Dickens - David Copperfield

Six months before David Copperfieldsbirth, his father died. His aunt, Betsey Trotwood, arrives in Blunderstone onthe night he is born,

Dickens - David Copperfield



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acks firmness andself-discipline. Qualities, his aunt is very well aware. David falls in love with Dora at the firstsight, before she even speaks, and before he has any idea of what sort of personshe is. Later he recognises that she is the wrong companion for him. After herdeath, David begins to remember how many mistakes he has made. He notices thatall his life it has made sense for him to be with Agnes, although he was tooblind to see to see this. She is able to understandhim, and so the perfectwomen for him. Mr Micawber is a positive character of thisnovel. His weakness is that he has a large family but never has money. Hisstrength is that he never loses the hope that better times will come.Nevertheless his moods change from joy to misery often and also very quickly.Despite his difficulties, he keeps up an impressive appearance. His talent forspeaking and writing letters in elaborate, eloquent language, overcomes UriahHeep and helps to defeat all his other problems. All in all he is a good andloving husband and father.

Uriah Heep hates the society that has forcedthis pretence on him. He is greedy, very dishonest, and extremely nasty. Uriahwill use any means to get what he wants. But he is not only a negative person,some sympathy is saved for him when he describes his poor, difficultchildhood.

Steerforth is charming, handsome, and seemsfriendly, generous and noble. David greatly admires him because he seems to haveall the social strengths and graces David lacks. Later when Steerforth runs offwith Emily David recognises that his friend is also proud, irresponsible andselfish.

Davids aunt Betsy Trotwood has stoppedtrusting men because of many disappointments in past. She hopes that ClaraCopperfields child will be a girl. Disappointed again, she looks after MrDick instead. When David comes to her, she becomes a second mother to him. Shealways asks Mr Dick for his advice. Although she seems to be independent, she isreally unselfish: she shields Mr Wickfield, and allows David his own way evenwhen she knows he is wrong. She is a good judge of character and is delighted byhis marriage to Agnes. Dora Spenlow is beautiful, sweet, attractiveand happy, but also empty-headed and impractical. Her pretty sweetness impressesDavid from the moment he first sees her, but he learns, slowly and sadly, whyeveryone treats her like a child or a toy. When married to David, she iscompletely unable to look after their house, and unreasonably afraid of anyattempt to teach her to improve. He can never understand to follow his advice.When she is dying, she suggests that their marriage could not have continued tobe happy. Agnes Wickfield is beautiful and attractive,like Dora, but in many ways she is Doras opposite. Agnes is calm,reliable, responsible and patient, all qualities Dora lacks. David always asksher for a help and advice becauseshe is so sensible, reasonable and wise. Thesecret that Agnes has loved David all her life is only revealed in the end whenDavid realises how long she has been his guide and support, and now his life hasalways been directed towards her.She seems to be perfect, and so sometimes notvery realistic.

With the love-story between David and Agnes,Charles Dickens wants to show how love can be real, and how it can betrue.

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