Love means different things to different people

The subject of love is one that has inspired poets, writers, those lucky in love and those who have been

Love means different things to different people



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Love means different things to different people

Its a truth universally acknowledged that “it takes all sorts to make a world”, which means that all people are unique in their own way. What is more, we ,as individuals, tend to have our own opinions about everything…Fashion, lifestyles, scientific concepts are constantly changing due to peoples desire to express their opinions. The same goes for universal things like truth, friendship, hate, loyalty and, of course, love.

The subject of love is one that has inspired poets, writers, those lucky in love and those who have been passed over by Cupid…Love has been defined as wise, silly, profound, bitter, funny…It seems as if each and one of us has a different understanding of love, or at least the attitude to love varies greatly from person to person.. It may be a surprising revelation to some of us, because love has traditionally been considered to be something that unites people( at least thats what Ive been taught).And yet, theres no use denying the fact that love has as many definitions as there are human beings on this planet. And it doesnt necessarily mean that love no longer unites people. It just means that love has different dimensions, different sides that reflect our understanding of life.

Ive heard somebody say that “love is friendship set on fire”. To my mind, its a brilliant thought. I mean, the good thing about friendship is that it gives you a feeling of security…its like a pair of old shoes that youve worn for a long time…you get this feeling of comfort and coziness…And if “love is friendship set on fire”, then ,it seems to me, love is really worth living for.

Some cynics may say that love is something that makes one blind and prevents from thinking clearly. ”To be in love is to be in the state of perceptual anesthesia”, some people claim.

But personally, I cant let myself be cynical about love. Maybe Im too young and inexperienced, but I believe its a great feeling. Some say that love is the true meaning of our life, that love is all its cracked up to be. They also say that “love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness”. I cant but agree. Love is something that makes us tender ,and affectionate, and caring…Its when another persons needs become more important than yours and you dont see it as a burden. Its when you do your best to make each others lives somewhat easier in this troublesome world…Love is a feeling that makes you stronger and helps you get through a crisis. Its something I cant imagine my life without.

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