Functional words in the English language. Prepositions. Linking words

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Я всю жизнь работаю в Сити и не привык к подозрениям и неблагодарности.the question for us shareholders would seem to be whether a Board who placed confidence in such a person, and continued it after their suspicions were aroused, are the right people to direct this important concern.(p.277)

И перед нами встает вопрос: может ли правление, которое доверяло подобному лицу и продолжало ему доверять после того, как против него возникли подозрения, - может ли такое правление стоять во главе солидного предприятия?heard Soames say: In these circumstances we came to the conclusion that there was nothing for it but to wait and see.(p.275)

Майкл услышал слова Сомса: Ввиду таких обстоятельств, мы пришли к заключению, что остается только ждать у моря погоды.centre of the platform was a door, and in front, below it, a table, where four men were sitting, fiddling with notebooks.(p.272)

Сзади эстрады была дверь, а перед эстрадой, пониже, - столик, за которым четыре человека поигрывали блокнотами.faces were cast in an infinity of moulds, but all had the air of waiting for something they knew they would not get.(p.272)

Лица у них были самые разнообразные, но у всех было выражение, как будто они ждут чего-то, чего им, наверно, не получить.was musing on the colour scheme of green picked out with chocolate and chased with gold, when the door behind the platform was thrown open, and seven men in black coats filed in, and with little bows took their seats behind the quills.(p.273)

Он рассматривал зеленоватые стены с коричневым бордюром и золотыми орнаментами, когда дверь за эстрадой распахнулась и семь человек в черных сюртуках вошли и с легким поклоном уселись за стол, против гусиных перьев.had an odd conceit: a little thing in a white top-hat sat inside the brain, driving the features eight-inhand.(p.273)

Майклу пришла в голову нелепая фантазия: внутри черепа сидит маленький человечек в белом цилиндре и правит этими чертами, как четверкой.bearded man, a little behind on the Chairmans left, was already reading from a book, in a rapid monotonous voice.(p.273)

Бородатый человек, рядом с председателем, начал что-то читать по книге, быстро и монотонно. had a platform with a long table, behind which were seven empty chairs, and seven inkpots, with seven quill pens upright in them.(p.272)

В глубине была эстрада с длинным столом, за которым стояло семь пустых стульев; на столе - семь чернильниц с семью гусиными перьями, торчавшими стоймя.had thought better of the Press, and took up a position in the passage, whence he could watch for a chance.(p.271)

Майкл передумал насчет прессы и просто решил занять наблюдательный пост в коридоре и ждать случая.


Preposition of

function word preposition

Of /әv/-1) у

) из

) от

) из-за

) в

) в результате, по причине

) о, об, относительноwith or part of someone/something used for saying who or what has a particular feature, aspect, or quality: We were impressed by the size of the building.

saying which specific thing

a) used for saying which specific thing belonging to a more general type you are referring to: I had a feeling of duty towards him.

b) used for giving a specific age, amount, value etc: She met Charles at the age of 20.

) saying who or what does something

a) used after nouns that refer to actions for saying who or what does the action:is clearly the work of more than one person.

b) used after nouns that refer to actions for saying who or what is affected by the action: the baptism of children

) saying who something belongs to used for saying who something belongs to: ended up living in the house of Jeannes oldest brother.

) showing or describing someone/something concerning or showing someone or something: She had a photograph of him beside her bed.

) saying what something is part of used for saying what something is part of: He moved to the far side of the bed.

) containing or consisting of something

a) used for saying what something contains: He handed her a glass of water.

b) used for saying what type of thing is in a particular quantity or group: a kilo of riceof insects

c) used for talking about individual pieces of a substance: a grain of sugar/sand

d) used for saying what group a particular person or thing is from: Shes one of my best friends.

) in names or titles used after names and titles for talking about the relationship between a person and a place or organization: He listed the kings and queens of England.

) describing materials or fabrics used for saying what substance is used for making something: was wearing a shirt of soft pink cotton.

) in datesused for giving dates and periods of time: the 27th of November

) in descriptions of feelings used after some adjectives for saying a person or thing that a feeling is directed towards: You should be ashamed of yourself!

) linking one noun describing another used for saying what type of person or thing has been described by another noun: He was an angel of a child.

) saying who has a quality used for saying which person behaves in a particular way in a situationwas nice/sweet/stupid etc of someone: It was nice of you to help me.

) giving the cause of something used for saying what causes something: the beneficial effects of red wine

) saying what quality someone has used for mentioning a quality that someone or something has: He was a man of great charm.

6)created by someone used for saying who wrote a book or play, produced a work of art etc: the wonderful paintings of Picasso

) linking a time and an event used for describing when something happens in relation to something else: She didnt invite him till the evening of the party.

) giving the time (American)used in saying the time to mean a particular number of minutes before the hour: Its twenty of two 1.40.Its a quarter of nine 8.45.

)describing relationships used for saying who has a particular relationship with someone else: Lori is the daughter of my fathers sister.

) saying what happened during a period of time used for saying what type of activity or situation lasts for a particular period of time: We had weeks of problems with the new computer system.

) indicating the best, biggest etc used for saying the period of time for which someone or something is the biggest, best, most important etc: Reynolds was named businessman of the year in 1998.for describing the importance of a quality that something has: It was really more of a comment than a question.

(british) used for saying that you often do something at weekends/on Sundays etc: I generally do the gardening of a Sunday.

Examples from The White Monkey (by John Galsworthy):of


He went out to a closet under the stairs, and, from beneath four pairs of curtains done up in mouth-preserver and brown paper, took out the picture.(p.298)

Он пошел в чулан под лестницей и из-под четырех пар пересыпанных нафталином и завернутых в бумагу занавесок достал картину.you've published the things I left behind, send any royalties to me care of my governor.(p.293)

- Если ты издал то, что я оставил, передай, что мне причитается, моему отцу.book-he said-was bound to get the goat of the old guard and the duds generally; it would want a bit of the drum-beating from the cognoscenti. (p.291)

Эта книга, говорил он, обязательно должна вызвать злобу старой гвардии и вообще всяких снобов; поэтому надо, чтобы сочувствующие ее поддержали. had pitched on Old Forsyte, who, of all, was least to blame; for if Bart had only held his tongue, they would certainly have lumped him into the vote of confidence.(p.291)

Они прицепились к "Старому Форсайту", который меньше всех виноват. Ведь если бы Барт держал язык за зубами, они, конечно, и его бы включили в вотум доверия. Все очень естественно и нелогично.just repeated each other, like a lot of shareholders, or got their precious sentiments out of The Daily Liar. (p.289)

Они просто повторяют друг друга, как эта свор