How Can One Individual Effect on the Environment

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Can One Individual Effect on the Environment.


nature polluting chemical waste

Written by Ananieva Zhanna.


Its needless to say that environment is the most topical issue of all times, especially nowadays. And when politicians, heads of the countries speak about environment, the most frequently used phrase is: Every person should do his best to improve the environmental situation. Its in the hands of every human being. So lets consider the one persons ways of affecting on the environment.of all, one should begin with his own house. Everybody knows that there are some kinds of house utensils you shouldnt put into the garbage - like fluorescent lamps, some chemicals and so on because this rubbish havent ability to decompose and can lead to pollution of the environment. And of course we shouldnt forget to be able to bring our garbage to its destination - to the rubbish point is cars. Im not trying to convince you to that every individual ought to stop using his SUV and use a bicycle as everyday kind of transport. But nowadays thanks to car corporations interest in antipollution campaigns there are so-called clear cars, that drive with help of new, not so polluting oil and have new system of engines. Whats more, these cars are a little cheaper, so its double bonus. And, of course, using a bike in your holidays or not so busy working days is also a little step forward less polluted environment.the last, but not the least way of effecting on environment is persons everyday behavior, everyday way of life. Spitting out chewed gum, empty juice or pepsi can, breaking branches, washing car in the nearest river or lake - all these small and insignificant, unimportant acts really do some harm to the surroundings where you are living, where your children , grandchildren and grand-grand children will be living.s easy to think that one bad action can lead to nothing. That one thrown out cigarette-butt is just a drop in the ocean, just one of many left there, and it cant influence anything. But its time for everybody to understand that its not. It wrong. One mans step towards less polluted surroundings is almost nothing. But all the steps in sum are the straight way to your unpolluted future.