such circumstances, makes its a favorite for the Hammersmith branch of the largest global companies - from Coca-Cola to Universal. A little away from busy roads and shopping centers where one can find cozy enclaves, which are still alive in the spirit of community with cozy pubs, tennis courts and gardens. One of these is the Brook Green, where there is also one of the best schools in England only for girls. In this area, several famous theaters and concert halls, where regular shows are held by famous international stars. Transport communication is indeed a trump card Hammersmith - then converges countless bus routes and several subways, including the Piccadilly Line, on which one can get to Heathrow Airport. By car to the airport at least an hour to property offered is at a price of 2.377 million pounds. Cannot buy apartments. In this case the price falls to 905 000 pounds.


General characteristics of the country's investment

UK is a highly industrialized country, has an important place in the world economy. It ranks sixth in the world and in third place in Western Europe in terms of GDP, the fifth largest in the world in terms of industrial production. It accounts for 4.2% of total GDP and 1% of the population (58 million).. Working-age population makes up almost half the UK population. In terms of industrial production, UK ranks fifth among countries with developed economies. By the volume of foreign investment the UK has the second highest in the world. (UK National Statistics, 2012)of the ranking of London, explains Clive Bull who is head of investments in Central London at Cushman & Wakefield: «International investors foresight London as a haven of salvation of the world market, and interest in it from their side continues to grow. For private investors, both foreign and local, London interestingly is a combination of minimal risk and a higher return than bank deposits. Although traditionally considered London in the first place when making investment decisions at the international level or to invest in European markets, in this economic cycle in London before the restoration of all commercial real estate market. In addition, the projected reduction in supply over the next few years, says the growth rates and good financial performance during this period. This will facilitate the inflow of investors and the emergence of new investment opportunities.. "(Cushman & Wakefield, 2012), head of research in Europe, Cushman & Wakefield David Hutchings notes that investors are attracted not only due to a minimal risk investment and a high return but also high and secured returns on their investments - this is confirmed by the gradual growth of interest in the Asian markets. Only 5 years ago in the world, there were only twenty three Asian market for investments. In 2010, their number grew to twenty five cities which were already from Asia, compared with 5 in Europe and 7 in North America. However, despite improvements in the macroeconomic situation in 2011, it is still far from stability, and most investors would prefer to focus on less risky markets. According to experts, while the investment community is confident in the government program to reduce the UK budget deficit, London will remain a leader in investment. (Cushman & Wakefield, 2012)



influx of foreign investment in the UK in the last 2-3 years is growing, aided by a favorable business climate created in the country. According to the above study, the investment advantages of the UK are starting a business, registering property rights, credit, taxation. , experts noted some problem, in their view, the issues of doing business in the UK as a license and hiring workers.

It should be noted that the UK is a world leader in terms of existing international treaties on avoidance of double taxation. Significant role in attracting foreign capital into the country are also bilateral agreements with other countries in the UK to promote trade and investment, and similar agreements in force within the EU.

A characteristic feature of the UK economy is its high degree of internationalization. Over 18% of its GDP is realized abroad, and import quota exceeds 20%. For the UK, in the last century has become "concentration" of the international division of labor, characterized by intra-industry specialization with broad development in parts and complex technological specialization. Although there are no sharp contrasts in district development, it allocates 10 economic regions in the degree of development of productive forces and production specialization, especially the formation of the economy, the predominance of existing regional industrial relations: South-East (the capital), West Midlands, East Midlands, Lancashire, Yorkshire, North East, North West, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. (Solberg, 1992)


Business conditions in the UK and promising markets


The factors that provide competitive advantages to firmsin the misty Albion for a long time attracted entrepreneurs around the world. This is not surprising - after all, a country with a strong entrepreneurial traditions and customs. In addition, many businesses in England can get 100% to realize their entrepreneurial potential. are no restrictions for foreigners in matters of a business or real estate. Britain - the island is not only in geographic terms. Kingdom stands out in terms of domestic law. Terms of business organization is different from other EU members and require fewer formalities and less capital. Registering a company takes place in 4 hours, and secondly, there is no need to make capital base. For example, in Germany for the opening of the company , it require € 25 thousand. In some EU countries, before registering the company, the future owners must obtain local tax included. Of course, for foreigners, this is additional procedure. In addition, almost all EU countries there is a need to make the charter capital of at least € 3-4 thousand. (UK National Statistics, 2012)today has attracted many businessmen to its legal framework and its conditions that allow the lowest cost and in a relatively short time to register a company. Despite the fact that the UK offshore in the full implementation of this concept does not belong to an offshore jurisdiction, but only in a few points corresponds to the parameters of offshore, this area is still quite respectable for the registration of companies. There are also a number of reasons why the name should remain offshore UK.


Market analysis of coffee

the one hand, all market segments from luxury to affordable goods and services in the UK are fairly a country of pubs and bars. In that country they have never been enough. In one narrow street may be situated side by side with dozens of nearly identical facilities, each will have a constant and loyal audience, bringing a steady income. One just have to find their audience and not disappoint her!House is one of the most attractive concepts in many European countries, "public living rooms" have become an integral part of modern urban infrastructure.location and target audience of cafe certainly is important to the success of this type of business. Placement of the test object investment in this plan have a very favorable conditions.of the young and promising names on the coffee market started appearing at the end of 1990. And this is true not only for Britain, where the idea of ​​a coffee bar was picked up by networks catering faster than anywhere else in Europe. This situation is practically everywhere, even in the eastern part of the continent. From the perspective of entrepreneurs and consumers, coffee bars - it is no less prestigious than computer companies or design studios. At the same time among the players in this market lacks large corporations that have the resources for rapid growth and thus contribute to the accelerated expansion of the market. (Market for Coffee 2012).bars are essentially part of the "fast-food world." The fact that they sell - it ten minutes rest from the bustle of everyday life. For an increasing number of people they have a daily treat, a small luxury that they can afford. Caffe latte and similar products are key elements in the development of this business. Before our eyes is emerging new culture of coffee consumption by many millions of European consumers. Selling price is not just the necessary items and an important part of the package price in this category with premium as coffee lovers are ready to pay for premium and quality.bars are incredibly flexible in matters of size and their location. Singly or standing in the format "shop in shop&q

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