Domestic tourism in Russia

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Domestic tourism in Russia



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Course: Introduction communication

Assignment: "Domestic tourism in Russia"


of contents


. Introduction

. Summary

. Domestic tourism

. History of domestic tourism in Russia

.1 Stages of development of domestic tourism in Russia XIX-XX centuries

.2 Post-Revolutionary period in the development of domestic tourism in Russia

.3 The development of Soviet domestic tourism early 30's - early 90's

. Types of domestic tourism

.1 Treatment of domestic tourism

.2 Athletic domestic tourism

.3 Business domestic tourism

. Recommendation

7. Conclusion




1. Introduction


The relevance of this topic lies in the fact that every year more and more Russians are choosing resorts of Russia. The value of domestic tourism for Russia's economy is primarily associated with the advantages that it brings in successful development. First of all, this increase in jobs in hotels, restaurants and other food industry enterprises, transport and other service industries. Domestic tourism is also a positive effect on the growth of tax revenues to the state budget. In addition, tourism has an economic impact on local economy, stimulating the export of local products., the efficient development of domestic tourism can significantly increase the flow of foreign tourists in Russia and, therefore, the inflow of foreign exchange earnings, to ensure the growth of tax revenues, the development of related industries and a substantial increase in employment.



2. Summary

purpose of this paper is to identify areas of development of domestic tourism in Russia. The object of this study is domestic tourism in Russia. The subjects of the study are features of the development of domestic tourism in Russia, the main trends and forecasts of the growth dynamics of domestic tourism in Russia. In the process of writing the work, used methods such as research, analysis and comparison.



3. Domestic tourism

tourism - a journey of people within the country of residence. In recent years there has been a marked increase in its popularity. This is associated with the development of infrastructure, recreation, opening new routes, ski slopes, the organization of fresh excursions. Domestic tourism is developed almost everywhere, they engaged in a large number of people for recreation, treatment, and sightseeing or just for fun.

tourism domestic treatment business


4. History of domestic tourism in Russia


Since ancient times, many people went to travel in order to understand the world and open new areas of trade, diplomatic, military, religious and other missions. All of these travelers were in need of certain services from the local population in terms of accommodation, food, recreation, etc. (<>), the first enterprises of the tourism industry became a tavern, which enjoyed a dubious reputation. In ancient times, were the main motives for travel trade, education, pilgrimage, treatment. In ancient Greece, were born and sports trips (Olympic Games)Society rested on resorts in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece and Italy. To the east in ancient times traveled by camel caravans. We spent the night in tents or barns.


.1 Stages of development of domestic tourism in Russia XIX-XX centuries

of development of tourism in Russia, this stage of the process of emergence, development and improvement of national tourism. There are five stages:(until 1890) was characterized by a few examples of tours, cruises, travel, primarily for education and scientific collection of local history and geographical information about the different areas and native land. Tours and excursions have contributed significantly to the implementation of social - started with the development of capitalism in Russia. At this time, not just tourist infrastructure is growing rapidly - restaurants, hotels, transport network, but also begins to develop the tourist market. There are numerous travel agencies, offices, companies, clubs and societies.and centralized - began in 1927 and ended in the late 60s. With the emergence in the 1928 Society for Proletarian Tourism began monopolizing tourism. Transfer of tourism and excursions to the jurisdiction of the trade unions even more monopolized situation. Thus the development of tourism has gone very quickly, extensively - through the inclusion of new resources and territories. Thus was formed the largest and cheapest in the world of social and material resources of the economically active tourism.and Regulatory (1969-1990 gg.) - Characterized by rapid development of tourism and at the same time, even faster behind the quality of service standards from the tourism industry in Western countries. Attempts to stimulate the development of tourism administrative measures only exacerbated existing contradictions. The positive results of this period include the increased interest of science to the problems of tourism, the creation of recreational design, the beginning of the formation of a new vocational qualification structure and system of continuous training of tourist areas.transition (from 1990) - it also revealed some new trends in tourism sector in economic reforms:) changes in the structure of recreational needs and the beginning of the tourist market segmentation;) the transition from monopoly to a mixed tourist economy. The active development of small and medium-sized tourism enterprises;) the transition to the use of natural resources and cultural heritage on the basis of economic relations;) the transition from administrative management functions of the tourist sector to the economic stimulation of the tourist market in the new legislative framework. (<>)



4.2 Post-Revolutionary period in the development of domestic tourism in Russia

Revolutionary period in the development of tourism can be divided into three stages:- 1920-1936 years. the second - 1936-1969 years. and the third - 1970-1980.first stage is characterized by the creation of socio-economic conditions for the development of mass tourism social and institutional development sightseeing and tourist traffic. In 1920 created the Joint lecture and tour desk, opened the first six tour stations. In Petrograd in 1921 opened the Research Institute for sightseeing.this period, tourist traffic covered the general population and more noticeable discrepancy between the growth of tourist traffic and a tour of available material and technical base, increasingly there is a shortage of experts on tourism.


.3 The development of Soviet domestic tourism early 30's - early 90's

the second stage of tourism development in Russia in 1936, reorganized the whole system of tourism in the country, the introduction of new organizational forms of governance. It was also established tourist and excursion control.1962, based on tourist and tour management, a system of tourist boards, which allowed to significantly expand the scope of tourist and excursion traffic in the the Central Council for Tourism and travel tips on the ground had to work on the principles of collegiality and involvement of public assets.this time in the country have developed five major systems of dealing with tourist and excursion business: trade union tourism, "Intourist" (Office since 1964, and since 1983 - the State Committee for Foreign Tourism Council of Ministers of the USSR), youth tourism, military tourism and children's tourism with an extensive system of extra-curricular facilities.important activity in the early 80s were a study of tourist and excursion options territories, regions, republics and the development of promising schemes for the development of tourism in some regions.central tourism courses in 1981 have been converted into Institute of Advanced Training of tourist and excursion staff.period of development of tourism in the country is characterized mainly by extensive development of intra-tourism in the USSR, as well as further changes in the governance structure.Russia, before the start of the 90s, despite the ongoing proliferation of the main indicators of the tourism industry, the transition to a new quality does not happen. Extensive development of standardization required to provide services that are not allowed to move from the mass tourism of the conveyor to the differential. This gives grounds to speak of. With the third stage of tourism development in Russia ended in the late '80s. Since that time, due to the change of political course of the country, and then transition to new economic conditions begin a new stage in the development of tourism, which has its own specific features.



5. Types of domestic tourism

, apart from the people for whom travel is a professional necessity (navigators, explorers, scientists, merchants, and later - the priests), there are people who just want to see new lands and new adventures. There was such a thing as, there are many types of tourism. For travel distance produce local (as a rule, local history) tourism, tourism in the country and international tourism. For purposes can be identified tourism entertainment, educational, health, sports (can also

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