Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero

Thus, if we embark on the first point of our skilled strategy, namely selection, reception and planning of personnel, we

Creation of control system by a personnel how to begin with a zero


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this purpose at first it costs to every manager from a personnel to understand, where he got. It is needed to understand on what stage of development company, what provision with a personnel, who before even episodically decided current skilled questions which are the primary purpose of activity of company and many other. For such sounding it costs to use different methods: from the analysis of normative and regulation documents which exist in a company, to private conversations after the cup of coffee both with leaders and with a personnel.

Yet it is extremely important for any manager from a personnel to understand the organizational structure of company (from what departments folded, who who submits, who answers for what). If such structure is not prescribed on a paper, then it and will become the first official task of new worker. In fact without her it is difficult to understand processes which take place in companies, the more so, that at every level there are nuances with which afterwards it will be to work to the manager.

It is possible to organize official diagnostics of personnel by means of the specially created questionnaire. That at once not to frighten a personnel, this questionnaire must not touch the concrete estimation of personnel, but only to diagnose moods which dominate in a company. For him it costs to bring in a question about satisfaction or dissatisfaction work in a company, thus important is both a level of hygienically and personality factors, questions which determine loyalty to the company and also necessarily suggestions in relation to the improvement of work with a personnel from a personnel. The last, by the way, is important yet and because in any case a manager from a personnel is a new man in a company and he is difficult at once to catch, and that it is exactly necessary to change, that it became better, and workers which work long time in a company can offer from own experience. Many ideas can be even very rational, that is why them it costs to make reality of. And if workers will see that their ideas, their vision guidance considers valuable and makes reality of it will promote loyalty of workers and their efficiency considerably.

Acquainting to the stage the spread of learnings of manager provides for also. Every specialist from a personnel, before to accept certain decisions, must familiarize with the specific of work and activity of company. He must understand essence of work of her specialists. For example, our company carries out transport-expeditionary activity. Certainly, I do not need to know all nuances in relation to transportation of loads, but essence of work of managers of company, most widespread difficulties and features what this activity is marked, I obliged to know. The best method for such studies - to conduct a few days in the "heart" of company. That I mean: if it is an expeditionary company, then to sit in the department of managers which carry out transportation directly, and to look after their activity, if it is a retail business - then to conduct a few days in the trading floor of shops between salespeople-consultants and others like that.

A next step will be a study of geographical location of offices of company and specific each of regions. From own experience can say, that every region has the specific and speech goes not only about East and Western Ukraine. If you have branches in the different areas of Ukraine, it follows necessarily personally to visit each of them, to put right copulas with skilled and by agencies, to associate with potential candidates, analyse the local press and other sources of search of candidates. In every region these sources can be different, and their priority will change for potential candidates. If you are interested by young specialists, then it costs to put right activity with local by towers, in an ideal to agree about short presentation of company before students. It will help to form the attractive image of company as an employer.

In addition, it does not follow to forget competitors about monitoring. Competitors can be both small local enterprises which are well developed in a concrete region and large national companies. All depends on the segment of market, which the directed organization is on. Us, first of all, direct not activity of such companies, but their suggestions, will interest to the potential workers, specialists in this sphere, and more precisely, level of payment, system of payment (rate, rate plus percents, percents or other) compensative package et cetera.

Understanding with a situation in a company, it is possible to embark on creation of skilled strategy on the next year of activity of manager from a personnel, and in future on her basis and skilled budget. What does skilled strategy consist of? And what is based on she?


2. Skilled strategy


Foremost it should be said, that skilled strategy is based only on general strategy of development of company and no time can not to her contradict. In addition, she must answer a mission and values of company. If a mission and values is not, then the first point in strategy of department from a personnel - to create or prescribe them, and also work out and confirm the standards of work and intercourse in a company.

Skilled strategy must consist of next divisions:

  • Selection, reception on work and planning of personnel according to the necessities of company.
  • Adaptation of personnel - how adaptation will be new personnel which will come in a company.
  • Studies and development of personnel are studies of new and present workers, and also creation of charts of development of talented workers.
  • An estimation of personnel is a construction of individual criteria of estimation of personnel in accordance with the specific of company and every vacancy in particular.
  • Creation of skilled reserve (especially in relation to key positions for a company) and work is with skilled reserve.
  • Creation of the system of motivation - both material and non-material.
  • Internal PR of company, increase of loyalty of workers, improvement of communications into a company.
  • External PR is presentation of company at the market of labour, producing an image of positive employer.

After creation and statement skilled strategy necessarily it follows to present to the workers, to find out, and for what a manager is nevertheless needed from a personnel which will change with his arrival in a company. And if at the beginning the public functions of this man were wired for sound only, then now workers can familiarize with concrete measures which will be used for a year.





Thus a manager from a personnel is strong important position in every company and to the selection of such specialist it is needed to walk up carefully. It is important not only correctly to take away a worker but also prepare other personnel to introduction of such position. And even after appearance in a company a manager can not at once actively inculcate the purchased experience and skills from other companies. Extraordinarily important is to analyse a situation which was folded in a company, understand that it costs and that it does not cost to apply for an effective construction works with a personnel. Advices to the managers on a personnel.

Most leaders of new generation perfectly understand the differences of manager on a personnel from usual before skilled agent. And not by chance. One of the last researches showed that to 80% barriers on the way of development of market relations as or it is differently related exactly to the problems of personnel.

Here and resistance to the innovations, and unwillingness to be taught again, and lack of ability to work newly, and internal alienation from the aims of organization. All these 80% problems first of all brought down on the head of managers, responsible for a personnel. Clearly, that knowledge and abilities of such specialist must strikingly differ from ability in good time to shift the personal files from one place to other. Although it would be unfair not to do justice to кадровикам of old structure, at which documents were in the order, and people they hired perfectly.

What must know and able modern manager on a personnel? 3 - 4 back his basic task was a selection of personnel. It is not casual. The number of firms grew, as mushrooms after a rain. With not less frequency they scattered or transformed. On long and successive work into organization there simply was not time. A general situation some changed now. From one side, she is more stable. On the other hand, even those organizational changes which take place, realized othergates.

Many commercial organizations passed the first phases of the development, verifications of skill of the employees a long ago. Many collectives are more or less stable, possess sufficient human potential. And often this stability is included in contradiction with the dynamics of market, when a sharp turn is required in accordance with the changing state of affairs. Yesterday a firm traded mainly, an accommodation costs today, and tomorrow can be книгопроизводством will engage. Many leaders prefer even at such changing of general line however to save the kernel of organization, consisting of people well known and tested. New direction of activity requires new abilities from employees. Consequently, they are necessary to be regularly taught again.

Teaching in the workplace

On our eyes the new function of manager grows and gets strong on work with a personnel is a teaching function. From questioning of managers conducted by us it is necessary on a personnel, that many of them considerable time is spared

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