"Cultural imperialism" and "cultural diplomacy"

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s work the statements interpreting the conjunction between journalism and propaganda (weapon of any foreign and inside influence). However at present time journalists are being more interested in sensations, show and dynamics of programs. Therefore means of mass media which without doubt multi - level structures can exist for means received from advertise sale: thus they are less interested in social orders. In this situation commerce can protect an audience from ideological influence. Though “ for some observers the globalization of journalism carries with it the threat of cultural imperialism - the dissemination across the planet of a journalism dominated largely by North American (read CNN) values, agendas, and ideological assumptions”. (Brian McNair “News and Journalism in the UK”. London, 1994, p. 188.

Cultural diplomacy in contradistinction to pressure influence of cultural imperialism, probably must influence upon elite classes negatively. Since the educated people grasp rude propaganda methods at once and in many cases able to separate information from ideology and infotainment as well. Thus rude methods of industry will not work here.

For easier understanding it can be supposed that well done programm on Discovery Canal about, for example, American Air Forces of the World War II had more influence effect than the a direct translation of CNN about bombardment of Baghdad.

In conclusion it s desirable to impress a hope that the rude methods has been finished at least in respect of actual participants of the world community.

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