Id like to tell you about the newspapers my family and I subscribe to regularly. I appeal to the “День




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Kudruküla 13-1

Narva-Jõesuu 29022

Ida-Virumaa, Estonia


27 September, 2002

Karja 18V-17

Narva-Jõesuu 29021

Ida-Virumaa, Estonia

Dear Dan,

Thank you for the letter that you have written to me last week. It was the best of you. There you have uncovered a subject about newspapers, and have said that it is almost impossible to imagine our life without them. I can completely agree with you. Youve asked me to express my opinion on liked press and in general on the topic of it. Of course I decided to write some lines to my friend.

Id like to tell you about the newspapers my family and I subscribe to regularly. I appeal to the “День за днём”, one of the most popular Russian papers in Estonia. It is delivered to our home weekly, and as far as I know its circulation is nearly 70 thousand copies. The paper contains 50 pages and covers the most important local and international events. There are detailed articles of political nature, economic and business news, literary and artistic reviews, sport news and much more. You can get very useful information out of there. Best of all I like to read the “Палата №9” partition. Its devoted to funny stories and riddles, crossword puzzles and logical tasks. In addition the newspaper has supplements like the “Мастерок” and the “Астра”. And also the issue cost includes “ТВ Парк” TV-guide of just about 40 channels on the whole week. As well my parents prefer reading this kind of the newspaper too, however choosing the material they are interested in. In difference from them I like to read it because there are no long and boring articles. They are short, laconic and informative; some of them are entertaining and easy to read. I find it helpful and convenient for the reason that the advertisements in this paper assist me find out whats on in the theatres and concert halls plus where I can buy different things. This newspaper has no editorial. The front page usually contains several pictures and articles that catch the readers eye.

At last I want to say that there are few homes to which at least one newspaper is not brought every morning, maybe at a reason of that there are many free domestic newspapers, which are brought to peoples homes whether they ask for them or not. They usually contain lots of advertisements. Many people subscribe to two or even more newspapers, others buy morning or evening papers at the newsstands.

That is all I think. From my viewpoint will not be so boring as I suppose. Im looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Sergey Golubev


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