Functional words in the English language. Prepositions. Linking words

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n the thousands of dollars. your teens / twenties/ thirties etc: My daughter is in her mid-thirties now.

e. British used for showing something such as a rate of tax: Income tax now stands at 22 pence in the pound. for saying areas of activity

a. used for saying what organized activity someone does with other people: Bailey was in the long-distance cycle race.

b. used for saying what type of work someone does: Shes a teacher and her husband works in publishing.

c. used for saying what area of work or activity you are talking about: The crisis in farming.

d. used for saying what subject someone studies: A university degree in economics. for describing a particular state, situation, or relationship.

a. used for describing the state or condition of someone or something: The army retreated in confusion.

b. used for saying what the situation is for someone or smth: Their lives were in danger.

c. used for describing the relationship between people and organizations: Are we all in agreement. smth used for saying what someone is wearing: A man in a clowns hat came and sat beside her. for saying what changes used for saying what things change, increase, improve, etc: The recent rise in oil prices. for talking about the way sth is done

a. using a particular method or style: You have to pay in cash.

b. used for describing a particular type of behaviour or way of speaking: We all sat in silence.tears (= crying ): some of the children were in tears.

c. using a particular language:English/ Spanish etc, There are instructions in eight languages. for describing ways of writing, drawing, or painting

a. used for stating what you use for writing, painting, drawing: in ink/ pencil/ chalk/ oils etc A short note written in pencil.

b. using a particular type or style of writing: Write your name and address in capital part of smth used for saying what group someone or smth is part of smth: Beckham is back in the England team. for describing how things are arranged

a. arranged in a way that forms a particular shape or pattern: We all sat round in a circle.

b. arranged according to a particular order: The names are listed in alphabetical order.for referring to colours used for saying what colour decorations, clothes etc are: Are these curtains available in green?for referring to the weather affected by a particular type of weather: Flags were fluttering in the breeze. for mentioning the book, film etc. where sb/smth appears

a. used for mentioning a story, play, film, etc. where a character or event appears or happens: The disaster is vividly recalled in James Camerons film Titanic.

b. used for mentioning a film or paly where an actor appears: Whos in the new movie with Brad Pitt?

c. used for mentioning a book, newspaper etc where you can read or see smth: I saw the house advertised in the local paper.for showing in what way sth is true used for saying what aspect of someone or something you are referring to: The words are similar but there are is a difference in meaning.or drawn to complete sth written or drawn where sth is needed: Fill in your name and address at the top of the form.sth with a particular feeling used for describing someones feelings when they do sth: In my enthusiasm I quite forgot Dr Zieglers warning.or received given or sent to someone or received by someone: Have you sent in your application form?for saying what a particular substance contains used for saying what product, food, or drink contains a particular substance: Do you take milk in your tea?to buy used for saying that sth is available in a shop: Smoked salmon? Well have some in on Wednesday.for stating who is batting in cricket British a player or team that is in during a game of cricket is batting.for saying who or what has particular qualities used for saying the person or thing that has the qualities needed for a particular job or situation: In Nelson Mandela the people had a leader that they could respect and admire. if a politician or political party is in, they have been elected: We hope things will get better now the Tories are in. in (= be elected) The labour candidate got back in with an increased majority.smth that is in is fashionable: Pale colours are definitely in this summer. in thing (to do) We used to go to boring cocktail parties just because it was the in thing to do.the sea is high if the tide is in or comes in, the sea has reached or is reaching its highest level on the land.inwards used for saying that smth breaks or fails inwards: They kicked the door in and charged at smth to be present when smth happens: Karpati had been in at the birth of the Socialist movement. in for smth informal to be going to to experience smth, especially unpleasant: It looks as if were in for some stormy weather. in for it (= be likely to be punished): When Mum finds out, youll be in for on smth to take part in smth that is being planned or discussed: I dont know what they agreed to because I wasnt in on the day out/ week in week out etc continuously or frequently over a period of days, weeks etc: I dont know how you can stand eating the same thing day in day out.doing smth used for saying that as a result of doing one thing, you also do smth else: In trying to solve one problem, I created another.length/ width/ height/ area etc used when showing measurements: The rear garden is nearly 30 metres in length.that used for introducing an explanation of what you have just said, showing in what way it is true: The new system is better in that it provides faster access to the internet. their hundreds/ thousands/ millions British used for saying how many people or things do smth, without being exact: Londoners came out on the streets in their thousands./ flood/pour in used for saying that large numbers of people or things, or large amounts of smth, arrive somewhere: The Red Cross made in appeal, and the money started rolling in.

Examples from The White Monkey (by John Galsworthy):in

just touched her hand, nodded, as if implying approval of the baby, and came walking back, but, in a mirror, Michael saw his lips quivering.(p.298)

Сомс погладил ей руку и, как бы выражая свое одобрение младенцу, кивнул и пошел к двери, но в зеркале Майкл увидел, что губы у него дрожат.the midst of excited expectation he retained enough modernity to think: No more blurb! Go and eat your breakfast quietly! (p.295)

Несмотря на лихорадочное ожидание, он все-таки сумел остаться современным и сказать себе: "Нечего распускаться! Ступай и спокойно позавтракай".his sight remarked a round hole burnt in his trouser leg-he hadn't even noticed the smell; hadn't even realized that he had been smoking.(p.294)

Мельком он заметил круглую дырочку, выжженную в левой штанине, - он даже не заметил запаха гари, он даже не помнил, что курил.air here is too clear for sentiment of any kind; and passion in exile soon becomes sickly.(p.293)

Здесь слишком чистый воздух для всяких сентиментов, а страсть в изгнании быстро чахнет.publisher in Michael was dead during that hour in the telephone booth, the friend alive and kicking hard.(p.292)

В течение этого часа разговоров по телефону издатель в нем молчал, зато друг бился за своего друга. calling in at two big booksellers, he made for his club, and closeted himself in the telephone booth.(p.291)

Он зашел к двум крупным книготорговцам, потом отправился в свой клуб и заперся в телефонной будке.the Connoisseurs, and the Palace, and Whitehall; past all preserves whence nature was excluded, deep in the waters of primitive emotion Soames sat, grey, breathless.(p.290)

Мимо "Клуба знатоков", мимо дворца, по Уайтхолу, мимо всех заповедных мест, откуда была изгнана природа, охваченный самыми примитивными чувствами, ехал Сомс, посеревший от волнения.found her, a little youthful in costume, drinking Chinese tea, which she did not like-but what could one do, others teas were common.(p.288)

Он застал ее в платье, не совсем подходящем ей по возрасту, за чашкой китайского чая; она его, правда, терпеть не могла, но что поделаешь, всякий другой чай - вульгарность., he might as well tell Gradman at once that he must exercise his own judgment in the future.(p.286)

Что ж, пожалуй, надо сразу сказать Грэдмену, что он может теперь вести дела по собственному усмотрению.from the horror of seeing himself in print, he was beginning to feel that he had been extravagant.(p.286)

Он не только боялся, что о нем заговорят газеты, он еще вдруг почувствовал, что вел себя экстравагантно: никогда не следует выходить из себя! have been familiar with the City all my life, and I have not been in the habit of meeting with suspicions and ingratitude.(