IL-76 technical characteristics

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1.General description. Specific features

plane technical destiny

The Ilyushin Il-76 transport clearly appears as a military design. Its high wing and strong landing gear give it the ability to operate from airfields with rough or unpaved runways, while its rear loading ramp guarantees easy loading and even air dropping capabilities. On the military side, both an airborne tanker and an early warning version of the Il-76 have been developed., the Il-76 can be found in widespread commercial use as a freighter. Comparable in size to the B707 and DC-8, strong demand for medium sized freighters boosted the activities of the Il-76 after the political opening of the former Sovjet Union. Besides CIS airlines carrying both domestic and international freight on Il-76s, the aircraft found also work in Africa, the Far East and Europe. Even British, Swiss and South African airlines are to be found among the carriers operating the Il-76, albeit still under joint-venture agreements with Russian partners.stretched version, the Il-76MF equiped with more powerful Perm PS-90 engines, is currently being tested.


Engines4 Soloviev D-30KP, 120kNLenght, m49.6Wingspan, m50.5Maximum take-off mass, kg190,000Crew, prs4Ceiling, m13,000Range with max.payload, km4,800Range with max.fuel, km5,000Cruise speed, kmph850Max speed, kmph975Payload Capacity, kg40,000aircraft was first conceived by Ilyushin in 1967 to meet a requirement for a freighter able to carry a payload of 40 tons (88,000 lb) over a range of 5,000 km (2,700 nmi; 3,100 mi) in less than six hours, able to operate from short and unprepared airstrips, and capable of coping with the worst weather conditions likely to be experienced in Siberia and the Soviet Unions Arctic regions. It first flew on March 25, 1971.of Il-76s was placed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (then a republic of the Soviet Union). Some 860 of basic transport variants were made. In 1990s modernized variants were developed (MF, TF), but were not produced in significant quantity due to financial problems of the major user, the Russian Air Force. The prototype of longer variant Il-76MF, with bigger capacity, first flew on 1 August 1995. The production ceased around 1997, and the factory since deteriorated. Some commercial aircraft were modernized to IL-76TD-90VD, starting from 2004, using new engines PS-90 to meet European noise limits[. In 2005, China ordered in Russia 34 new Il-76MDs and 4 tankers Il-78, and the factory in Tashkent completed 16 incomplete airframes. Production of the IL-76 at a new factory in Ulyanovsk in Russia, in cooperation with Tashkent works, is under consideration.




.11.1988 Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-7678:78 Leninakan, Armeniaaircraft crashed after colliding with a Soviet fighter jet

.18.1989 Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-7657:57 Nasosny, RussiaSSSR-76569

.20.1989 Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-7625:25 Leninakan, RussiaSSSR-76466aircraft crashed on approach. Incorrect altimeter setting used by the crew

.27.1990 Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-7611:11 Kabul, AfghanistanSSSR-78781

.12.1990 Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-7610:10 Kabul, AfganistanSSSR-8690aircraft was shot down.

.02.1990 Iraqi Airways Ilyushin IL-76 130:130 Kuwait City, Kuwaitaircraft was shot down by Kuwait after violating that countrys airspace.

.05.1996AvialiniiIlyushin IL-76 19:19 Petropavlovsk, RussiaRA-76752

.12.1996 Kazastan AirlinesIlyushin IL-7627:37 Chaki Dahdri, India UN-76435 12th of November 1996, two planes smashed into each other while airborne. This accident happened over Charkhi Dadri, India. Saudi Arabian Flight 763, a Boeing 747-168B, crashed against Air Kazakhstand 1907, an IL-76. The Boeing was a commercial aircraft, the IL was a cargo plane. There were 349 fatalities in total. While the Boeing was taking off, the other plane was trying to land, ignoring the warnings from ground control. It than crashed into the Boeing, which disintegrated in mid-air immediately. The IL was still structurally intact, but still crashed being uncontrollable.aircraft collided with a Saudi 747 after the crew failed to maintain their assigned altitude. The 747 was climbing to 13,000 and the Ilyushin was instructed to descend to 14,000. The aircraft continued descending, however, and collided with the 747. Deadliest mid-air collision in aviation history.

.18.2001 Dart Ilyushin IL-76MD0:8 Oostende, BelgiumUR-7882132 tons of paint and medical supplies for Guinee, the Ilyushin freighter tried to takeoff from Oostende. During the takeoff roll the crew noticed an engine fire warning and aborted. The aircraft overran the runway by 40m and came to rest in a field with its nose gear collapsed and the left wingtip touching the ground. The aircraft is presumably damaged beyond repair.

.14.2001 Russ Air TransportIlyushin IL-7610:10 Moscow, Russi RA-76588 Ilyushin 76 was being used to fly construction materials from a military airfield just outside Moscow to Norilsk. The aircraft reached an altitude of about 150 feet when it crashed about 550 yards from the end of the runway.

12.01.2001 Russian Ministry of InteriorIlyushin IL-76TD18:18 Novaya Inya, Russia RA-76839aircrafts crew reported an in-flight fire af FL290, and declared intentions to perform an emergency landing. The aircraft broke up and caught fire during the landing attempt.

.31.2003 Euro Asia AviationIlyushin IL-76TD6:6 Baucau, East Timo RDPL-34141aircraft, on a cargo flight from Macau, China, crashed short of the runway while attempting to land in foggy weather conditions.

.19.2003 Iranian Revolutionary GuardIlyushin IL-76MD275:275 SE Kerman, Iran 15-22? aircraft, on a flight from Zahedan to Kerman, crashed 330 feet below the peak of Sirach Mountain approximately 35nm southeast of Kerman. Weather at the time of the accident was poor.

.08.2003 Ukrainian Cargo AirwaysIlyushin IL-76MD140:200

Kinshasa, CongoUR-UCB

The cargo aircraft was leased to the Congolese Ministry of Defense and had been operating in Congo since December, 2002. On a flight from Kinshasha to Lubumbashi, at an altitude of FL330, the aircrafts rear cargo door opened, ejecting at least 140 occupants from the plane

.04.2004 Azov AviaIlyushin IL-76MD5:7 Baku, AzerbaijanUR-ZVAaircraft, on a cargo flight Ankara, Turkey to Kabul, Afghanistan, crashed on takeoff from Baku after a routine fuel stop. The russian-built jet reportedly climbed to an altitude of several hundred feet, before falling back to the ground and erupting in flames.

.18.2004 Azal Avia CargoIlyushin IL-76TD7:7 Urumqi, China4K-AZ27aircraft, on a cargo flight from Taiyuan, China to Riga, Latvia, crashed shortly after takeoff from Urumqi after making a fuel stop. Reports indicate the aircraft had extreme difficulty becoming airborne, reaching an altitude of only around 500 feet before crashing into a farm approximately 2 miles from the airport.

.03.2005 East/West CargoIlyushin IL-76TD7:7 Khartoum, Sudan ST-EWB aircraft, on a cargo flight from Sharjah to Khartoum, crashed shortly before landing after the Captain reported fuel system problems. The pilot reported that he would attempt an emergency landing in the desert near Aad Babaker, 9 miles west of Khartoum, but the aircraft crashed and exploded.

.23.2005 Airline Transport CompanyIlyushin IL-76TD8:8 Mwanza, Tanzani ER-IBRaircraft was on a cargo flight to Khartoum, Sudan when it disappeared from radar and crashed into Lake Victoria shortly after takeoff from Mwanza Airport.

.23.2007 Transaviaexport AirlinesIlyushin IL-76TD11:11 Mogadishu, Somalia EW-78849March 9, 2007 a company IL-76TD (EW-78826) sustained substantial damage after being hit by a missile while on approach to Mogadishu International Airport (MGQ). Later that month IL-76TD EW-78849 flew to Mogadishu to deliver equipment to inspect the damage on EW-78826. On March 23, EW-78849 was to be flown back to Minsk with a refueling stop at Djiboutu (JIB). Shortly after takeoff three missiles were fired at the plane. Reportedly one of the missiles hit the wing. Control was lost and the airplane crashed.

.15.2009Russian Air ForceIlyushin IL-76MD0:31 Makhachkala, Russi RA-76827Ilyushin IL-76 transport aircraft operated by the Russian military have collided at Makhachkala Airport in southern Russia, killing at least four people. IL-76MD RA-76827 (cn 1003404151) was performing its landing rollout when its right wing collided with sister-ship RA-76825 (cn 1003404136) which was entering the runway via an intersecting taxiway. 4 of the 7 crew members aboard the taxiing aircraft were killed as the cockpit was ripped away and a fire erupted, all 31 occupants of the landing aircraft survived. Visibility at the time of the crash was extremely low, with visibility reported less than 1/4 mile in freezing fog.


3.The popularity of IL 76 and its usage all over the world

aircraft was first conceived by Ilyushin in 1967 to meet a requirement for a freighter able to carry a payload of 40 tons (88,000 lb) over a range of 5,000 km (2,700 nmi; 3,100 mi) in less than six hours, able to operate from short and unprepared airstrips, and capable of coping with the worst weather conditions likely to be experienced in Siberia and the Soviet Unions Arctic regions. It first flew on March 25, 1971.

were activated the machine in the Soviet Air Force. It is a shoulder-wing monoplane, the engines is in suspension towers under the wings. The lower part of the airplane nose has the Soviet Union and its succession states or is the Il-76 on Cuba, in Iraq, India, Libya and Syria was in the use. Negotiations with the VR China run and are obviously successfully final.most modern advancement of the wide-spread airplane carries the designation Il-76MF