Globalization and Hospitality Industry

  Carson, C.S. (2006). “Globalization: A Progress Report." Fourth Meeting Of The Advisory Expert Group On National Accounts 30 January -

Globalization and Hospitality Industry


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have aspirations to develop brand names across national boundaries to understand what globalization means. A truly global enterprise will have the ability to react quickly to market opportunities, no matter where they present themselves by applying business concepts that have been proven in a context of a global undertaking.

For the larger well-established international hotel companies that have circled the world in the quest for new opportunity, globalization has been a strategic concept for a number of years. International hotel companies have had to confront virtually all of the issues facing global enterprises - and in many cases more. Unlike a manufacturer with an overseas plant, for example, a hotel company must export its entire operating business to function in diverse cultural and geographic settings. Hotel companies must have the capability of establishing an entire business concept in dramatically different local environments.

In a world moving more and more towards globalization, hotel organizations will need to communicate more quickly, operate more productively, offer their employees greater opportunity and deliver their customers enhanced benefits Those companies that address these issues today will be better prepared for the global market space of tomorrow.



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