My School

The teachers' room is on the second floor. There are tables and chairs for teachers, a TV set and a

My School



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My School

At the age of 6 or 7 all boys and girls go to school. I go to school too. The number of my school is 338.

Our school is large and light. It is neither old nor new. There is a school yard around it. It is a pity, but there are no flowers near the school. You can see a sports ground behind the school. Sometimes we have physical training lessons there.

Our school has got three floors. There is a workshop on the ground floor. It is big. There are all kinds of tools and machines there. The boys of our school have a wood-work room too. They learn to make things of wood in this room. There is a room for manual work for girls. It is not on the ground floor, it is on the second floor. There are some computer classes, and pupils like such school subjects as Computing.

If you enter the school and go to the left you see a dining-room. Here pupils and teachers have their breakfast and dinner. The dining-room is a clean one. There are many nice pictures on the walls.

There is a gymnasium near the dining-room. All pupils like to go there, because they like physical training lessons.

Our school has got a library. It is on the ground floor too. There are a lot of interesting new and old books in it. But our library has no reading-room. Our school has got many classrooms.

We have got two English classrooms, History, Geography and Physics classrooms and others. They are big and light and each of them has got two large windows with green curtains, flowers on the window-sills, a bookcase near the door, the blackboard on the wall.

The teacher's table with many books on it is situated not far from the blackboard. There are twenty desks and some comfortable chairs in the classrooms. There is a TV set in each classroom. Sometimes it is used during the lessons. There is a school hall on the second floor where meetings and conferences take place.

We organize concerts, parties when we celebrate our holidays. Pupils of our school sing songs and dance modern and folk dances and perform some plays there. The last bell is organized at our school in a proper way. It is a very remarkable day in the life of all the pupils. The pupils of the first form and the pupils of the eleventh one are preparing for this day with great pleasure.

The teachers' room is on the second floor. There are tables and chairs for teachers, a TV set and a telephone there. It is a comfortable and cosy room and the teachers like to spend their free time in it. I like my school. I go there and get knowledge. Pupils have school uniforms in En-gland. It is an old tradition in the country. A boy's uniform consists of a special suit, a school cap, a tie and a blazer. A girl's uniform consists of a hat a coat, a skirt and a blouse. As usual their uniform is dark.

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