Marketing analysis and strategy company Indes

next step after identifying possible markets is to decide which of these to target.find a suitable and profitable segment we

Marketing analysis and strategy company Indes

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Marketing analysis and strategy company Indes

. Von Raesfeld



1. Introduction

assignment is meant to get us familiar with segmentation and targeting, based on a rational approach. We strive to achieve the following objectives:

Indentifying and analyzing the industry Indes is currently operating in with its electric kits.

Identifying other possible business applications for the electronic kit from Indes.

Picking out the best business applications and describing how Indes could implement its electric kit into the product and industry.

Giving an advice to the research agency on how to approach the potential new industries.

Our main research question aligns to our objectives and is as follows:which products could Indes implement its electric kit (e-kit) and how should Indes bring these new products to the industry and make them successful?will try to find the answers to the research question by carry out a few analyses. At first we will describe the current situation and industry Indes is in. Then we will do a segmentation to find possible industries to implement the e-kit in. Out of the segmentation, we will target the best options and explain the process of realizing the product and we will analyze the industry in which the product belongs. At last, we will formulate a report out of these steps in order to advice the research agency on the opportunities and threats that occurring when Indes chooses to implement the new business applications.

industry manufacturing business


1.1 Indes - the company

is a company, which has been focusing on innovation of products and processes for already more than 20 years. It develops their products in terms of comfort, simplicity, clarity and safety. The best way to do that is by using the information of the users. User needs are important and products should be developed and improved to meet the requirements. This means that Indes focuses on benchmark studies, processes, trainings and certification, additionally to product development. Its three target markets are human care, medical cure and user safety. They offer consultancy, product development and design & engineering especially in these markets. to other companies in the industry C30, Manufacturing of other transport equipment, Indes is a very small company, which employs around 35 persons. has several partnerships with different types of companies, for example field lab for Client Centered Care, Industrial Design Center and TKT Technologie Kring Twente.


.2 Manufacturing of other transport equipment - the industry

order to make a good comparison of the opportunities and threats in the market, it is useful to look at the industry of manufacturing of other transport equipment, which is C30 in NACE terms. industry contains 130 companies according to These companies are all located in the Dutch market. Indes is not even on this website, because its size is too small. The biggest company is Eur. Aeronautic Defence with a profit of 553,000,000 euro. Although it is the biggest company in the industry, it doesnt mean it is a threat for Indes. Because they offer a specific kind of product, it might not be conflicting between them. Also a lot of other companies are in the same industry, but they provide different kind of products and are therefore not all considered as a competitor. Examples are KLM and Damen Shipyards. geographical division is also interesting to take a look at. As you can see from the pie chart, in Zuid-Holland are the most companies in this industry located. This is not very remarkable, since the biggest harbor in Europe is in Rotterdam and therefore a great place to be located. second biggest province of companies in this market is Noord-Brabant. Noord-Brabant is close to both Belgium and Germany and therefore strategically a good place to manufacture.



2. Other relevant information

electric kit is already available for bikes to make them electric and therefore faster. There is own effort needed, the e-kit only supports the driver. The company Indes might want to expand their sales in the same market, so in the biking industry. Although, this is an opportunity to look at, it might be more interesting to look at opportunities in other industries and the possibilities to apply this e-kit in those markets.


.1 Business-to-business marketing information


The development of purchases of bikes: Knowing what the trends in the biking industry are and who your customers are, is very important to know what to sell to whom. Thus, market research to stay up-to-date is important.

Knowing the applications which already exist for other transport methods, such as electric cars. These methods all have their own technical requirements, and can be interesting for Indes to look at in order to collaborate or to compete with those producers. applicable options

Wholesalers of wheelchairs: It might be an option to take a look at the development in the wheelchair industry. If it is a possibility to apply the e-kit on a wheelchair, then that will mean that there is a new market.

Suppliers of buggies: Eventually, it can be an opportunity to take a look at what the buggy industry is doing. Faster transportation of children to the crèche by using an electric tool is an example to take a closer look at.

Wholesalers of motorbikes: Cheaper production of motorbikes by using another method of integrating a motor, it might be a boost of the production and sales of motorbikes.

Wholesalers of gardening equipment: Gardeners have a really heavy job to do. In order to decrease the heavy load it can be an option to install the e-kit on their equipment like wheelbarrows. To know if there is a market for this industry, we should know what the industry includes.

Wholesalers of construction tools: to make the life of workers easier it might be an option to get in contact with wheelbarrow producers


Postal market: there are a lot of postmen who use a bike, especially in Holland. By applying this e-kit, the post will be delivered faster and therefore cheaper. Interesting could it be to take a look at the interest of these companies into this product.

Courier services: A lot of private post is delivered at the minimum price available. In stead of using bikes which takes a long time or cars which cost a lot of money, the delivery companies can add this on their bikes to get faster and therefore to deliver their products cheaper. An application on roller skates can also be an option for this market.

Emergency transport (ambulance bikes): If we are going to look over the border, it can be an option to look at third world countries in order to apply the e-kit. People who live in Africa and are surrounded by desert, it is hard to be on time at the hospital. Since there is no money to buy a car, people have to use something else. Bikes are an option, but are not that fast. So, the application of the e-kit can be a good opportunity.


.2 Business-to-customer marketing information


Ageing: End-users can be elderly people who like to bike, but cannot use it anymore because of their age. If we know what the percentage of aged people are, then we will know if there is a need for these e-kits on bikes. This is important information to know when approaching the wholesalers of bikes and deciding where to sell the e-kit. From the internet we can see that the age structure of the Netherlands is 17% 0 - 14 year olds, 67.4% 15 to 64 year olds and 15.6% are over 65 years (2011).

Percentage of disabled people: If we know what the amount of disabled people is, we can also estimate what the need for wheelchairs is. If we know that, it can be a reason to approach suppliers of these wheelchairs.

The Sociaal Cultureel Planburo estimates the number of persons with some degree of a physical disability in the Netherlands to be 3,377,000 persons, or 22.5% of the population.

Mobility: it can be important to know what the percentage of different kind of transport methods is. If that is clear, it is easier to realize what the need of customers is to get an e-kit. There are already studies on this topic available on the internet where we can see that still the majority of people uses bikes as mean to move from one place to another, but the older the people get the more difficult it is for them so alternatives are welcome and could be very profitable. (Mobility on Dutch road, 2010)

Housewives: a lot of women have to do the shopping and tasks in the house in order to run a household. That means a lot of physical effort and to make it easier to them, it could be an option to implement e-kits on shopping carts, for example.

Use of electronic devices with cables: it can be interesting to look at the spending of customers to electronic devices with cables. Lately, some electronic products have been changed in terms of wireless products. Developing products with an own battery can be very interesting to look at, because it will be something for the future. Televisions and fridges with an e-kit are economically very good in use.

Leisure spending: an e-kit applied to a pedal boat or roller skates can be fun! Instead of putting a lot of energy in using these products, you can have the same speed without a lot of effort.



3. Segmentation

needs to be done by differentiating the specif

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