Nature and value of the enterprise infrastructure

An infrastructure management business, today, is the least studied problem in logistics. In terms of EV Krykavskoho logistics infrastructure of

Nature and value of the enterprise infrastructure


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economic processes in recent years have forced enterprises of Ukraine revise its policy on the effective use of all available resources to speedily resolve the problems of competitiveness and economic stability and improving the infrastructure of the enterprise Infrastructural complex enterprises should be considered as a set of functionally related organizations and institutions (logistical, institutional, economic, social and cultural), to support the implementation, management, organization, communication and management in the functioning of commodity markets. Starting position dissertation research is to consider the complex infrastructure of the consumer market as an open system that has the characteristics of self-organization, the presence of a common goal, hierarchical construction, large size of the complex, the complexity of treatment. Relevance of the topic - the effectiveness of economic activity that depends on the level of not only the main production processes. Given the continuous improvement of technical base of growing importance the problem of rational organization support and service processes, ie infrastructure development company. Each entity is not only difficult economic production, but no less complex social system. On the effectiveness of the company significantly affect the socio-cultural factors in the environment. Therefore, modern enterprise objective should direct some of their efforts and resources to address both internal and external problems of social character. The main aspects of infrastructure development enterprises should be consistent with relevant plans. Related to the fact that many social problems of its importance and possibilities of solving beyond the individual enterprise. The aim of the course work is to determine the infrastructure on the level of production and the functions it performs. Also characteristic of the modern trends of reproduction and development. The objective of the work is to define the central concept of enterprise infrastructure within the servicing system of production. Object - is the production and organization support, service process, namely the characteristics of enterprise infrastructure. The subject - Infrastructure company, as a component of the whole enterprise. The first section of the grounded theoretical concepts of enterprise infrastructure, its types and system maintenance. The second section contains the main directions and efektynist infrastructure development companies and logistics system infrastructure. The third section is built on the problem and its solutions, and enterprise infrastructure play. Structure of course work consists of an introduction, three interconnected and grounded chapters, conclusions and list of references.



.1 The concept, types and importance of enterprise infrastructure

of business enterprises depends on the level of not only the main production processes. In a further improvement of the technical basis of increasing importance to the issues of rational organization support and service processes, ie infrastructure development company. Infrastructure (from the Latin infra. ~ Below, during and struktura - construction, location) - a set of component parts of an object to be subordinate to the auxiliary and provide conditions for normal functioning of the facility as a whole. Infrastructure companies - a complex of shops, farms and services enterprise, providing the conditions necessary for the functioning of the enterprise. Infrastructure is a kind of "rear production", which is impossible without the normal operation of the enterprise. This distinction industrial and social infrastructure. [2, p.. 222] Production infrastructure enterprise - a set of units that are not directly involved in creating the basic (profile) of enterprise, but whose activities contribute to the work of key departments, creating the necessary conditions. Production structure of the enterprise, in particular, are: - Support and service departments and the farm enterprise (repair, tool, energy, transport, storage, etc.); - Support and service station, located in the main shops; - Main facilities, communications networks, means of collecting and processing, environmental facilities and so on. (Figure 1.1) Composition and size of objects of industrial infrastructure businesses depend on the industry type and scale of production, design features and technology of production, level of specialization. Enterprise - is not only technical and technological integrity. Modern management is considering the company primarily as a group of people who r united to achieve common goals. Man at work is both a factor of production and source of its development. Therefore, the modern enterprise is to the community both economic and social responsibility. Direct action for social enterprises is reflected in the formation of social infrastructure of the enterprise. Social infrastructure - a combination of business units that provide fun social and cultural needs of the company's workers. Social infrastructure typically consists of units catering, health, childcare facilities, education, housing, recreation, physical education classes and sports. [2, 224] Organization and status of infrastructure significantly affect the economics of the enterprise. In modern terms in the maintenance of production in industrial enterprises operate from 40 to 50 / o of all industrial personnel. This is due not only relatively large amount of work to service primary production. Many support and service operations by their nature are difficult to mechanization and automation. Because of instability, irregularity and variety of these operations is difficult to plan, regulate and normalize. To support typical single units and small-scale types of production with a significant amount of manual labor. Disintegration of support and service agencies and facilities, low level of specialization and centralization led to their backwardness in technology and work organization. Analysis of the economic activity of enterprises shows a significant gap in technical and organizational level between the main and auxiliary production. In support and service operations below the level of mechanization and automation, significantly higher share of manual labor that makes the infrastructure bottleneck in most tsitchyznyanyh enterprises. [6, p.. 294] Progress in the development of techniques and technologies of the main causes of the need for adequate changes in manufacturing infrastructure businesses. Increased mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes increases the volume and complexity of the repair, maintenance 'and debugging facilities, provides a significant expansion of the range instrument, equipment and adaptations. The transition to new technologies and accelerating technological modes of the equipment increases the quality requirements and increases the need for different types of energy. Complications of production processes and the deepening of internal relations between units increases the volume of work in transportation. Constantly increasing the load on the communication network. This significantly increases the role and importance of industrial infrastructure businesses. The increasing role and importance of industrial infrastructure because: 1) increasing mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes increases the volume and complexity of the repair and adjustment equipment needs to be expanded range of tools, equipment and fixtures; 2) the transition to new technologies and the intensification of technological modes of the equipment requirements to improve quality and increase the need for different types of energy; 3) The complexity of manufacturing processes and the strengthening of internal relations between units increases the scope of work of transportation; 4) the burden on communications networks and environmental facilities are increasing. Operation of industrial infrastructure is significantly different from the activities of the major divisions. Its features are that the result of the infrastructure service is a productive type, its products do not exist independently, outside the production process. The feature elements of industrial infrastructure is their territorial independence. As the process of consumption of services directly related to the production process, the concentration of infrastructure in one place can not compensate for their lack in another [12, p.. 113]. To achieve high economic performance of enterprises not rationally organize jobs, establish their maintenance and operation. It is important to create a comfortable social environment, favorable psychological climate for greater motivation. All this directly affects the productivity and outcomes of the enterprise. In modern conditions to achieve high technical and economic indices of production is impossible without sustainable development as a major manufacturing and industrial and social infrastructure.


1.2 System maintenance

enterprise infrastructure ukraine

The necessary conditions of normal flow of production processes in the enterprise are: to maintain a constant operational machinery and equipment, other means of work, timely provision of jobs raw materials, tools, energy, and fulfillment of transport operations and other related work with them. All this has to effectively functioning system of technical maintenance. Within the system of maintenance carried out the following functions: ● repair technology, energy, transport and other equipment, care for him and debugging; ● provide jobs tools and devices as their own production and purchased (bought) in specialized manufacturers; ● movement of goods, performance of loading and unloading; ● ens

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