National features of cuisine and table manners

Ukrainian cooking uses black pepper, red pepper, salt, bay leaf, parsley and dill (usually in spring and summer), garlic and

National features of cuisine and table manners

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alt and onion juice from Russia to Germany. The lightly broiled German chopped-beef cake, with pickles and pumpernickel on the side, was introduced to America in the early 1800s by German immigrants in the Midwest. [4., 67]



It was early Dutch settlers and the Pennsylvania Germans who introduced the yeasty, deep-fried doughnut to America. To the Dutch it was a festive food, eaten for breakfast on Shrove Sunday.

Legend has it that doughnut got its hole in 1847 when Hanson Gregory, a lad later to become a sea captain, complained to his mother that her fried cakes were raw in the center and poked hole4s in the next batch before they were cooked.

During World War I, when the Salvation Army served them to the troops, doughnuts really took off as popular fare. Since then, coffee and doughnuts become a national institution. Stores sell them plain, sugared, frosted, honey-dipped, or jam-filled.

Apple pie

At its best, with a savory filling and crisp, light-brown crust, apple pie has long been favorite on American tables.

Apples and apple seems were among the precious supplies the early colonists brought to the New World. The first large apple orchards were planted near Boston by William Blaxton in the 1600s. When he moved to Rhode Island in 1635, he developed the tart Rhode Island Greening, still considered one of Americas finest apple pies.

As the fruit became abundant, many settlers ate apple pie at every meal. Garnished with a chunk of cheese, it was a favorite colonial breakfast dish. By the 18th century apple pie became so popular that Yale College in New Haven served it every night at supper for more than 100 years.

Americas love affair with apple pie has remained constant. Todays housewives, pressed for time, can shortcut the tradition by buying the pastry ready-made at bakeries and supermarkets. Many variations on the good old original are available, but the classical apple pie, irresistible when topped with a slice of rat-trap cheese or slathered with vanilla ice cream, is still Americas favorite. [4., 68-69]

Potato chips

George Crumb, an American Indian who was the chef at Moons Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York, in the mid-19th century, was irked when a finicky dinner guest kept sending back his French fried potatoes, complaining they were too thick. In exasperation, Crumb shaved the potatoes into tissue-thin slice and deep-fried them in oil. He had a dishful of crisp “Saratoga chips” presented to the guest, who was delighted with the new treat.

Potato chips became the specialty of Moons Lake House and, later, Americas crunchiest between-meal snack.



Americas best-known soft drink was first concocted by an Atlanta pharmacist in 1886. The syrup was cooked up by John S. Pemberton from extracts of coca leaves and the kola nut. He then organized the Pemberton Chemical Company, and Coca-Cola syrup mixed with plain water was sold in a local drug store for 5 cents a glass.

Sales were slow until in 1887 a prosperous Atlanta druggist, Asa G. Candler, bought the Coca-Cola formula then as now a carefully guarded secret and added carbonate water to the syrup instead of plain water.

Advertisement stressing the words “delicious” and “refreshing” and carry coupons for free Coca-Cola added to the increase in consumption. A system of independent local bottling companies was developed, and the flared bottle, familiar worldwide and said to resemble the hobble skirt, was designed in 1916.

In 1919 the company was sold out for $25 million to a group headed by Ernest Woodruff. Under his son, Robert W. Woodruff, Coca-Cola rapidly expanded its market. By the mid-1970s more than 150 million Cokes a day were sold in country all over the world.

Today Coca-Cola has to compete with many other soft drinks, but it is still one of the symbols of the United States.


Pop- Corn

Its impossible to imagine American take-away food or snacks without popcorn. Clear as a day, it is made from corn. But what about the first part of the word “pop”. Actually, when you put a kernel of corn on a fire, the water inside makes the corn explode. This makes a “pop” noise. That is why we call it popcorn. Its an interesting thing to know that not all corn pops. A seed of corn must contain 14% water in it. Other kinds of corn have less water and do not pop. The American Indians, who popped corn a long time ago, knew that special sort. They introduced corn to the first settlers. In 1620 when Pilgrims had a Thanksgiving dinner they invited the Indians, who brought popcorn with them. Since that time Americans continued to pop corn at home. But in 1945 a new machine was invented that changed the history of the product. The electric machine enabled to pop corn outside the home. And soon movies started selling popcorn to make more money. The famous American habit of eating popcorn at the movies is well- known. Many people like to put salt or melted butter in their popcorn, some prepare to have it without. Either way Americans love their popcorn. [4., 69]


Restaurant “Fridays”

There are a lot of places in Kiev and in Ukraine where you can taste American cuisine. But the best and the most popular is Restaurant Fridays”.

Friday's is an international chain of American cuisine restaurants. To date, there are more than 700 Friday's restaurants located in 55 countries throughout the world.

Friday's is also famous for its collection of bric-a-brac, which can tell many an intriguing story. Friday's rare objects come from all over the world, and the restaurants act as custodians of their stories.

Friday's success formula is simplicity itself. The guest's wishes are commands for the staff; that's why restaurants make every visitor feel at home. Friday's personnel are young, energetic, friendly young men and women who have received their professional education at the company's training center. The restaurants maintain at all times a happy, friendly atmosphere beloved by guests.

But the main attraction here is genuine American cuisine. It was Friday's that invented the recipe for loaded potato skins, which has gone on to become not only the restaurant's hit, but also a signature American dish. All drinks at Friday's are mixed according to the most exacting recipes. The dishes startle with the size of servings. When reading the menu, Friday's visitors quite often face the problem of what to choose. The job is indeed far from an easy one. Judge for yourselves: Friday's sauced mushrooms, coated and fried till crisp and crunchy; Friday's quesadilla, a tortilla pancake with beef or chicken fillet; Fettuccine Alfredo, pasta served with Cajun sauce; and Jack Daniel's glazed ribs, are just a few of the most popular dishes. And there are also salads, sandwiches, Friday's signature hamburgers, juicy steaks, Cajun recipes and chef's specials. To say nothing of desserts and beverages! But truth be told, at Friday's you'll get help in making your choice: the waiter will be only too happy to explain what this or that dish is like. All you'll have to do is place your order.

At Friday's you'll always be comfortable, well fed, and happy! [14.]

Sams Steak House

If you want to taste a real American steak, you have to go to the Sams Steak House. The best selection of steaks is there. You may peak your own steak and watch them cooked to perfection by the frill chef.

Also there is an excellent choice of Californian and European dishes,
exquisitely cooked seafood and classical desserts: Cheese cake, hot Apple pie.
This restaurant, arguably serving the best selection of steaks in the Ukraine, is situated on the cross road at 37 Zhilyanskaya Str. Decorated in the "New colonial" style, the light maple wood interior with green highlights and red brick walls sets off the wooden American colonial period furniture. The shelves holding period china, cupboards wherein are displayed the restaurant's wines, matching green curtains and plethora of large comfortable cushions completes the homely atmosphere. Situated in the main dining hall is the impressive open grill flanked by the chilled meat display cabinets. While you eat your meal watch sports events or fashion shows on the TV's, or look for the numerous Kiev personalities such as Sports stars, DJ's and pop singers who always go where the action is and the steak action is most definitely right here in Sam's Steak House.

Veal, pork, lamb or salmon steaks of any size (250g - 500g) are cooked in a unique way by the professional master of grill. The meat that goes to cook the specialty of Sams Steak House has to "mature" in carcasses for a long time - three to six weeks. The meat loses nearly 30% of weight, but its taste becomes really special. Sam's steaks are impressively large, both for ladies (300g - 350g) and gentlemen (450g - 500g). Especially popular with female customers is the soft lean veal Rump Steak. Sommeliers recommend having Sam's Pork Chop with Chablis Grand Cru, and Champion's Cut - (lamb steak) - with Gewurztraminer. [14.]



















Chapter II. Hospitality of Ukrainian cuisine

Overview of Ukrainian Cuisine History

The history of the Ukrainian cuisine is long and tumultuous, and there were numerous outside elements that influenced it profoundly. Until the 17th and 18th centu

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