Knowledge, Innovation and Development

Knowledge is the thing that makes a difference. It is matter of being better informed than the others, getting ideas

Knowledge, Innovation and Development



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eedback about products and services.
  • Employees give KID ideas, cooperate with it and receive rewards for their work.
  • Experts work with KID on specific problems.
  • Control functions of the KID
  • If the innovation is complex we must monitor closely the field of implementation and if problems occur - take care of them immediately.

    Collect feedback from all people related concerning the results. Taking action if necessary. Remember that no change comes without negative response. Calculate results (based on financial information, information about productivity and costs, etc.). Reward the idea author depending on these figures. Tell everyone about this "great man, who helped to the company so much".

    1. Customer relations

    Customer feedback must also come to the KID, not marketing department. Marketing department doesnt have direct stimulus to analyze information related to other departments. It might have difficulties making changes in other departments due to lack of power.


    The KID system is not of course ideal. It is just a draft, an idea of what could be developed into a universal model. But as I see it - every company that wants to succeed in the coming high-tech future must start to develop such a system as soon as possible.

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