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ngry190REDroll out the red carpetgreet a person with great respect, give a big welcome191REDto see the red lightto recognize approaching danger, the red light being a danger signal192REDa redneck an ignorant, insensitive person193REDa red letter day a day of great importance194REDpaint the town red celebrate195REDlike a red rag to a bull likely to make someone angry196REDin the redoverdrawn197REDred herringSomething that draws attention away from the central issue198REDas red as a cherrybright red199REDas red as a poppybright red200REDas red as a rosebright red201REDred alertmaximum degree of readiness202REDred cardsignal that a player has to leave the football pitch for foul play203REDred-hotvery keen204REDred lightwarning; notification to stop205REDred-bloodedsexually potent206REDas red as bloodvery red207SILVERsilver-tonguedHaving or exhibiting the power of fluent and persuasive speech; eloquent.208SILVERthe silver screen the cinema209SILVERSilver spoonInherited wealth210SILVERon a silver platterif something is given to you on a silver platter, you do not have to make any efforts to get it211SILVERsilver bulletsomething that solves a difficult problem very quickly and easily212SILVERto be born with a silver spoon in your mouthto be born into a rich family213SILVERevery cloud has a silver liningused to say that is something good even in a situation that seems very sad or difficult214VIOLETshrinking violettimid person215WHITEwhite as the driven snowvery white216WHITEas white as a sheetin a state of great fear217WHITEwhite as a ghostvery pale because of fear, shock, illness etc.218WHITEin black and whitebe extremely clear219WHITEwhite liea harmless lie (told to be polite or to do something not seriously wrong)220WHITEa white-collar workera professional or office worker who wear a shirt with a white collar221WHITEwhite Christmaswhen it snows at Christmas: 222WHITEwhitewashcover up the truth223WHITEwhite elephanta useless possession224WHITEwhiter than whitecompletely morally good225WHITEbleed someone dry or whiteseriously weaken someone by using up all their financial resources226WHITEswear (that) black is whitestubbornly argue in one direction against clear evidence pointing in the other; be a flagrant liar; be compulsively argumentative227WHITEwhite feathersign of cowardice228WHITEwhite knightperson or organisation which comes to the assistance of another229WHITEwhite manhonourable person230WHITEwhite man's burdeneuphemism for imperialism231WHITEwhited sepulchrehypocrite232WHITEwhite nunfrom the colour of her dress233WHITEwhite tiea man's formal evening dress234WHITEwhite Africathe parts of Africa ruled by white people235WHITEwhite coffeecoffee with milk or cream236WHITEwhite ruma colourless variety of rum237YELLOWyellow-belliedextremely timid, cowardly238YELLOWa yellow streakcowardice in character239YELLOWyellow presstimid person240YELLOWyellow eviljaundice241YELLOWas yellow as snowyellow242YELLOWas yellow as goldyellow243YELLOWyellow perila supposed danger that the Asiatic people will overrun the world244YELLOWas yellow as a guineaof the complexion in age or disease