Music in our life

Both classical and modern music are popular in our country. My friend Mike and I are fond of classical music.

Music in our life



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Music in our life

It is difficult to live without music. We hear music everywhere: in the streets, at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops, in the parks and in the concert halls, at the seaside.

We can't live without music. We like to listen to music, we enjoy to dance to music, we play musical instruments.

A music lesson is one of the favourite subjects at school.

The teacher of music tells the pupils about famous composers and teaches them to sing songs. Pupils prepare concerts for school holidays, learn new songs, play different musical instruments.

Some people are interested in music very much. Children can learn at music schools if they are capable and fond of music. They study there for seven years

Music is a combination of many sounds. It reflects our mood and emotions.

There are numerous folk groups in our country. It is interesting to listen to their music and songs.

Last week my friends and I visited a concert of folk music. Artists danced folk dances and sang folk songs. This concert made a great impression on us.

Both classical and modern music are popular in our country. My friend Mike and I are fond of classical music. Sometimes we spend our free time, listening to music by Wolfgang Mozart and other composers. His "Fourth Symphony" and the "Sixth Symphony" by Shostakovich impressed us very much.

Nowadays young people prefer modern music. If you want to listen to modern music you can attend the music halls and the concerts of popular groups and singers.

I like to listen to the songs by our popular singers Julian, Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontyev. They are talented and skilled singers and composers and I like to visit their concerts. My friends and I buy tickets beforehand and often take flowers for our favourite singers.

As to foreign songs I prefer to listen to Adriano Chelentano. He is an Italian ginger and actor. He is popular not only in his native land but also in other countries.

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