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e referring to: I had a feeling of duty towards him.

b) used for giving a specific age, amount, value etc: She met Charles at the age of 20.

) saying who or what does something

a) used after nouns that refer to actions for saying who or what does the action:is clearly the work of more than one person.

b) used after nouns that refer to actions for saying who or what is affected by the action: the baptism of children

) saying who something belongs to used for saying who something belongs to: ended up living in the house of Jeannes oldest brother.

) showing or describing someone/something concerning or showing someone or something: She had a photograph of him beside her bed.

) saying what something is part of used for saying what something is part of: He moved to the far side of the bed.

) containing or consisting of something

a) used for saying what something contains: He handed her a glass of water.

b) used for saying what type of thing is in a particular quantity or group: a kilo of riceof insects

c) used for talking about individual pieces of a substance: a grain of sugar/sand

d) used for saying what group a particular person or thing is from: Shes one of my best friends.

) in names or titles used after names and titles for talking about the relationship between a person and a place or organization: He listed the kings and queens of England.

) describing materials or fabrics used for saying what substance is used for making something: was wearing a shirt of soft pink cotton.

) in datesused for giving dates and periods of time: the 27th of November

) in descriptions of feelings used after some adjectives for saying a person or thing that a feeling is directed towards: You should be ashamed of yourself!

) linking one noun describing another used for saying what type of person or thing has been described by another noun: He was an angel of a child.

) saying who has a quality used for saying which person behaves in a particular way in a situationwas nice/sweet/stupid etc of someone: It was nice of you to help me.

) giving the cause of something used for saying what causes something: the beneficial effects of red wine

) saying what quality someone has used for mentioning a quality that someone or something has: He was a man of great charm.

6)created by someone used for saying who wrote a book or play, produced a work of art etc: the wonderful paintings of Picasso

) linking a time and an event used for describing when something happens in relation to something else: She didnt invite him till the evening of the party.

) giving the time (American)used in saying the time to mean a particular number of minutes before the hour: Its twenty of two 1.40.Its a quarter of nine 8.45.

)describing relationships used for saying who has a particular relationship with someone else: Lori is the daughter of my fathers sister.

) saying what happened during a period of time used for saying what type of activity or situation lasts for a particular period of time: We had weeks of problems with the new computer system.

) indicating the best, biggest etc used for saying the period of time for which someone or something is the biggest, best, most important etc: Reynolds was named businessman of the year in 1998.for describing the importance of a quality that something has: It was really more of a comment than a question.

(british) used for saying that you often do something at weekends/on Sundays etc: I generally do the gardening of a Sunday.

Examples from The White Monkey (by John Galsworthy):of


He went out to a closet under the stairs, and, from beneath four pairs of curtains done up in mouth-preserver and brown paper, took out the picture.(p.298)

Он пошел в чулан под лестницей и из-под четырех пар пересыпанных нафталином и завернутых в бумагу занавесок достал картину.you've published the things I left behind, send any royalties to me care of my governor.(p.293)

- Если ты издал то, что я оставил, передай, что мне причитается, моему отцу.book-he said-was bound to get the goat of the old guard and the duds generally; it would want a bit of the drum-beating from the cognoscenti. (p.291)

Эта книга, говорил он, обязательно должна вызвать злобу старой гвардии и вообще всяких снобов; поэтому надо, чтобы сочувствующие ее поддержали. had pitched on Old Forsyte, who, of all, was least to blame; for if Bart had only held his tongue, they would certainly have lumped him into the vote of confidence.(p.291)

Они прицепились к "Старому Форсайту", который меньше всех виноват. Ведь если бы Барт держал язык за зубами, они, конечно, и его бы включили в вотум доверия. Все очень естественно и нелогично.just repeated each other, like a lot of shareholders, or got their precious sentiments out of The Daily Liar. (p.289)

Они просто повторяют друг друга, как эта свора пайщиков, или вычитывают свои драгоценные убеждения в "Ежедневном лгуне".under its influence or that of the Chinese tea-which, made in the English way, of a brand the Chinese grew for foreign stomachs, always upset him - he was soon telling her the whole story.(p.288)

Под влиянием ли этого, или от китайского чая, заваренного по-английски из смеси, специально изготовляемой в Китае для иностранцев, и плохо действовавшего на него, последний неожиданно для себя рассказал ей всю историю.the mouth of the backwater he paused for a second, as if to print its buffness on his brain.(p.286)

На углу переулка он еще раз остановился, как будто хотел запечатлеть его в памяти.a tale of trust deeds executed, leases renewed, houses sold, investments decided on-in that back room up there; what a mint of quiet satisfaction in estates well managed!(p.287)

Сколько было подписано доверенностей, возобновлено договоров, продано домов, распределено вкладов там, в его кабинете; какое удовлетворение он испытывал от правильного управления имуществом!the Bank of England, he had a feeling of walking away from his own life.(p.286)

Проходя мимо Английского банка, он почувствовал, будто уходит от своей собственной жизни.acumen, his judgment, his manner of dealing with affairs-aspersed!(p.286)

Его проницательность, его осведомленность, его деловой опыт - все опозорено!amount of eating your cake and wanting to have it could take the place of common honesty.(p.286)

Нельзя обыкновенную честность подменить сидением меж двух стульев.from the horror of seeing himself in print, he was beginning to feel that he had been extravagant.(p.286)

Он не только боялся, что о нем заговорят газеты, он еще вдруг почувствовал, что вел себя экстравагантно: никогда не следует выходить из себя!

I have no objection whatever to having the Board in, he said in a rather jeering voice, and passing a vote of no confidence in their presence.(p.280)

Я бы ничего не имел против того, чтобы пригласить директоров, - начал он с некоторой насмешкой в голосе, - и провести вотум недоверия в их присутствии.

) There is a question, which no one has touched on, of how far, if we turn them out, we could make them liable for this loss.(p.280)

Но возникает другой вопрос, которого еще никто не коснулся: можем ли мы, дав им отставку, взыскать с них убытки?

) The impression made by this speech was of quite a different order from any of the others. (p.281)

Эта речь произвела совсем иной эффект по сравнению с остальными.

) When a Government makes a bad mistake of judgment, the electorate turns against it as soon as it feels the effects.(p.279)

Когда правительство делает ошибку, избиратели восстают против него, как только почувствуют на себе последствия этой ошибки.

) Mr. Tolby, being our informal Chairman, was out of order in proposing a vote of no confidence; if that be so, I should be happy to do so, myself.(p.279)

Мистер Толби, будучи нашим неофициальным председателем, может быть, нарушил порядок, самолично предложив вотум недоверия; в таком случае я с радостью вношу это предложение от своего лица.

) All hands were held up, with the exception of Michaels, of two women whose eager colloquy had not permitted them to hear the request, and of one shareholder, just in front of Michael, so motionless that he seemed to be dead.(p.277)

Все подняли руки, за исключением Майкла, двух женщин, которым оживленный разговор помешал услышать предложение, и одного пайщика, который сидел впереди Майкла неподвижно, как мертвый.

) I take it from you, then, sir, he said, that these two directors represent the general attitude of the Board, and that the Board were content to allow a suspected person to remain manager.(p.276)

Если я вас правильно понял, сэр, - начал он, - эти два директора представляют общую позицию правления, и правление ничего не имело возразить против того, что находившийся на подозрении человек оставался директором-распорядителем.

) There appears to have been gross over-confidence; a recent instance of the sort must be in all our minds.(p.277)

Очевидно, мы слишком слепо доверяли нашему правлению; пример такого рода излишнего доверия, вероятно, всем вам памятен.



On /ɒn/-1) на, у, около


) во время, в течение

) о, об, относительно, по поводу

) в, после

) при, под, с,изcan be used in the following ways:a preposition: She was lying on the floor. happened on a hot summer's adverb: Put your clothes on now.the bus stopped he got on.the verb to be: Is the central heating on?a surface or an object: 1a) touching and supported by the top surface of smth: was asleep on the floor in a heap of