Occurring with a writer, who write books about Australian animals

- You know, we have the same place, named oasis of New Yorks concrete desert, - beautiful Central Park. The

Occurring with a writer, who write books about Australian animals


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l and international events. There are detailed articles of political nature, economic and business news, literary and artistic reviews, sport news and much more.

- Wow, you can get very useful information out of there, am I right?

- Youve stroked exactly.

- And I think that best of all you like to read the “Palata №9” partition, what is devoted to funny stories and riddles, crossword puzzles and logical tasks. Ive read it once with my friends, when we had a spare time. Moreover I know that in addition the newspaper has supplements like the “Masterok” and the “Astra”. And also the issue cost includes “TV Park” TV-guide of just about 40 channels on the whole week.

- Steep knowledge! And you know as well my parents prefer reading this kind of the newspaper too, however choosing the material they are interested in. In difference from them I like to read it because there are no long and boring articles.

- These articles from my point of view must be short, laconic and informative, entertaining and easy to read.

- I can entirely agree with your opinion. I find it helpful and convenient for the reason that the advertisements in this paper assist me find out whats on in the theatres and concert halls plus where I can buy different things.

- I wonder that this newspaper has no editorial. The front page usually contains several pictures and articles that catch the readers eye.

- Ive noticed this attention-grabbing design too. What about you what are you your reading preferences?

- I havent thought about it yet. There are few homes to which at least one newspaper is not brought every morning, maybe at a reason of that there are many free domestic newspapers, usually containing lots of advertisements, which are brought to peoples homes whether they ask for them or not. And my home isnt elimination.

- Dan Im sorry, but I am in a hurry I have to run. See you later. You can call me. Bye!

- Bye! It was nice talking with you.


















Occurring with a writer,

who write books about Australian animals


- Good day mister Gary Fisher. (this is a name of the writer)

- Hello my friend, Sam!

- How a famous writer is doing?

- Im fine. And you know that recently a new book have been written by me. It is named “Australian animals”.

- Great! But why did you choose this theme, as you havent been to Australia?

- Who said? Last month as fiduciary, I left our town for that country, even it is better to say a continent.

- And how it is there in Australia? What animals from this country did you see and describe in your book? At all, tell me about your book.


- I know that. And…

- How did you know that?

- From school lessons, of course. It is not all.





































Rubbish in newspapers


- Hello Dan, havent seen you for ages.

- Oh, hi Sam, glad to meet you.

- I see a newspaper in your hands, which I think you are going to tear. Is it so?

- Yes, it is. These ads make me really furious. Every time as you open the latest newspaper to read some recent events in the world, you see bright, catchy, small ads everywhere.

- You know Dan, from my point of view this is a global problem, if it can be called so. Many papers are often criticized by reading public because of advertisements. And there are always advertisements of the things that at the moment you dont need, and sometimes prices are so high that you cant afford these products yourself. You only waste the time looking through them.

- I can fully agree with your opinion. Id rather stay at home, put my feet up and enjoy what Ive got, than dreaming of buying a good new car, for the reason that prices incredibly have felt down from 1,000,000 krons to 999,999 krons. I always have been misleading of the ads. Once Ive bought some product at the very high price and it havent justified my hopes. That is why nowadays we cannot trust advertisements.

- However, dont you know that economists tend to argue that if we didnt have advertising there wouldnt be such a wide choice of things to buy?

- I can understand it, but can we for a little reduce quantity of ads? I think advertising makes things more expensive, and it would be better if the money were spent on improving quality or making things cheaper.

- You are right. The last thing what is necessary to do is to find the ways to improve a newspaper. Newspapers must not to have been glossy, have colourful pictures on the whole start page with lots of small ads, instead of having useful information. For example to have an editorial is a same great idea, as having headlines on the current affairs.

- As I think of this theme that we are discussing now, it can be called rubbish in newspapers. Real rubbish, whichs place is no more than in the recycle bin.

- Dan Im sorry, but Ive to run. I promised my coach to be at five on my training session. Im really sorry, however we may finish our talk later. Just phone to me.

- OK, bye!

- Bye, it was nice talking with you!


























- Hello, Dan!

- Hi, Sam, glad to meet you! Havent seen you for ages, where youve been?

- Ive been traveling all winter holidays.

- And if its not a secret, what places did you visit? May I guess it was either Sweden or Finland?

- Its warm, however not hot. Ive traveled to Lapland, the North of Finland, behind an Arctic Circle. You even cant imagine what a delightful place it is.

- Wow! I think its awesome. What kind of transport did you use and may ask your opinion about the best way of traveling.

- You know Ive noticed that quite a lot of people have still not found the best way to travel around. As for me I prefer car trip, because it seems remarkable to me. Traveling by in this way attracts me for many different reasons.

- And so what are they? Can you prove your point of view? I think that a bicycle ride is more marvelous, for the reason that it gets you out into the fresh air. You can go along narrow country roads, find new places, see new sights. Furthermore it gives you exercise and keeps you in good health.

- Yes, thats quite true but you cant overcome long distances riding a bicycle. The more you ride, depending on your fatigue, the more you legs get tired, twisting (gyrating) treadles. See in your mind's eye how youll enjoy picturesque spots, feeling really good. You can stop anywhere you want, though there are some parking problems.

- I catch you, there is nothing to dream of freedom. By the way adventure is necessary for us all, because it keeps us from growing stale and old, develops our imagination, gives us that movement and change which are essential to our life. Sitting on seats of the automobile you cant afford such breathing space environment.

- OK, youve convinced me. Lets better talk of the places youve visited traveling by bicycle. For example I stayed in a hotel and went mountain skiing. Outgoing, fantastic! I dont think you saw other places, excluding our Narva-Jхesuu sandy beach all in waste and the dirty Boltic Sea.

- Oh, Sam, Im sorry, but Im in a hurry. I promised my mom to be at home at five oclock. Should we finish our talk later.

- No problem, Ill be waiting for your call, bye!

- Bye-bye!
























Watching a documentary film about Australia


- Hi, Sam!

- Hi Dan, nice to meet you!

- Have you had a nice evening, Sam?

- Yes, Ive been watching a documentary film on TV.

- Really?! What was it about?

- About the largest island in the World.

- The largest island? Do you mean Australia?

- I do. Though Im sure that Australia is the biggest island. I know that many people think its a continent.

- Yes. Thats what I think: its the smallest continent on the Earth.

- And it is an independent country too

- I know that. What is its capital? Sydney?

- No. Its Canberra, however Sydney is the largest city in the country.

- Is English the official language?

- Yes, it is, though it is a bit different from the language they speak in the USA and Britain.

- And Ive he

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