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One of the main differences of the Internet from all rest, that is connected to computers, is that for successful work with it(him), generally speaking, it is not necessary of any books. Internet can serve both directory, and tutorial, and encyclopedia itself. However on the initial stage, as it seems, the advantage(benefit) of the book, distinctly and is accessible of a stating basis, can be rather significant. Such book I also have tried to write. But before you will get acquainted to it(her) more close, let's try to answer on the most important question, which, probably, you already set to yourselves:

The Internet: that it, at last, such

More or less scientific definition of the Internet, which the books and clauses on this subject are filled, certainly with, have the value. But the most simple explanation suffices for our purposes while: the Internet is a set of computers connected with each other by channels of communication(connection), plus a set of standard rules, on which they exchange by the information. Thus channels of communication(connection), perhaps, even are less important, than rule of data transfer on them, named in the Internet by the protocols. If even two computers cooperate on one of such protocols is already present Internet.

The invention and the perfection of modems - special devices allowing the computer to send the information on the phone, - has opened doors in the Internet to huge quantity(amount) of the people, at which is not present. Any special network equipment, and there is only personal computer and telephone socket nearby.

Both Internet, and the modems for personal computers exist already rather long. However only at all for a long time - about 1990 - the Internet has typed(collected), at last critical weight of the users and resources necessary for network revolution, occurring on our eyes. The high-speed modems allowing the usual users of personal computers without restrictions to enjoy by all boons of the Internet, have appeared even later. And the system World Wide Web (WWW, or "«World wide web"), invented in 1993 and former firstly only by one of many components of a network, has borrowed(occupied) a leading position and began to define(determine) the person of the Internet literally in last years - two. By and large, the world Internet boom now in the heat - and very much was lucky(carried) to you, that you were not late almost to the beginning of performance.

The Internet is, first of all huge set of computers and programs. Among last you will find not only such, which are able well to decide(solve) your concrete tasks, but also is greater such, whose abilities it will be firstly complex(firstly difficult) even to present to you, probably. The Internet connection gives you a unique opportunity, what imperfect was your computer to have a look per the twenty first century and independently to accustom with such concepts, as « world cyber social », « virtual money », « information environment(Wednesday) habitation». Item, - word, with all of subjects, about what so love to write now journalists.

However it only part of the answer on a question « that such the Internet ». The Internet today is not only huge quantity(amount) of computers, but also the improbable quantity(amount) of the people, for which network is an essentially new way of dialogue almost not having of analogues in the material world. The man - essence social, and dialogue with itself similar - one of his(its) first needs(requirements). Perhaps, till now still any technical invention (short of the telephone) does not make such revolution in this ancient as the world employment(occupation) - dialogue of the man with the man.

Certainly, what exactly will interest you in the Internet first of all - people or computers, - depends only on you. The ancient metaphor of the book as models of world, perhaps, deserves reconsideration - now on a role of such model computer approaches much better. When the speech goes about millions computers and their users all over the world, connected in a uniform network, the metaphor this already ceases be simply metaphor. That is why by exaggeration will not tell, that, leave in the Internet, you do (make) for yourselves accessible the whole world.

1. Basic protocols in Internet and search in them.


Internet contains vast quantity (amount) of the information, on this in it(him) it is difficult to find that that is necessary if not to know where to search. The place of a presence(finding) (or address) each resource defines(determines) it(him) URL. In URL the type of the protocol indicating on what server contains the access is carried out: on WWW (on which specifies recording: http), Gopher, ftp, telnet, or WAIS, it depends on that what type of the information you will transfer. The network protocol - set of the precisely certain rules: how to request, to make out and to send on a network the given version of the information


Millions computers are joined(attached) to a network Internet and many from them have interesting opportunities.

It appears, is quite feasible to reach these computers to look databases, available in them, and programs. The special program telnet allows to transform your computer into the client telnet for a data access and programs in numerous servers telnet. For example researcher regularly can work on several computers, which managers nominate to it(him) a special name and password.

In itself telnet - the communication facility is simple; neither any of the own interface, nor opportunities of search it(he) does not give.

Having contacted the help telnet with the removed machine and having entered in a field of search the entrance name (login) and password (password) you communicate with this machine and programs on further to it(her), and telnet cares only of maintenance of communication(connection) between you.

Certainly, many storehouses of the information, which were originally served by the special programs with access on telnet now it is possible to transfer(translate) on WWW, that not seldom and is done(made). However there were also such which on former give the services only on telnet (especially among the catalogues and information services of libraries).

Standard the link on telnet connection with some site Internet (i.e. URL- the address of this connection) looks so:

telnet: // < the address of the server >


Practically information is stored(kept) in the computer world as files. On this for itself заре Internet the special means for an exchange of files on a network - network protocol FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has appeared.

The quantity(amount) of files accessible on sites of all world on anonymous FTP is measured in astronomical figures and constantly grows. Besides Word Wide Web allows without any alteration existing FTP of archives, to supply with their descriptions of any degree of detail and convenient hypertext interface.

But how to learn(find out) where to address in searches of the necessary file?


The search on a name of a file on all anonymous FTP-sites of the world can be carried out with the help of system Archie. She(it) is developed by the several programmers from university Magellan in Canada and carries out indexation of stations FTP, showing files, accessible in everyone station. Archie informs several millions files taking place in more thousand stations FTP, and gives a surprisingly fast way of search of that place, where it is necessary to be directed for reception of a file, interesting for you. The search in a database of the server Archie is made with the help of keywords, which in this case represent simply names of files or fragments of names.

Now Archie is accessible through WWW. It WWW page with the form in which the keywords and options of search are specified.

Though the name of a file almost always has a certain attitude(relation) to his(its) contents, to use Archie for thematic search of the programs does not cost. This system will be useful, if you really know a name of the necessary file or part of a name. On the other hand if you search for the program, which has the standard reduced name, that is some probability that this reduction will be present and at a name of a file, so it is possible to try to find such file with the help Archie. The results of search represent the list of FTP-sites and complete names of files on these sites. The name of a file serves the link to this file, so the click on a name will allow at once receiving a file from the given site. And domes the address of FTP-archive allocated by a large greasy font will transfer you to the initial catalogue of file system on this archive.

Archie the list into the list into the list into the list into the reception.

URL-address indicating FTP-connection, owes, as a minimum to include a word “ftp” as the left part and address of the site in right:

ftp: // < the address of the server >.


Almost all information resources Internet give an opportunity of automatic search, but only in one of them - in system WAIS (Wide Area Information Server, global information server) - the keyword search, is the basic method of access to the information.

The system WAIS represents the huge distributed(allocated) database, i.e. the separate parts of this database are located on different net points worldwide. The program - client for work with servers WAIS not only is able to communicate with them under the special protocol, but also stores(keeps) the list of all databases WAIS with their addresses and names, and sometimes and with the brief description

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