Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero

Thus, if we embark on the first point of our skilled strategy, namely selection, reception and planning of personnel, we

Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero


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to development and realization of own educational courses and training. We approach such state of organizations, which in textbooks on an organizational conduct is named "By student organizations", gradually.

Teaching to the teaching methods

Variety dictates teaching those new requirements to preparation of managers on a personnel. It would be unreasonable to prepare them separately under every theme of teaching. Much more effective to teach our managers to the generalized going near preparation of the own programs. And beginning is here necessary not at all from an on-line tutorial. A starting point is a theory of organizations. It is important to distinguish what can teach, from that must be inculcated in life of organization not educational, and by other methods.

"Steps" are in preparation of the teaching program

The chart of steps of preparation and realization of on-line tutorial offered below, certainly, is not only faithful. She only specifies on that an on-line tutorial is not completed with completion of teaching and closely related to the functions, drawings together positions of manager on a personnel and administrative consultant.

Chart of steps :

1) Diagnostics of organization

2) Function, compensated by training. A manager on a personnel distinguishes the group of workplaces, where training can be conducted on one program.

3) Description of aims and actions.

4) Description of basic problems.

5) Description of basic contradictions.

6) Translation of aims, contradictions, positions, operating on the language of on-line tutorial.

7) Choice of style of realization of training.

8) Preparation of educational materials.

9) Preparation of plan-chart of course.

10) Realization of teaching.

To the manager on a personnel useful to know that student organizations arise up only wherein there are student managers. Therefore our opinion is the most essential quality of manager on a personnel is his openness new and reflection position in relation to all aspects of life of organization.

Example of preparation of exercise Reflection in instruction to exercise of contradiction between the participants of co-operation.

At teaching of managers on a personnel both the ready are used and created by the listeners of тренинговые situation. The example of тренинговых instructions, worked out by listeners is here presented.

So, in the process of work it turned out with organization, that one of problem points of his activity was on co-operating with the employees of рекрутинговых agencies. Naturally, what a manager on a personnel and manager of рекрутного agency present different interests which under certain circumstances can enter into contradiction with each other. On the base of the real situation, discussed in one of groups, we worked out exercise for тренигового employment.

You signed a contract about the selection of manager. On this contract you must close a vacancy to December, 30. During current negotiations the term of испол-нения work is carried on January, 20. For this period the first candidate was ratified. However, doing some work three days, he retired. Until now a vacancy is not closed by you. On the terms of contract the return of 100% pre-pay is needed.

To it Your agency did not have a situation, entailing the back of moneys to the customer.

A new candidate appeared for you, which can come on interview to the client of January, 22. Today on January, 19. Responsibility for a failure to observe of terms of contract to a full degree will lie down on you.

You are a manager on the personnel of large firm. An employee is required Firm - Sales -менеджер. you appealed to the agency on the selection of personnel, contracted with him with within December, 31, stipulating description of workplace and requirement to the candidate. However, a contract was made by not you, and you him did not see.

One candidate was accepted on work and for him money is paid. Through extremely short time on good reason this employee retired. According to the terms of contract an agency is under an obligation to give other candidate (valid for one occasion replacement) to January, 20. Today on January, 19 and to all appearances an agency can not give other deserving candidate.

You must obtain returning of pre-pay in full, not violating business contacts with this agency.

If you will not settle this situation, for you there can be troubles from the side of guidance.


3. Basic processes which must exist in a company, from the point of view of management human capitals


In most which work at the market companies, the question of competent and system management a personnel appears sharply. Large enough money is laid in a selection, enticing, development of personnel. And these actions at 90% cases justify itself - promote efficiency of work of personnel, and accordingly and efficiency of organization.

The question of personnel a separate department (as it is mostly) or even separate man must decide. And that to do, if is not such man? An answer is simple quickly to correct this defect. In the first part of work we touched basic aspects from which must begin the activity manager from a personnel in a new company. In this part will talk about basic processes which must exist in a company, from the point of view of management human capitals which all control system by a personnel will be in course of time formed on the basis of.

If position of manager from a personnel is new in a company, all of it needs to be developed and prescribed from beginning, in fact not a single documentation is not on these questions.

Thus, if we embark on the first point of our skilled strategy, namely selection, reception and planning of personnel, we must create the row of documents necessarily. In my opinion, it costs to begin from a request on the selection of personnel. These requests actively use to the shot and рекрутингові agencies during work with clients, but rarely internal managers from a personnel, although to no purpose. Yes, on creation of such to the form it is needed to spend little time, but he occupies itself fully. In fact a manager from a personnel clearly presents requirements to the open vacancy and knows that it is possible to offer to the potential candidates. In addition, important is that this request a manager from a personnel fills directly with a leader which then asserts her. Such step in the future will protect the department of work with a personnel from the unnecessary complaining on disparity of the selected candidates to the requirements declared before. In fact if a request is absent, these requirements can several times change, something can призабутися about something simply can forget to warn. And at presence of the ratified request a department from a personnel will know clearly, that is exactly required from a new worker. Thus, if to pass to practice, then such request for us contains next data:

  1. general information is about a vacancy (region and city, branch, department where vacant position, clear name of position, date of filling of request and term of her closing, appeared, even submissions: who a man submits and who will be in her submission);
  2. terms of work (address of job, graphic arts of work, duration of trial period, payment on a trial period and after him, compensative package);
  3. description of position (basic functional promises and other nuances which touch this position);
  4. requirements are to the candidate (general information: age, sex, education; personal and business lines, knowledge and skills);
  5. circle of persons which make decision in relation to a candidate;
  6. except for principal items, a request contains, yet such division as notes (he can be named variously). Here it costs to write some special things, mainly informal which touch a vacancy. For example, features of collective, feature of region and, in accordance with them, wish in relation to the features of candidate and other

It costs to prescribe the chart of selection a next step in a company. It is bulky enough employment, but in course of time on the basis of this chart you will be able to create position about the selection of personnel. A presence of such position is obligatory for every company. If shortly, then in her it follows to take into account next points:

  1. sources of search of potential candidates, and here it does not cost limited to standard are MASS-MEDIA and internet. Every position has the specific and very actual sources of selection. It costs well to analyse a situation and define sources which are priority for the specialists of concrete sphere. These can be the specialized forums, exhibitions and other;
  2. methods of selection. Here it is also possible to dream up. For every vacancy actual will be different methods and methods.

But you must prescribe base which will be used exactly in your organization. Certainly, they can complement each other or mutual exclude depending on a situation. So, for example, if a necessary mass selection you here can help worked out ассессмент, with the certain set of exercises, questions, кейсів and tests. With his help you will associate with plenty of people for short space and able in an action to check up necessary for you skills. We mostly pick up managers this method. Irreplaceable, certainly, there is interview in her different variations. Also it is here possible to reckon the professional and psychological testing, which can be both part of independent method;

  1. amount of levels of estimation, which a candidate must pass. For us all begins from the analysis of

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