Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero

Thus, if we embark on the first point of our skilled strategy, namely selection, reception and planning of personnel, we

Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero


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executive summary, then can apply an own questionnaire (she is obligatory only if the controlled from distance selection is conducted), sometimes telephone interview (it touches the more controlled from distance vacancies also), farther interview with a manager from a personnel or Аssеssment-centre, then interview with a
  • director and with the leader of department, a novice will work in which;
  • general criteria of estimation of candidate;
  • decision-making ways are in relation to candidates and responsible persons.
  • Аssеssment-centre is a method of estimation of personnel, which can foresee the psychological testing, professional testing (situatioonal tests), individual exercises, group exercises, role games, interviews.

    According to created by you systems, it is needed it will be to work out a few forms. For us, for example, for comfort there is a form of estimation of ассессменту, form of telephone interview, geared-up is certain test methods and worked out кейси for every vacancy.

    The next point of skilled strategy is work from adaptation of the accepted workers.

    Here also it costs to work out and confirm a certain chart, after which will pass adaptation all accepted workers and those, who got step. Afterwards this chart also grows into a necessity for the company of position about adaptation and passing of trial period. It is first needed, at least, to work out "Package of novice" or "Book of novice".

    The package of novice in our company contains history of company, organizational structure, internal numbers of telephones and electronic addresses of all workers of company, rule of internal order, list of necessary documents which need to be given and fill for employment. Every manager must decide from a personnel, what filling of this package will profit most.

    It follows clearly to prescribe distribution of responsibility between the concrete workers of company for passing of trial period, and also criteria which will be a certificate novices, that a worker went a trial period and process of adaptation well.

    To engage in all points of the worked out skilled strategy simultaneously difficultly enough, especially, if this load falls on the shoulder of one man. Therefore farther it costs to be determined, that is priority on a concrete moment for Your organization. In fact for you, possibly, already there is the remarkable system of motivation (both material and non-material), effective system of estimation and other. Then absolutely it does not cost to change something. Especially it touches changes in the system of motivation, they are sickly enough and difficult for a personnel. Therefore at first understand the existent systems. If something failing or, якнайчастіше is, some process is not far perfect, does not send activity of people in a necessary river-bed - embark on his correction.

    If you decided to develop the system of motivation, it costs to remember two nuances:

    1. she must be based on the values of personnel, and self knowledge of values of your workers will enable to you to find correct exactly for them balance of material and non-material motivation;
    2. it costs to be determined, that for you in-process workers is major (achievement of result, meticulousness, attentiveness to the process which helps to minimize errors, disciplinary moments or anything other), and to encourage displays exactly of these lines or competenses. It is possible to enter not only encouragement but also system of fines after the impermissible for a company actions of workers or absence of the planned job performance are certain. Every employer must make decision, taking into account all risks and details.

    Coming in a company, as be said in the first part of the article in a previous number, every manager sends out a feeler. Watches processes which take place in a company, analyses and determines, as far as high level of loyalty of workers to the company. If here all in the order, both an increase of loyalty and internal PR of company will not be for you foreground job, if no, or quicker undertake to business. Organize corporate measures, conduct the corresponding training and, basic maximally socialize with a personnel, to understand principal reasons of subzero loyalty and in time to liquidate them. In fact if such "submarine stones" much, then whatever budgets you spent on corporate evening-parties and training, it will not give a desirable effect.

    In parallel, it does not cost to forget companies about external PR. It follows to produce an image of attractive employer for the organization, in course of time to take off the problem of lack of necessary professionals. If at the market of labour the name of your company will often sound and perceived positively, workers will come to you and offer the candidatures. It should be remembered that the image of the company you form constantly: beginning from that, how you speak by phone with candidates concluding the permanent representative office of company on the fairs of vacancies and presentations in educational establishments, profile conferences and other.

    It is not necessary to forget and about such part of work with a personnel, as studies. First and more main all, that it follows to memorize, - any studies need to be conducted, leaning against the in good time carefully thought out system. Which one she will be, what main accents will be placed on - here all will depend on a specific and strategy of company.

    In my opinion, it costs to divide studies after levels: for beginners, for the workers of middle level and for top-менеджменту. In addition, in parallel there must be another division: studies, which touches the direct specific of work and studies, sent to the personality height of candidates. Teaching a personnel is possible different methods, most widespread are training, yet seminars (they, usually, are used for the serve of specific knowledge) use lectures, the corporate revision of educational films with a further analysis or creation of corporate library, and also claim of lists of books, which a worker is under an obligation to read, is also possible. Who is responsible for these processes and studies conduct directly? There are a few variants: it can be the same manager from a personnel but such variant is not the best, as this activity takes away time from basic work of manager, it is possible to hire trainers which work in different consulting agencies, but their services are expensive enough, that is why the most optimal variant is to accept on work a regular trainer which will create to the program training directly under the necessities of company and will conduct all studies. In such case a manager from a personnel only coordinates work of trainer and watches, that she coincided with general strategy of work of company. And use services of external trainers only in case of occurring of necessity of the specialized studies or requirement in creation of the program of personality development for top-managers. If there is a necessity, creation of corporate universities becomes possible even for training of maximally skilled personnels.

    Well and last, about what it costs not to forget, is the estimation of personnel forming of skilled reserve. In relation to that, when it is better in all to conduct the estimation of personnel, idea divided. One insist on that only coming in a company, a manager must do the estimation of personnel, to know, with what it will be him to work. Other, to which join and I, defend an idea, that it does not cost at once to put everything from feet to the head. At first it follows to visit this collective, estimate a situation to enter certain processes and after it to start the estimation of personnel. Basic rule of estimation of personnel - she must be based on clear criteria which are developed under every position separately and are based on post instructions. It can conduct an estimation different methods and apply different methods. As be said higher about other processes, the process of estimation it costs to prescribe in position. The choice of method of estimation depends on the specific of positions.

    Objects of estimation :

    1. Psychological descriptions of personality (personality features and character traits)
    2. Knowledge, abilities and skills of employee
    3. Conduct (values, relations, opinions)
    4. Efficiency of labour

    The estimation of psychological descriptions of personality often meets at the selection of personnel. The methods of estimation are limited to testing and interviewing. Quality of estimation depends on qualification of specialist, conducting an estimation.

    Estimation of knowledge, abilities and skills more frequent meets at a selection and teaching of personnel. Basic methods of estimation are testing and trainers, rarer interviewing. However, for the estimation of row of skills, business games befit better. Quality of estimation depends on worked out of methodical base (tests) and competence of experts, conducting an estimation.

    A conduct is the most difficult object of estimation. Used in all three functions of HR. The often applied methods of estimation are questioning and interviewing. Quality of estimation fully depends on worked out of methodical base (model of competenses) and competence of experts, conducting an estimation. Partly the elements of conduct can be estimated through such form of business game as assessment-centry.

    The estimation of efficiency of labour differs in that firmly related to the business processes of company and checking system. In other words, estimation of efficiency is ordinary estimation, conducted on the stage of control of personnel. An estimation of efficiency is an estimatio

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