Business communication

This year we were given a lucky opportunity to have some sort of training. The Communication, to my mind,

Business communication



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is to keep it impersonal and nonjudgmental.

The performance appraisal skill is used systematically by foreign managers and has a great impact on the career of employees. During performance-appraisal interview managers make decision concerning promotion or dismissal of his subordinates.

The skill of persuasion is also one of the basic communication skills. To motivate people do what you want them to do it is not enough to have the power. Being persuaded people feel they are acting on their own accord. Improvement of persuading techniques means using facilitative tactics and tailoring your approach to different people.

The participation in role-plays was interesting and useful both for the actors and observers. However some situations hardly corresponded with life and performances played on spot were much more vital. Due to this communication training I investigated my weak and strong points and found the ways to improve.

Thus, my general impression about the course is very good, and I wish we had more time for such a subject to master the skills of communication.

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