History of runic alphabets

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gical researches showed that there were some traces of RA on the territory of ancient Russia. It differs from Scandinavian ones and looks like as Latin and Greek letters:


but in common it coincides with o.f. So we can say that when Slavonic tribes divided into non-relative kins, RA went through changes of different kind. In the end of the 1-st millennium BC veneds were vanished by Germanic barbarian hordes and proto runic system spread rapidly on the territory from the Black sea to Gaul. As it is follow from archeological discoveries RA can be found on the Slavonic jewels dated from 10-th c. AD, but it is difficult to say if they were originally Russian or Scandinavian ones perhaps, runes on the jewelries were regarded as the part of design and in was copied blindly.


Different Slavonic variants of Scandinavian runes