Information Society Concept

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e, changing the dynamics of processes in all spheres of human activity led on the one hand, to the growing demands on data and knowledge, on the other - to create new means and ways to meet those needs. ICTs are an integral part of our daily lives, providing us useful skills and services anywhere - at home, at work, at play.most important lesson of all previous information revolution lies in the fate of their technologists. Yes, the revolution in printing quickly formed a new class of information technology specialists - printers, today's information revolution has created a large number of information businesses, professionals from IS and IT, software developers and managers of information services.information revolution highlights new industry - information industry related to the production of means, methods and technologies for the production of new knowledge. The major components of the information industry are all kinds of information technology, especially telecommunications., the rapid development of computer technology and information technology was the impetus for the development of a society built on the everyday use of different information, ie information society.scientists understand the information society? Japanese scientists believe that in the information society process of computerization give people access to reliable information sources, deprive them of routine, provide a high level of automation of information processing in industrial and social spheres. The driving force behind the development of society should be production of information, not tangible products, and the material becomes more product information and spacious, which means increasing the share of innovation, design and marketing of its value.the information society will change not only production but also the entire way of life, values, cultural significance of leisure will increase relative to wealth.compared with industrial society, where everything is aimed at production and consumption of goods, information society produced and consumed intelligence, knowledge, leading to increasing the share of mental labor. From the person will need the ability to work to increase demand for knowledge.material and technological basis of the information society will be all sorts of systems based on computers and computer networks, information technology, telecommunication.society - a society in which most workers employed in manufacturing, storage, processing and marketing information, especially its highest form - knowledge.real practice of science and technology of advanced countries at the end of XX century. becomes visible contours established pattern of information society theorists. Predicted to convert the entire world into a single computerized space and information community of people living in apartments and electronic cottages. Any accommodation equipped with all sorts of electronic equipment and computerized devices.