Games activity at the foreign language lesson as one of the basic ways of learning English at primary school

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last letters of the word, and dashes denote missing letters. Who will restore the first floor - the one and the winner.


e. g. E - - T (Elephant) P - - E (Police)

The game can be used to remove the monotony when developing language material and to enhance the voice of the students. I give priority to the work of students in pairs and groups, strongly support the desire of children to communicate in English. In order to maintain a constant interest in the subject, I use an unusual form of lessons, methods and techniques that cause children to strengthen their knowledge in different situations, and educational games in this very helpful.theme - Medicine., was in a medicine (medicine), and no it was not necessary, because no one was ill (be ill), and all were healthy (healthy), but once the girls sore throat (sore throat) and she went to the doctor (a doctor), and he ordered her medicine and she recovered (recover), etc., students like the form of tasks:tell kids the word in Russian, they have it translated into English and emphasize that the letter to which I point, and then the underlined letter of the new word is obtained, which is usually well remembered.



This type of exercise allows you to check the assimilation traversed vocabulary and learn a new word, it is best to use this kind of work during the transition from one topic to another. After a test of knowledge is much more interesting and more effective than an ordinary dictation or control the work.really like this method as Total Physical response. This method aims to teach a foreign language through movement. It was developed by the American scientist James Asher. In my work I use a Jazz-chants (rhythmic poetry of words with the show). Children move and portray it. what they say, a comparison of movements and words, gives a deeper understanding and memorizing vocabulary and, in addition, students are taught to them with pleasure.

For example:

My cat has three eyes Three eyes has my cat And had it not three eyes It wouldnt be my cat

I have developed a variety of festivals, where students get together and play different classes. One of the developments I represent.

Seasonsafternoon, dear boys, girls and our guests! We are very glad to see you today. Welcome to the country of seasons!made the first calendar? We dont know. People in all countries know the seasons of the year. How many seasons are there in the year? We say that there are 4 seasons but people in some countries say that they have 5 or 7 seasons. The seasons are not the same in all countries. The seasons in our calendar are spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has 3 months. What are winter (spring, autumn, summer) months in Russia?we have the season-competition. There are 4 teams: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

. Introduce yourselves, please. What is the best season?

Приветствие команд. (5 points)s sing a song Jingle Bells

. Your task is to make up the sentences. Each right sentence is 2 points.



3. Your task is to find rhymes to the words on the topic Seasons. Each rhyme is 1 point.


Bruit - fruit rice - ice Reason - season ball - fall Hinter - winter our - flower Bring - spring remember - November Drummer - summer such - March Leather - weather day - May Bold - cold soon - June No - snow train - rain

4. Lets draw a snowman. One member from each team. Who will be the best and the quickest? (3 points)

. Your next task is to find mistakes in the sentences and correct them. Each mistake is 1 point.are 11 months in the year.celebrate the New Year in the second spring month.are 31 days in September.comes after August.are 5 the warmest season.summer it snows.

. Who is the cleverest? Guess our riddles. Each right answer is 1 point.


This is the season This is the season When children ski when days are cool And Father Frost when we eat apples Brings New Year tree and go to school (winter) (autumn) The little old woman This is the season Has 12 children when snowdrops bloom Some short, some long, when nobody likes to sit in his room,Some cold, some hot. This is the seasonWho is she? When birds make their nests, (Year) this is the season we all like best. (spring)

7. Lets cut the snowflakes. Who is the quickest? The best snowflake will get a prize.

. Lets make a puzzle.



1.Its the coldest season of the year.

2.Its the season when children go to school.

.It the season which is colder than summer but warmer than winter.

.What fruit do children like to eat in autumn?

.It shines brightly in summer.

.Its the season when pupils have long holidays.

.What is spring, summer in another words?

.It may be cold, warm, cool.

.Much water, usually in autumn and in spring.

.Its blue in spring, where the sun shines.

.Its white and cold. Its much in winter.

9. Your task is to guess the words. (1 point)


a) p, i, r, s, g, n (spring) b) i, n, a, r (rain) c) e, s, o, n, a, s (season) d) t, a, m, n, u, г (autumn) e) o, t, m, n, h (month)

While our jury is summing up, lets sing a song We wish you a merry Christmas.

The jury announced the winners and award them.

Our party is over. Thank you very much for your participation and attention. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Using the game as a form of learning, the teacher must be sure whether its use should determine the goal of the game in accordance with the objectives of the educational process. Educational games should be a system that presupposes a certain sequence, and their gradual complication. The participants should be provided with teaching materials, game assignments, instructions, training materials, etc. Using his work teaching the game, every teacher should be aware of these requirements. The teacher should constantly improve the learning process, allowing children to assimilate effectively and program material. It is therefore important to use the elements and game play in the classroom. Indeed, the use of games up for information overload and organize the mental and physical find the right approach, the training of a difficult and tedious necessity can become a fascinating journey into the world of unfamiliar language. One of these approaches is the game, the strongest factor in psychological adaptation of children in the new language space, which can solve the problem of the natural introduction of the child to the fascinating world of language. After all, just look in the happy eyes of their students that go to the tutorial to understand that you are on the right track and should go further, so as not to lost the joy in his eyes, and disappeared interested students to the subject.



Success depends on the use of games, primarily from the atmosphere necessary verbal communication, the teacher creates a classroom. Of course, foreign language lesson - it is not just a game. The credibility and ease of communication between a teacher and his disciples encountered by the general atmosphere of the game and the actual games, the guys have serious conversations, discussion of any real-world situations. Based on the foregoing, the following conclusions:

. The game promotes the development of cognitive activity of students with learning a foreign language. It carries considerable moral principle, for mastering a foreign language makes a joyful, creative and collective.

. The use of games in the classroom allows you to create and develop students skills and ability to find the necessary information to convert it to develop its plans and decisions based on both the stereotypical, and in non-stereotypical situations.

. The game delivers an emotional impact on students, activates the spare capacity of the individual. It facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, abilities and skills, contributes to their actualization.

. The psychological impact of games shown in the intellectual growth of students. Pedagogically and psychologically judicious use of the lesson provides the requirements for the development of intellectual activity. And that leads to intellectual activity, mental and cognitive independence and initiative of students.

. The social and psychological impact of the game reveals itself to overcome the fear of speaking in a foreign language and culture in shaping the dialogue, in particular cultural dialogue. The game generates interest in the language is spoken, to read the foreign press. It creates the ability to make decisions, evaluate their actions.

It is necessary to use widely of gaming in the study of forms of learning a foreign language. Since the "conduct of classes and extracurricular activities in the original, non-traditional form is not only directed at the development of the main types of speech activity, but also on the formation of associative thinking, memory and communication skills in the team, student creativity



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