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chool occupies inadmissibly modest place according to the thinking of present reformers today in the system of secondary education. In England were by September 2000 counted in all 530 special schools, which include 312 technical colleges, 99 lingual colleges, 67 sport colleges even 57 colleges of skill. Programs for the special schools appeared in England only very recently - in 1993. These programs provide for the intensified study of special objects together with the study of the general education program of secondary schools. All these schools are also state. Among the outlined reforms in the system of public education, the specialization of schools is registered first and foremost. Half of all charter schools of the country the Labor Government is intended to make specialized, with the intensified study of one or several related objects. By 2006 7500 the schools, which train today according to the general routine, they will become the specialized colleges, which prepare personnel for different regions of British industry. The creation of the special schools of the business, where they will prepare future owners, is provided, all this, in addition within the framework of compulsory secondary education. In a word, the present system of the state charter schools, which train the raznosposobnykh and raznoodarennykh children according to one and the same levelling individual program, it will undergo radical reconstruction: abilities and inclinations of student will be set as the chief concern free compulsory education.


7. Private schools


The private schools of Britain are officially named schools independent (Independent of schools). This means that they are independent from the budget and are financed from other sources, koimi in the majority of the cases are the pays, the parents of students or by voluntary particular sponsors. According to statute, the Independent (they pablik) of school is right to train five and more than students at the age, stipulated by law about compulsory education. Similar schools must be registered in the appropriate government department. They are subject to checkings from the side of inspections. In the United Kingdom there are today approximately 2400 private schools, in which are trained 600000 children and adolescents, which comprises 7% of the total number of students of the country. These schools are subdivided into the so-called fundamental schools (Foundation of schools), community- school (Community of schools) and voluntary (Voluntary of schools). About seven thousand community- and voluntary schools they bear religious nature.

Private schools are led by their own control elements, which consist of the school personnel, the parents of students and representatives of local of community. According to positions about the private schools, the leading organ of a similar school must together with the representatives of church, the director of school and by local educational authorities coordinate rules and conditions of method into the school, taking into account the regulation, developed in 1999.

All private schools are formally opened for the representatives of any religions. However, in practice the large part of the children from Catholic families they learn to the schools, supported by Catholic Church.

The private schools of Britain can be mixed and unisexual (that there is only for the girls, only for the boys), they can be also urban and out-of-town, specialized and general profile, by preparatory (for the children from 7 to 13 years) and the highest step (from 14 to 18), internatnogo type and only day instruction. In the boarding schools, or, as them call, boarding of schools, which in Britain it is counted today into 800, are trained 80 thousand children, which is altogether only one percent of the total number of British schoolboys. Of 7% of studying quotients stake is formed half of all students of British universities. 9 of 10 graduates of private schools obtain the desired university start in life. The difference in the educational standards of the state and independent from the state private school clearly demonstrates the following the number: 11-year age examinations for the preparatory or initial classes successfully pass 90% of studying private schools and only 62% of the schools of state. However, that. however, is determined difference? First of all where stronger materiel of rich private schools, is thoroughly the exacting select sionirovannyy teaching staff, and also difference in school programs. Indeed, besides the financial independence from the state, private schools are independent also in their educational programs, these programs, in contrast to the public schools, do not get down directive on top, but they are developed on the spot, taking into account the special features of this concrete educational institution. In the solid private schools is as a rule, studied considerably more objects, than in the schools of state. Here usually study Greek and Latin, history, skill and religion, classical civilizations and contemporary foreign languages, exact science and applied skill, music, dramaturgy and information texnologies. So in the renowned Itonskiy college mathematics and Latin, earliest history and information texnologies teach in the upper classes at the level of the requirements of Cambridge university. One of the laths of famous Radli of cheek-bones - so to ensure all graduates - the knowledge of information texnologies at the level of the requirements of Cambridge. And this by no means utopia, and accessible reality: to sufficiently say which to 600 students Of radli is necessary 110 computers with the output in Internet. In the same school it is found by one of the richest libraries of Britain through the meeting of classical literature. High(ly)-class artistic workshops, where are mastered almost all conceivable applied skills, here exist. Also here there are the remarkable design studios, equipped with [v] to the last word of technology. Finally - here there is everything that it is necessary to adolescents for the physical development - gymnastic hall and stadium, several swimming pools, 20 tennis Korts, golf course and its own stable with its own kennel in order to train for the dear national sport of Englishmen - hunting. So, if not more, are luxurious the material bases of other renowned private schools - such as Eaton, To kherrou… As it is not difficult to surmise, to public schools to be pulled with them is not easy. However, besides all those enumerated above, advantages of quotient over the quotient state in school there is one additional privilege - to carry out the selective selection students, i.e., to enroll in the numbers of its students bright, capable and gifted. Reason, private schools to private schools dissension, but in this case the speech of idet about strong and serious of them. But how does occur the selection of students into most prestigious of public of schools in Britan? For example in order to fall in Eaton - to it is more accurate say in order to obtain chance into it to fall - it is necessary to be written down into this school after… 10 years forward - i.e., at the age of three years. Moreover this at the worst. However, it is betterIn total to enter the name since a birth. The list of competitors is huge, and "waiting list" guarantees nothing. To find those who is capable to think and think, think non-standard and creatively. In a word, it is necessary high IQ. If testing reveals its presence then the competitor is waited with the invitation to the final test which takes place in two years.

The test also is passed successfully, and the testimonial from of the principal where before the student was trained, is quite positive, then and only then a desired gate of Eton will affably swing open also thirteen-четырнадцатилетний intellectual will dress a students cloak. From 250 annual graduates of Eton all 250 act in universities. Yes in what! In the most prestigious American, in the most famous European and, certainly, in the majority - in glorified domestic: Oxford, Cambridge and University of London (differently the London university).


8. SEN - school for the child- invalids and for the laggards in the studies


In January 2000 in England and on Wales of 1.71 mln. studying schools they were qualified as being studied with the special educational requirements (special of educational of needs- SEN)). To it is so accepted name in England those children, who experience special difficulties in the studies in the comparison with the majority of their contemporaries, including because of the problems with the health, and also various deviations in the development. 60% of students this category instruction to basic schools is passed; however, to these children is manifested special attention, they are right to design for additional aid from the side of instructors and for the special procedure of instruction. To public schools is prescribed the need of developing the special “policy” for the children of SEN. For them it is also necessary to inform about this policy of students and their parents.

40% OF SEN are trained in special school, intended for a similar contingent.

Solution about the need for the determination child into the special school it is right to carry out the local organs of formation. However, if parents are not agreeable with the similar solution or with the selection for their child of this concrete school, they right to be handled the appeal of the solution in SEN - tribunal, which is occupied by the study of similar problems. The verdict of this tribunal is considered final in resolution of debatable questions concerning that, where and as will be trained child with the special educational requirements.

In 1998 gov