Could This Happen Today?

Despite world always changes, all the time there are such people, who cant understand meaning of their life due to

Could This Happen Today?



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Could This Happen Today?

(based on Dostoyevskys Crime and Punishment)

A month ago I red one of the most famous novels in the world literature, Dostoyevskys Crime and Punishment, which now has become one of my favorite books. A stressful tale about one mans attempt to escape the implication of a single terrible act of murder is actually hard to read, however not all the things in our life are going so well there are also the bad edges of it: dreadfully realistic and tragedy like.

It is really interesting to get to know if these events, happened with the main character of the novel, Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov, could happen nowadays, for instance, in our country.

Many towns, cities, countries, nations disappeared from the Earth with those wars, arguments, squabbling. The new ones have been created, have been built in many years. Many things have changed since the time this novel was written, but personally I suppose that events described in Dostoyevskys novel can even be true relatively to our life in the XXI century.

Despite world always changes, all the time there are such people, who cant understand meaning of their life due to many reasons, either social or personal. Problem of social inequality persists since the beginning of human existence. Someone can afford everything to itself, but other one is even unable itself to subsist on. Therefore these different classes of people often quarrel with each other; again this inequality gives birth to evil. Those who are at the low level of living sometimes try to carry out the experiments on approving that they also can do anything they want, as the people from “the heights” always do, in a way of committing crimes. They have no choice, as they think, for the reason that there is already nothing to loose for them. Thus, the do such dreadful things like murders. From my point of view all of this is explainable. At first, all these poor (in their material and psychological matter) people have the same, equal rights for living as we, humans, all do have, and the do not want always to be suppressed and humbled. Secondly, lack of respect to them by other people makes them disrespect themselves. They start to think that they are unneeded in this cruel world, thats why they are ready to conduct crazy actions. They lost the right path in their life, the path, where they used to be happy, as many others do, because God created us to live in peace and harmony. In the book the path of Rodions life leads through many adventures to an acceptance of religion over individualism (even some kind of egoism).

Many of people in the past and present are being in an indefensible situation, in like Rodya in the novel was. They cant stop doing badly, for making their living, because again they havent got other alternatives. In my humble opinion this wont be if people will begin to love each other, to take care not only of themselves, however of surroundings (social surroundings). Our lives not depend only on the state of ourselves, but on the state of others. You will fill the love in your heart if you will love others. All is mutual.

Of course, Crime and Punishment can be recommended to read only to those people, who have “an opened eyes vision on the worlds life”, who are not frightened of considering poor existence of many people on the Earth.

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