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цов газет, шнурков для ботинок, игрушек, бесконечные повозки, и автомобили, вывески и провода - всю гигантскую путаницу огромного города, невидимым инстинктом слаженную почти до предельной точности.pictures in this gallery, if he didnt mistake, were worth from seventy to a hundred thousand pounds; and, with the profits on his sales from time to time, they stood him in at no more than five-and-twenty thousand-not a bad result from a lifes hobby, to say nothing of the pleasure!(p.257)

По его вычислениям, собрание в этой галерее стоит от семидесяти до ста тысяч фунтов; и если считать, что он иногда продавал очень выгодно, то вся коллекция обошлась ему тысяч в двадцать пять, не больше. Неплохой результат увлечения коллекционерством, уже не говоря об удовольствии.seemed that he could not rely, after all, on this fellow with his twenty-five knots.(p.256)

Оказывается все же, что нельзя полагаться на этого француза с его двадцатью пятью узелками.he still felt only on the threshold of Fleurs heart, and was preparing to play second fiddle to the eleventh baronet, he was infinitely easier in mind since Wilfrid had been gone.(p.219)

Хотя он все еще чувствовал, что не проник дальше порога в сердце Флер, и готовился играть вторую скрипку при "одиннадцатом баронете", все же после отъезда Уилфрида ему стало много легче.he watched, with a sort of amused adoration, the way in which she focussed her collecting powers on an object that had no epoch, a process that did not date.(p.219)

Его забавляло и трогало, что Флер сосредоточила все свои коллекционерские инстинкты на чем-то, не принадлежащем ни к какой эпохе, одинаково свойственном всем векам.young man fulfilled with increasing success the function for which he had been engaged, on trial, four months ago.(p.209)

Молодой человек с неизменно возрастающим успехом выполнял должность, на которую был взят на пробу четыре месяца назад.the giant merry-go-round under its vast umbrella the thirty chain-hung seats were filled with girls and men.(p.206)

Тридцать подвесных кресел гигантской карусели под огромным зонтиком были заняты девушками и молодыми людьми.



To /tu:/-1) к, в, на


) у

) для, под

) с

) по отношению к, в соответствии сcan be used in the following ways:the basic form of a verb to form the infinitive: I want to go home. ♦ Its nice to see you again.a preposition (followed by a noun): We drove to adverb (without a following noun): I pulled the door part of an infinitive. for forming an infinitive that is the subject, object or complement of a verb, or is the complement of an adjective, noun or pronoun: Easy to sit still in front of that thing! for showing the purpose of an action: he was accustomed to regard himself as worn out by his long travel instead of an infinitive in order to avoid repeating the verb: Elderson wont mention it; nor young Butterfield, if you tell him not to.somewhere for saying the place where someone or something goes: This three-day run to Washington was the last straw, and he was supporting it very well.for showing that someone goes somewhere for a particular event or activity: even if you went out to dinner, it was always the same: lobster-cocktails, shad, turkey, asparagus, salad, and ice tell, give or show somebody something. Used for saying who is told, given, or shown something: Why shouldnt he speak to her himself?or pointing towards something or somebody. Used for saying in which direction someone or somebody is facing or pointing: The young man was standing bare-headed, as if in reverence to the face/back to back (facing each otherfacing away from each other): They stood face to face, glaring at each other.for saying were somebody or something is. Used for saying where someone or something is in relation to the position of another person or thing: That great greenish bronze figure of seated woman within the hooding folds of her ample cloak seemed to carry him down to the bottom of his own soul.somebody is affected by something. for saying who or what is treated in a particular way: The individual-said the candidate-was in every respect superior to the nation of which he formed a part. for saying who or what is affected by a situation: It was mysterious to him. a particular relationship with someone or something.for explaining a relationship with people or things: Well, Im glad of that, it must be a relief to your mind. Related/married to: him if hes related to old Butterfield the gardener?for saying which person or organization someone does a particular job for: She is personal assistant to the Managing Director.something is connected or fastened. Used for saying where something is fastened or where a connection is: The carpet had been nailed to the floor.something changes or developsfor saying what condition or state someone or something is in after a change: He saw that the lights had changed to green.for saying what stage of development is reached: When will all this suffering come to an end?far as a limit. As far as a particular point or limit: The cancer had spread to his lungs.a particular time or date: To the end of her life, she was a tireless campaigner for The shop stays open from 7 am to 9 pm.for saying how much time passes before a particular date, time, or event: Sales increased during the 13 weeks to September 30th.the hour. Used when telling the time, for saying how many minutes it is before the hour: Its twenty-five to twelve.for saying someones opinion. Used for saying whose opinion, attitude, or knowledge is being referred to: To most of us, work is an unpleasant necessity.seems/looks to someonemy mind/to my way of thinkingsomeones knowledge

causing a particular reaction. Used for saying what your reaction is when something happenssomeones surprise/delight/horror etc: To her surprise, she saw that he was crying.for showing how numbers are relatedfor showing the relationship between two numbers or amounts: The new model will do 60 miles to the gallon in town.for showing that a number of smaller units is equal to a larger unit: There are 10,000 square centimetres to a square metre.for giving the score in a game. Used for saying what the score is in a game: Our team won by five goals to three.or almost closed. If you push or pull a door to, you close it or almost close it: The door swung to behind her as she went out.for showing a possible rangewhen showing the whole range of numbers between and including the two that you mention: a toy suitable for children aged three to five...tot: he numbers from one to tenwhen showing how large a range of people or things Ive written articles about everything from sexual morality to gardening.when you say that a number is within a particular range because you are not sure of the exact number: Only about 20 to 25 per cent of the population voted for this government.for something. Used for showing that something is an important or necessary part of something else: the answer to an important questionthere is a sound. Used for saying the particular sound that can be heard at the same time that something happens: I awoke to the sound of birds singing.something. Used for saying what something else is touching or pressing against: Clasping the child to her breast, she began to weep.


(all) to yourself. If you have someone or something to yourself, you do not have to share them with anyone else: My parents were away, so I had the house to one/a hundred to one etc. Used for saying how likely it is that something will happen: Its ten to one that the murderer will never be caught.


Examples from The White Monkey (by John Galsworthy):to


Returning to the copper floor, Michael said: All right, sir! and stood back. (p.299)

Сойдя на медный пол, Майкл сказал: Вот и хорошо, сэр, - и отступил посмотреть.his father-in-law bowed to the Chairman and withdrew, Michael had restrained a strong desire to shout: Bravo!(p.290)

Когда его тесть поклонился председателю и вышел, Майкл еле удержался, чтоб не крикнуть "Браво! ".as to young Michael-the fellow had been there that afternoon and witnessed the whole thing; he'd no wish to go over it again. (p.289)

Что же касается молодого Майкла - он сам все видел и слышал; нечего еще раз пережевывать.

) Ten to one Fleur would not be down.(p.289)

Флер, наверно, не выйдет из своей комнаты.

) The men to whom a pound was a pound, and not a mess of chance and paper.(p.286)

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