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ular type of food or drink in order to stay alive: Using a cave as shelter, the two men survived on wild berries and raw fish.

b) using a particular type of fuel or electrical power in order to operate:on something: Why cant they make a car that runs on water?

c) used for saying how much money you have to buy the things that you need in order to live: He was just managing to survive on a small student grant.for showing who or what is affected used for saying who or what is affected by something: The rough weather had little effect on the ship.for giving phone numbers (british) used for giving the phone number which you can use to talk to someone.(The American word) is at: Call us on 0800 0900017.with something compared with someone or something: Subscriptions are down by 66,000 on last year and that is a serious situation.for by someone(spoken) used for saying who will pay for something: Drink up! The next rounds on me.used for saying that an actor or performer can be seen appearing on the stage or screen: Wait! Shell be on in a couple of seconds.:

)Be/go on about(informal) keep talking about someone or something, especially when other people think it is boring: Shes always on about her children.

)Be/go on at someone (british) (informal)

to keep asking someone to do something, or keep complaining about their behaviour, in a way that annoys them: Dads always on at me to get a better job.

)be on for something (spoken) want to do something: Are you still on for a trip to the coast on Thursday?

)from now/then/that moment etc on at a particular time and continuing to happen: The new rules will apply to all members from now on.From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be a doctor.

)have something onhave an arrangement to do something: Have you got anything on this weekend?a lot on( be very busy): Ive got a lot on this week, so I wont be able to see you.

)to be carrying something, for example in a pocket or bag: Can you pay, I dont seem to have any money on me.

) (just) not on (british: Informal) used for saying that something cannot be allowed or that it is impossible: His son has been given preferential treatment.

)on and on for a long time: The opera seemed to go on and on for hours.

)on someones face for saying that someones face has a particular expression: There was a look of horror on her face.

)on someones left/right or to the left/right side of someone or something: Johnny was sitting on my left.

)what is someone on? (spoken) when you cannot understand why someone has done or said something: He expects us to finish this in two days? What is he on?

)what is someone on about? (british spoken)when you do not understand what someone is talking about: Whats he on about now?re on (spoken) youre for saying yes when someone has invited you to compete or do something difficult or dangerous: I bet I can sell more tickets than you. OK, youre on.


Examples from The White Monkey (by John Galsworthy): on

the ground floor once more, he had the most intense desire to sing.(p.298)

Когда он опять спустился в нижний этаж, им овладело сильнейшее желание запеть.brain, his heart, ranging for relief, lighted on the strangest relief which could possibly have come to him.(p.292)

Его мозг, его сердце в поисках облегчения вдруг напали на странную мысль.reaching the Poultry, he decided to go to Green Street and see Winifred-queerly and suddenly homesick for the proximity of Park Lane, for the old secure days, the efflorescent privacy of his youth under the wings of James and Emily.(p.288)

Выйдя снова в Полтри, он решил идти на Грин-стрит и повидать Уинфрид - странно и неожиданно он почувствовал тоску по Парк-Лейн, по прежним спокойным дням, по своему замкнутому и благополучному детству под крылышком Джемса и Эмили.a tale of trust deeds executed, leases renewed, houses sold, investments decided on-in that back room up there; what a mint of quiet satisfaction in estates well managed!(p.287)

Сколько было подписано доверенностей, возобновлено договоров, продано домов, распределено вкладов там, в его кабинете; какое удовлетворение он испытывал от правильного управления имуществом!so with the speech which followed. It came from a shareholder on the right, with reddish hair, light eyelashes, a clipped moustache, and a scraped colour.(p.280)

Последовавшая затем речь была совсем иного рода. Произнес ее пайщик справа, рыжеволосый, со светлыми ресницами, подстриженными усами и нечистым цветом лица.

It is all very well, the polished shareholder went on, when any thing of this sort happens, to blame a directorate, but, speaking as a director myself, I should be glad to know whom one is to trust, if not ones manager.(p.279)

Очень легко, - продолжал вылощенный джентльмен, - когда случается такая история, бранить правление, но я сам состою директором и хотел бы знать, кому можно доверять, как не своему директору-распорядителю? should be interested to know how you would have handled such a situation if you had been on the Board. It is extremely easy to condemn other people!(p.279)

Мне любопытно было бы узнать, как бы вы сами стали действовать на месте нашего правления.gentleman on your extreme left-Mr. Forsyte, I think-spoke of an accidental incident.(p.276)

Джентльмен крайний слева, - кажется, мистер Форсайт, - говорил о "случайном инциденте".

Six weeks ago, however, he heard Soames intone, an accidental incident seems to have warned your late manager that Sir Lawrence and I still entertained suspicions, for I received a letter from him practically admitting that he had taken this secret commission on the German business, and asking me to inform the Board that he had gone abroad and left no property behind him.(p.275)

Однако шесть недель назад, - продолжал Сомс, повысив голос, - из случайного инцидента ваш бывший директор-распорядитель, очевидно, понял, что сэр Лоренс и я еще не отказались от наших подозрений, ибо я получил от него письмо, в котором он фактически признает, что брал втайне комиссионные за эти германские страховки, и просит меня уведомить правление, что он уехал за границу, не оставив никакого имущества.saw none, and it was suddenly borne in on him why they wore moustaches: They could not trust their mouths!(p.274)

Но он ничего не увидел и вдруг понял, зачем они носят усы: они не доверяют своим ртам. in front of him was clearly the new manager, on whose left Michael observed his own father.(p.273)

Дальше сидел, очевидно, новый директор-распорядитель, возле которого Майкл увидел своего отца.lay down on the sofa at the foot of the bed, whence, without sound, he could raise himself and see her.(p.269)

Он прилег на диван, недалеко от кровати, откуда он мог бесшумно привстать и смотреть на нее.the night of the Monday following, after Fleur had gone to bed, Michael and Soames sat listening to the mutter of London coming through the windows of the Chinese room opened to the brooding heat.(p.266)

Вечером в следующий понедельник, когда Флер легла спать, Майкл и Сомс сидели в китайской комнате; в открытые окна вливался лондонский шум и томительная жара.that first day of the Eton and Harrow match all the forfeited heat of a chilly summer had gathered and shimmered over Michael, on the top of his Bank bus; shimmered over straw hats, and pale, perspiring faces, over endless other buses, business men, policemen, shopmen at their doors, sellers of newspapers, laces, jumping toys, endless carts and cabs, letterings and wires, all the confusion of the greatest conglomeration in the world-adjusted almost to a hairs-breadth, by an unseen instinct.(p.259)

В этот первый день состязаний Итона с Хэрроу все скрытое тепло прохладного лета вдруг вспыхнуло и сейчас заливало Майкла, ехавшего на империале автобуса; жара заливала соломенные шляпы и бледные, потные лица, бесконечные вереницы автобусов, дельцов, полисменов, лавочников у дверей, прода