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а и ощутил легкие угрызения совести - как всегда, когда чувствовал, что его ценят.the mouth of the backwater he paused for a second, as if to print its buffness on his brain. (p.286)

На углу переулка он еще раз остановился, как будто хотел запечатлеть его в памяти.came a face straight from a picture of Her Majestys Government in 1850, round and pink, with a high nose, a small mouth, and little white whiskers; while at the end on the right was a countenance whose jaw and eyes seemed boring into a conundrum beyond the wall at Michaels back.(p.273)

Следующее лицо словно сошло с портрета "Министры ее величества королевы Виктории в 1850 году"- круглое и розовое, с прямым носом, маленьким ртом и беленькими бачками. Справа, в конце, сидел человек с выступающим подбородком и глазами, буравившими стену сзади Майкла.from the window, he leaned against the lacquered back of the jade-green settee, and stared at the wall space between the Chinese tea-chests.(p.267)

Отвернувшись от окна, он прислонился к лакированной спинке изумрудного дивана и стал разглядывать опустевшее пространство между двумя китайскими шкафчиками.much better he might become, his daughter, his reputation, and possibly his fortune, were not apparently at the disposition of his subconscious self. (p.256)

Как бы он себя хорошо ни чувствовал, его дочь, его репутация и, возможно, даже его состояние не зависели от его подсознательного "я".was silent at dinner, and went up afterwards to his picture gallery, to think things over. (p.256)

За обедом он молчал, а потом прошел в свою картинную галерею, чтобы все обдумать.half an hour he stood at the open window, alone with the summer evening; and the longer he stood there, the more clearly he perceived that the three were really one.(p.256)

Полчаса он простоял у открытого окна, наедине с летним вечером; и чем дольше он стоял, тем лучше понимал, что в его жизни все связано одно с другим.fortune-well, he had better make another settlement on Fleur and her child at once, in case of accidents; another fifty thousand.(p.257)

Его состояние... да, надо будет на всякий случай теперь же перевести на имя Флер и ее ребенка ещe пятьдесят тысяч. came away from the Board, however, without any sense of power at all.(p.256)

Однако, уходя с собрания, он чувствовал полный упадок сил.words of Michael stirred something deep in Soames; but, far from giving it away, he continued to gaze at the white monkey.(p.251)

Слова Майкла задели что-то глубоко в душе Сомса; но, не выдавая своих переживаний, он продолжал смотреть на "Белую обезьяну".looked mechanically at the fellows cuffs-beautifully laundered, with a blue stripe; at his holland waistcoat, and his birds-eye tie-a regular dandy. He would give him a second barrel! (p.242)

Сомс машинально посмотрел на манжеты этого человека, отлично выглаженные, с голубой полоской; на его пикейный жилет и пестрый галстук - настоящий денди. Ничего, сейчас он ему закатит вторую порцию!would Fleur hang it? In the hall, he shouldnt be surprised-good light there; and the sort of people they knew wouldnt jib at the nude.(p.239)

Куда Флер повесит картину? Возможно, в холле - там хорошее освещение, а тех, кто у них бывает, вряд ли особенно смутит обнаженное тело. Интересно, куда девались все картины с нагой натурой?a tangent his thoughts turned towards the object of his pilgrimage-the P. P. R. S. and its half-years accounts.(p.239)

По странной ассоциации Сомс вспомнил о цели своего похода - об ОГС и полугодовом отчете.his suggestion, they were writing off that German business wholesale-a dead loss of two hundred and thirty thousand pounds.(p.239)

По его предложению они постановили просто списать эти германские дела - чистого убытку на двести тридцать тысяч фунтов!! better have a rotten tooth out at once and done with; the shareholders would have six months to get used to the gap before the general meeting.(p.239)

Но лучше вырвать гнилой зуб сразу и покончить с этим; акционеры за шесть месяцев до общего собрания привыкнут к потере.made no reply; he was evidently thinking: How on earth I missed those things when they first came on the market! Then, raising his umbrella, and pointing it as if at the book trade, he asked: Young Butterfield-hows he doing?(p.228)

Сомс не отвечал; он, очевидно, думал: "И как это я пропустил эти вещи, когда они только что появились на рынке?" Он поднял зонтик и, словно указывая на все издательское дело, спросил: А как молодой Баттерфилд с этим справляется?five minutes before noon he snapped his tray to-not a bally balloon left!(p.205)

Без пяти двенадцать он сложил лоток - ни единого шара не осталось!would slip her forehead against his eyes if he looked at her too hard, and kiss his lips till his head was no longer clear.(p.203)

Она прижмется лбом к его глазам, если он станет слишком пристально смотреть на неe, и зацелует его так, что у него голова закружится.


[in]-1) в, во

) в течение, во время, в то время как

) через

) на, над

) в, на, с, поcan be used in the following ways:a preposition (followed by a noun ): The children are in the garden. They met in adverb (without a following noun): Come in and sit down. the verb to be: Is Philip in? No, hes gone adjective: It was the in thing to do.for showing where somebody or something is.

a) inside a container, room, building, vechile, etc: He had left his passport in his coat pocket.

b. within an area, city or country: The books are printed in Hong Kong.

c) at home, or at your office: I asked to speak to the manager but he wasnt in.

d) within an object, space or substance: The bacteria in our drinking water. the air, in the sky, in space: It was the the astronauts first experience of living in space.

e) at a specific part of something: Further details can be found in Section 90. the middle/ centre: a new department store in the centre of London.

f ) held or enclosed by something: They lay together in each others arms.

g ) a ball that is in during a game such as tennis or basketball is within the area of play. smth

a ) into your home, or place of work: I invited her in for a drink.

b) moving into a place or space: The door was open so I just walked in.

c. looking or pointing into something: Look in the top drawer of my desk. somewhere 3a. used for saying that a train, bus, plane or ship arrives somewhere: The ferry wont be in for another hour. 3b. arriving at your home or olace of work: Im going to be late, so dont expect me in till after ten. for showing when smth happens

a) during a particular period, year, month or season, or during a part of the day: In winter the lake freezes over.

b. at the end of period of time in the future: Wait, Ill be with you in a minute or two.

c. within a period of time: Unemployment has risen by over 15% in the past period. 4d. used for saying how long it is since something last happened: It was the Presidents first public appearance in three months.

e. during the time that someone is involved in smth, or is experiencing something: Owens brother died in the war. for talking about numbers and amounts

a. used for saying how many units of money, weight, measurement etc make up a larger unit: There are 1000 kilograms in a tonne.

b. used for saying how big groups of people or things are when they do something: People began to arrive in twos and threes.

c. used for saying how common something is by showing it as a number in relation to the total number: One in twelve of the adult population suffers from stress.

d. used for saying that a number is within a particular range, especially a temperature, a score, or someones age:the twenties/ fifties/ seventies etc: Damage is estimated i