Occurring with a writer, who write books about Australian animals

- You know, we have the same place, named oasis of New Yorks concrete desert, - beautiful Central Park. The

Occurring with a writer, who write books about Australian animals


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- It was nice to talk to you! Bye!














Collecting Stamps and Sports


- Hi, I haven't seen you for ages. Please come in and have a seat. I'll show you my new stamps. I bought them when I was in Tallinn last time. You know that Ive got a great collection of stamps. And I'm very proud of it.

- I've heard about your interest in collecting stamps. But why did you choose such a boring hobby? It seems to me it is just a waste of time to look at the same stamps time after time.

- Of course not, you are mistaken. We learn a lot from stamps. They can tell you all about the history of different countries, people and you get acquainted with new species of plants, animals, insects. Collecting stamps is very popular with people of all ages and it is very interesting.

Just have a look! This German stamp is very rare and will cost a fortune one day. All these stamps are very old, they are dated from the year 1930. My favorite section in my collection is famous people. If I don't know the person on a stamp I always try to find information about him in books.

- I see that you have neatly labeled every page and every section in your collection. But don't you think that your hobby doesn't make you healthier and stronger?

You know, my hobby is tennis. I can spend the whole day on the tennis court. I've been playing tennis for 4 years and since then I have become fit, healthy and with a lots of energy, I practically never feel ill.

- I'd like to say that tastes differ. Of course I agree that collecting stamps doesn't involve physical activity but I learn a lot and get much knowledge, when I devote most of my free time to collecting stamps. Can you become more intelligent playing tennis?

- Of course I can. You know that we have a lot of competitions in different cities or even countries.

During your free time we always go sightseeing and visit different museums and exhibitions. You can see of that we learn a lot about the history, culture and traditions of different countries.

Only a month ago our team took part in the championship in Moscow. Of course we spend much time on courts but also we could go to the Tretjakov Gallery where I was able to see the paintings of famous artists. And I can tell you that I was full of unforgettable impressions.

- Let's say all hobbies are interesting. For some people it is pleasure to collect stamps, for other sport is a hobby.

- Yes, you are right. Oh, I'm sorry, but I promised my mum to be at home at 5 o'clock. I have to run. Bye!

- It was nice to talk with you! Bye!














English-Speaking Countries


- Hi, Sam! Glad to meet you. Where have you been? I havent seen you for ages.

- I have travelled around the USA.

- Around the USA? Wow! Great! Some people are luckier than others. Did you enjoy sightseeing in this huge country? Did you like it?

- Yes, it was really wonderful, - unforgettable impressions.

Weve been to their national library and learned the USA history. And now I know everything about its customs, traditions and history.

And what have you been doing all this time?

- Ive been on a trip to Great Britain, - to the land of Kings and Queens. My knowledge of the British history has increased.

For example, do you know why this country is called Britain?

- No, thats very interesting. Can you tell me?

- Sure. It was called Britain because the tribes of the first people who lived on the island were called Britons; so Britain was the land of the Britons.

- But the name of the USA isnt connected with American tribes. On the contrary, one of the first settlers were English.

The group of people who had decided to make homes for themselves in the new land across the ocean, believing that they would have a better life there, left England for America. After a stormy voyage across the Atlantic ocean on board the “Mayflower” ship early settlers, reached new land, built their first colonies and were called colonists. The prosperous colonies grew bigger and bigger, but were ruled by England for a long time.

- And what happened then? Didnt they want to become independent?

- Yes, In 1776 the 13 young American colonies united and began a war against England for freedom and independence (the war was called the War of Independence) , which they won, a new country was born which became the United States of America.

- Ooh! How interesting! However, the UK development absolutely differs from what you have said.

- Really?

- Yes, In the 5th century some tribes from the northern part of the continent of Europe landed in Britain. They were Angels, the Saxons and the Jutes, who were wild and fearless people. They settled down in the land they had conquered and became the forefathers of the people of England and part of Scotland. Several states were formed; one of them was east Anglia, the land where the Angels lived. Some time later the people began to call the whole of the southern part of the country the land of the Angels (Angle Land) , which became England.

- And in 1066 the Normans, people who came from the north of France, conquered England. As the years passed, the Normans and the Anglo-Saxons formed the English people.

- How do you know that?!

- From the school lessons, when we learned the history of the UK.

OK. But what about the wars. Were there any?

- Sure there were many of them, when little by little England became the strongest of all the states on the British Isles. In the 15th century it conquered Wales. And in general there were many wars between England and Scotland until in 1707, when they were united under one king, and became the powerful state. Its name has been Great Britain since then.

- O, Im sorry, but I have to run. I must prepare for a school exam that I have at 5 oclock today.

- OK, see you later, bye!

- Bye.

Feeling Good At School

- Hello, Dan.

- Hi, Sam. Well, how do you feel at your new school?

- You know, there are some things that Im satisfied and to the contrary disappointed with.

- Yeah!? What do you mean talking in that way? Can you explain me all in details?

- All right. You know, Id like it at all. Educational level is high, what is very important nowadays, teachers are well knowledgeable and kind in all ways, however still give us a lot of homework, pupils are very easygoing, gentle and thoughtful.

- However, with what thing does your upset related? Maybe its the whole conditions that environ you: for example the manner of coloring walls in classrooms or disliked design of desks; otherwise perhaps youve no acquaintances with your classmates and neighbors?

- I dont quit agree with even one of your suggestions. Think easier. Im completely fulfilled with all of this things that youve just now listed and got many friends of mine, sitting at the desk colored so that I really keen on it. Dont you know since Ive been graduated to the new school, I start spending very much time on my mathematics, for the reason that its very hard for me to solve some problems.

- Well, Sam, we all make mistakes at first, so dont let it get you down and hope for the best, no more than. A little practice and, in no doubt, youll be more successful next time. And do not forget teachers help that can be very useful.

- I think, its necessary to do as you are told.

- Listen, Ive heard that your school is on the first place for going on educational excursions and trips. And it is holding all kinds of contests and competitions, discussions and conversations.

- Oh, dont even talk about it. It is definite true. For example every week anyone who wants may take part in nature walks. It is marvelous. Participating in this kind of activities helps me to get rid of boredom. What can be better as a true friendship with your schoolmates. And for it I like my school time.

- Maybe you are able to decide which of the reasons, why you go to school, you think most important. As for me on the first place stands a reason of that school helps you make your own decisions and introduces you to new scientific ideas.

- Other than youre my opinion is a bit different. I apologize that school helps you to understand yourself better and makes you polite and well behaved. Furthermore it teaches you moral values and helps train you for a job.

- Maybe youre right. Oh, Sam Im sorry I have to run forgot that Ive extra-curricula classes of Biology. See you tomorrow.

- OK, Bye!

- Bye!






















Immigration to Australia


- Hi, Dan!

- O, hello my friend, Sam!

- Well, what is your solution about the state we want to immigrate in Australia? Did you think of it?

- Yes Ive been thinking of it all day, and have decided, that the best place will be the South Australia.

- Why do you think so? Could you explain this to me?

- You know, this state is the 3rd largest state

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