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dges, hot springs and Sufi dancing.

Just the act of going barefoot is revolutionary for most people. Shoes confine more than just our feet. Walking barefoot puts you in direct touch with the world around you. You're more sensitive and aware. Your more vulnerable, but more open.

Hippies, ever concerned about ecology, were the first to promote biodegradable products, and the use of natural ingredients in everything from fabrics to shampoo. They made sure that every product ingested by Americans has a label indicating all its ingredients. They boycotted those companies: whose products polluted the environment; used animals for testing; were prowar or very reactionary; or manufactured dangerous chemicals or weapons.

It must be said that in general most hippies were anti-fashion. That is they rejected the corporate nature of the fashion industry as well as the power of individuals to dictate the way others should dress or conform to a set standard. The fashion industry was seen as part of the Capitalist propaganda machine that kept us slaving to consume the latest fashions. This is more true today than ever.

If it's not clothes, it's cars, toys, even our lifestyles that are marketed to us by demographics. And with Internet shopping they can track our every move. Many hail this as a great innovation, and the ultimate direct marketing tool. But isn't it just a more efficient way to keep us imprisoned in a consumer nightmare? Like a glutton, they are fed more and more tasty morsels until we are so fat with consumption that our lives serve no other purpose.

The hippies' rejection of prevailing fashion led them to explore other cultures and in doing so they learned and adopted many concepts and practices alien to Western society. Much of what they pioneered is now an important part of popular culture and thinking. Hippies influenced not only clothes but a wide range of ideas and attitudes thus changing society in the process.


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