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temple of Volgograd the Kazan cathedral canon reading begins, approximately at 23.15 23.30. The people coming in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a temple on Easter divine service, become witnesses of the sacred action not similar on any others. Before its beginning in temples all fixtures are lighted, believing stand with candles, and there is no more brightly and more joyfully a service, than in night of Revival of Jesus Christ.

In days of old solemn Divine service was made in the presence of the tsar who upon termination of a ceremony did not shun with boyars and court. it is accepted not only in day of Easter, but also the next days. Meeting people should kiss and exchange by all means red. Before it it is necessary to say: Christ Voskresi!. Or to answer: Truly Voskresi!. After all Easter is a holiday of Revival of the Christ. Such greetings people announce a victory of a life eternal over death. Under the legend Maria Magdalina has presented the first Easter egg to the Roman emperor Tiberiju. It has come to Rome with a great joyful message about Revival of the Christ. Maria was poor and, without having anything, except the belief, joyfully having exclaimed: Christ Voskresi!, has presented to the emperor a usual egg. was sceptical about words of the woman, having doubted that someone can revive from the dead. Also it is difficult to believe in it, as that this egg can become red! - the emperor has told and has not believed to the eyes: egg in his hands wonderfully became scarlet. Since then traditional red Easter eggs symbolise blood of the Christ and are the Revival symbol. For children Easter eggs a wonderful entertainment and an occasion to play pranks. Games on разбивание eggs and their driving carry away all children, looking on which adults rejoice.

The pleasure distinguishes Easter from all other holidays. Not that pleasure that that pleasure is received from fair quantity of strong drinks in a New Years eve, not that comes with reception of expensively gift at date of enamoured, and pleasure of that a life is fine that it does not come to an end that it proceeds eternally. Easter a life holiday! A holiday when the soul Russian as though is dissolved and softened in warm beams of Christs love, reviving for good deeds and light thoughts.


Holiday of spring and work


On first of May it was celebrated in the Russian empire for the first time in 1890 in Warsaw, and in 1891 already in capital - in St.-Petersburg.

Its first name - Day of the international solidarity of workers. In Soviet Union a holiday often named simply on number on first of May.

In the Russian Federation it is marked, as a holiday of Spring and Work.

As though it named Day of solidarity of workers or a holiday of spring and work, for many on first of May traditionally symbolizes revival and arrival of spring.

The big emotional charge which it bears in itself (himself) is connected not only with sensation of spring awakening of the nature, but also with perception on first of May as the general celebration rallying all Russians. "A mass holiday" on first of May became in the USSR. And it really was the holiday for the workers who have received in addition two days off. May гуляния passed on all country. This day people amicably went on demonstration with headers and colours. The celebratory table was obligatory attribute of the 1st of May.


On May, 9th - a Victory Day!


On May, 9th, 1945 Russian people have gained a great victory over the aggressor. The tests, fallen to a lot of our people were rather fiery.

Here half a century a Victory Day already there is more serves as a strong, indissoluble thread between us, present generation, and generation of front-line soldiers, military workers, winners. The Victory Day is a proof of that Russians - special, surprisingly strong nation. And however many has passed years and how many the words full thanks and love, has not sounded, the young generation always will be in eternal to a debt to veterans.

In 2005 60 years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War were executed. The basic celebratory actions devoted to this date, have taken place 8 - on May, 10th in Moscow. The capital of Russia has accepted tens foreign delegations from all continents led by heads of the states and the governments. In the Russian regions 9-og May marked the Victory 60 anniversary in the Great Patriotic War. On celebrations on the occasion of an anniversary informs ITAR-TASS.

Ten thousand inhabitants of Kursk have come today to a memorial fallen in days of the Great Patriotic War to pay a tribute of memory to heroes and to assign flowers to their tombs. So populous celebrations in a Victory Day many years here were not observed. On Red Square of Kursk military parade and solemn meeting has taken place.

On a main square of Samara - the areas of Kuibyshev - today for the first time for last 4 years there has passed military parade. It was opened by 120 veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Dressed in the field form and groundsheets they have solemnly passed on the area on реставрированных trucks of wartime ГАЗ-67. After them a smart march have passed one and a half thousand military men of the Second Guards army deployed in territory of the Samara region.

Aerobatic manoeuvres in the sky over a city were shown by pilots of country council РОСТО. All interested persons by tradition treated with soldiers porridge.

Ten thousand калининградцев have come today to a sacred place for all - to a memorial to 1200 heroes-guardsmen - to pay a memory tribute to the Soviet soldiers who were lost in days of the Great Patriotic War.

It is the first memorial, erected in Soviet Union in honour of the fallen heroes upon termination of war. It has immortalised a feat of the Red Army men who were lost at storm of a fortified city of Kenigsberg is equal a month before the Great Victory. On the eve of a holiday reconstruction of a memorial to which in September 60 years will be executed has been finished.

Veterans of war have headed a smart system of armies of the Kaliningrad garrison. They bore banners of 1st Baltic, 2nd and 3rd Belarus fronts, and also the Baltic fleet, Soviet armies participating in East Prussian offensive operation and storm of Kenigsberga.

Celebratory celebrations have passed in Tver - the first regional centre, released from fascist aggressors.

Thousand townspeople, despite a rain, have passed in colourful columns the central city streets. When meeting has begun and greetings to veterans have begun to sound, the rain has stopped, the sun has looked out.

"Words of a congratulation to front-line soldiers, workers of back in an especial way sound on our Tver earth. In frosty December of 41st Kalininsky offensive operation has begun. It was a component of the plan of defeat of fascist armies near Moscow", - the mayor of Tver Oleg Lebedev has told on meeting. It has reminded that Kalinin (Tver) became the first regional centre released from fascist aggressors.

The enemy has had here the big losses - more than 10 thousand killed and wounded men.

With solemn поминальных ceremonies on military burial places celebrating of the 60 anniversary of the Great Victory in Arkhangelsk has begun today. Thousand people почтили memory fallen also have assigned flowers to their tombs. In territory of the front Arkhangelsk region 31 military hospitals on 16 thousand cots has been developed. Hundreds fighters have died here of wounds and illnesses.

After all ceremonies and возложений colours, people disperse. In the evening at ten oclock start to give salute in honour of a Victory Day. People leave on streets and admire on beautiful fireworks.


Day of mother (Mums day) in Russia


In Russia to mark Day of mother became rather recently. Though it is impossible to argue that this holiday - an eternity holiday: from generation to generation for each person mum the most important person in a life. Becoming mother, the woman opens in itself better qualities: kindness, love and care. The new holiday Day of Mother - gradually gets accustomed in Russia. Based by the President of the Russian Federation on January, 30th, 1998, it is celebrated last Sunday November, doing justice to parent work and their disinterested victim for the sake of the blessing of children. And it is correct: how many good, kind words it has been told to mums, how many occasions for this purpose have thought up, superfluous they will not be. Among the numerous holidays marked in our country, Day of Mother takes a special place. It is a holiday to which nobody can remain indifferent. This day it would be desirable to tell gratitude words to all Mothers who give to children love, good, tenderness and caress. Thanks you!. And let to each of you tell warm words your favourite children more! Let on their persons the smile and joyful sparkles is shone sparkle in eyes, when you together! The Russian mothers were distinguished always by generosity of soul, fidelity, self-sacrifice, love and great patience. And today they carefully store the family centre, learn children to good, mutual understanding, morals. Day of mother answers the best traditions of the relation of Russians to motherhood, unites all layers of the Russian society on ideas of good and honouring of the woman-mother.

Day of mother a holiday youngish. It yet has no established traditions, in the family circle very few people marks it. But, we hope that in due c