Marketing Plan for juice "Seila"

Examples: Festivals and shows: «Seila» commissions and facilitates cutting edge artists, musicians, designers, film-makers, etc to curate and create events and

Marketing Plan for juice "Seila"

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they should not contain added water.

Fruit juices should be manufactured only from clean, sound fruit in clean equipment. Proper preparation involves thorough washing, sorting to remove wormy or spoiled fruit, and trimming. Flies should not come in contact with the fruit or equipment.

WBD will offer a broad range of juices to suit the customer, down to the smallest detail.

The company will offer a range of innovative juices, including

  1. 100% pure carrot juice, nothing added
  2. Carrot and celery juice
  3. Beet and apple juice blend
  4. A lovely combo of beet, carrot, pear and ginger
  5. Tomato, beet and ginger
  6. Kiwi, apple, pear and some greens
  7. An invigorating mix of apple, pear and orange
  8. Carrot and orange

WBD will use organic ingredients so that consumers will get even more goodness from the drinks. For a reasonably healthy person there is therefore no need for vitamin pills nor dietary supplements: a raw juice from WBD contains the richest natural source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other vital trace elements that will guarantee plenty of energy and vitality to help your body neutralise toxins, boost its immune system and generally help you go through your busy day.

All drinks are freshly juiced to order and to enjoy them at their best we will recommend to consume them within 8 hours after open the bottle. Remember also that by consuming organic produce, you help preserve our planet's natural balance and protect its biodiversity.


2.6 Price


Different price in different seasons

Summer is a good season for fresh juices in Russia. The average temperature in Moscow during the summer is 2428C. (The summer of 2010 is extremely hot its about 3034C). The company can change their product prices according to the season. So in winter the prices might be slightly less than in summer.

Price Level

Maintain price level in all segments at 15% higher than competitors to reinforce the quality image.


2.7 Place


Distribute direct to the client where possible.

Distribution channels

  • Direct channels

Selling the products in the different departmental stores by using own transport. In this case the company will have more profit margin.

  • Indirect channels

Selling the products through whole sellers and agencies to cover all area.

Intensive distribution:

  • Retail outlets, Hyper Mall, Supermarkets
  • Small shops
  • Entertainment zone: Restaurants, Cinemas, Parks, Theaters
  • Petrol station
  • Newsagents
  • Schools
  • Sports, Health clubs, Gym
  • Entertainment venues

Getting shelves

In order to display products more clearly and attractive for the customers in the big departmental stores the company should get central shelves in eye-catching positions. Normally we should keep our products freezers near the entrance of the stores.


2.8 Promotion


WBD will promote products in several ways.

WBD will do sponsorships with different exhibitions, presentations, shows and events.


  • Festivals and shows: «Seila» commissions and facilitates cutting edge artists, musicians, designers, film-makers, etc to curate and create events and happenings. During any event a mix of multimedia: music, video, advanced technologies in entertainment and show, should be present. «Seila» Entertainment element by no means should be limited to laser shows and trendy DJs. (the sample of advertisement see Appendix 3).
  • Interactive entertainment with content creation by consumers: Like in Web 2.0. and 3.0, «Seila» enables consumers to input into entertainment and show by sharing/creating content. For example, screens with live puzzle of pictures made from consumers content (images, videos, photographs), or music and light shows made of consumers content (voices, music, ringtones, etc); interactive 3D games and simulations.
  • Purposeful technologies for entertaining and educating: «Seila» stations with content transmission, powered by QR codes, Bluetooth, etc. Content can be various, e.g. music, useful instant information, videos, pictures and photos.
  • Word-of-mouth

Creating awareness among consumers: the main objective for this phase is to create awareness about the product among consumers who will turn into potential customers. The word-of-mouth effect is the goal here it will give a kick to boost initial sales.

  1. World Wide Web

The web site will be tool to get closer our customers and understand them better and will serve an utility value.

  1. Online Advertising:
  2. Internet Advertising
  3. Affiliate Program
  4. Radio& Television Advertising:
  5. Comcast Spotlight
  6. Commercial Radio
  7. TV commercial
  8. Promotional Campaigns:
  9. Club Events
  10. Billboards and holdings
  11. Print Advertising:
  12. Print media
  13. Advertise monthly in magazines that are specifically targeted to production managers in the automotive, marine and heavy industrial segments.
  14. Advertise monthly in magazines that are aimed at production managers in the general industry.
  15. Advertise quarterly in magazines that are aimed at purchasing officers.
  16. Newspapers
  17. Sunday Advertisements
  18. PR:
  19. PR release to be initiated each month to various trade journals and magazines.

Lost Customers

  1. Contact monthly all past customers that have not re-ordered to ask why not and see whether we can win back their business.

Existing Customers

  1. Follow up all new customers two weeks after they purchase to ensure they are satisfied with the product.
  2. Send quarterly newsletter to existing customers to keep them informed of our other products.
  3. Try and up-sell all enquiries for our standard range to our premium range.


3. Control of Performance


The purpose of WBD' marketing plan is to serve as a guide for the company. The following areas will be monitored to gauge performance:

  • Sales: quarterly and annual.
  • Production Costs: quarterly and annual.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Market share analysis.

Competitor profile Keep updated competitor profile.

Marketing information system Document on every enquiry «How did you hear about us?»

Produce monthly sales reports by product, by market segment, by territory and sales representative.


4. Strategy and Implementation Summary


Large soft drinks companies advertise direct to consumers, sponsor sporting events, concerts, radio programs, etc. Competing with such large campaigns is obviously unrealistic for a small soft drinks producer. A branded product will benefit from publicity rather than advertising. This is easier to achieve if the product is unusual.

The strategy of «WBD» is to focus on our niche market which is health/natural food stores that serve the young active professional.

Marketing Strategy

«WBD» will introduce its products at 20% off regular price during the first month. In addition, «WBD» will co-sponsor local athletic charitable events to raise the visibility of the brand name.

Sales Strategy

The sales strategy is to build customer loyalty in the new markets. «WBD» will increase its sales force to focus on the new markets.



5. Individual Critical Reflection on Learning Outcomes


The specific sources of value offered by my chosen company Evaluation the extent to which my advertisement has contributed to the value offered by the company to its customers.

Wimm-Bill-Dann has some specific sources of value for its customers. The first one is quality. Its fruit juices are the highest quality, most nutritious food products…because it will accept nothing less. The second one is innovations. Its products have always been in the forefront of the health and nutrition wave. Innovative products, state of the art manufacturing, quality assurance and industry expertise are the bases for Wimm-Bill-Dann past and future successes. The third one is integrity. Its customers depend on the quality of its juice products. Its commitment to the highest standard is the foundation of its customer's trust in WBD. Delivering freshly made juice to consumers depends on extensive cooperation and mutual reliance between supplier and retailer. Wimm-Bill-Dann stands behind its product, its service and its word.

The reflection of my achievement of up to three of the module learning outcomes

I think the most important learning outcome I gained from the making marketing plan is putting together its different parts. I went through all the stages of composing a plan for Wimm-Bill-Dann, from market analysis to revenue/cost spreadsheet calculations. This experience is of the practical use for me. With this knowledge it will be easier for me to start my own business and to feel more comfortable in developing other marketing plans. Especially useful was making market analysis, which involves a lot of efforts and which helps to understand the process of building the business step by step.

The next important learning outcome I gained is absolute necessity to find a way of effective communicat

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