Britney Spears - princess of pop

That funkier spirit is loud and clear on up-tempo rump shakers like "Stronger" and "Don't Go Knockin On My Door" which

Britney Spears - princess of pop



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st to sing it. When you sing a song with feeling and do your all, you connect, and thats crucial to me. Especially since I think that the songs on this album are ten times better than on my first album, so I really want my fans to feel and hear how much these songs mean to me.”

Along with her rigorous schedule and the release of her successful 2X
Platinum home video “Time Out with Britney Spears” in late 1999, Britney
and her mother have written a book entitled Heart To Heart. As if that
werent enough, Britney has also created the Britney Spears Foundation
in conjunction with the Giving Back Fund. Its first endowment is the
formation of a performing arts summer camp for underprivileged kids in
Massachusetts. "Im so happy to be able to give kids the opportunity to
learn about amazing world of dance and music that Ive have been lucky
enough to make such a big part of my own life."


The 8 times platinum Oops!... I Did It Again spawned number 1 singles like "Lucky," "Stronger" (in which she performs a lap dance to a chair), and "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know." One listen to "Oops!.. I Did It Again" and Britney will make a believer out of you - one more time.

The most noticeable aspect of the single, the video and the album is
maturity, which is just what Britney had in mind.


Britney - "People have to remember that when I did my first album I was only 16. I had never been in the studio, it was all new to me and so before I let people help me out and honestly I think that was because I was just so new to the music industry, not only because I was young. But making records and being part of the process and becoming more in charge of my sound was something I had to experience and grow with and on this album Ive had the chance to do that. This album is closer to who I am. Its funkier!"


That funkier spirit is loud and clear on up-tempo rump shakers like
"Stronger" and "Don't Go Knockin On My Door" which find Britney in a
frisky and fierce state of mind. But as she proved on her debut, Britney
can deliver ballads with as much intensity as her more high energy cuts.
On the aching "When Your Eyes Say It" (written by Diane Warren and
produced by Steve Lunt and Robert Jazayeri) and the thoughtful "Don't
Let Me Be The Last To Know" (penned by Shania Twain and Robert Mutt
Lange and produced by Lange), Britney shows her depth. "I dont want
to just be some singer who sings a song just to sing it," Britney offers
speaking to the emotional range of the album. "When you sing a song
with feeling and do your all you connect and thats crucial to me.
Especially since I think that the songs on this album are ten times better
than on my first album, so I really want my fans to feel and hear how
much these songs mean to me."

In keeping with that need to communicate is "Dear Diary", co written by
Britney. Britney began writing melodies and songs while on the road and
she has plans to learn guitar (she is proficient on the piano) in hopes of
writing more songs in the future. "I think Ive always had these songs
that I've been writing in my head," Britney explains. "Now I feel ready to
let people start to hear them."


The second single from the album, was Lucky - a bittersweet tale of loneliness and stardom - containing the apt lyrical phrase “the World is spinning and she keeps on winning!” Britneys Oops!… World Tour was announced on May 12th 2000. Her fans couldnt wait to see her perform. The shows packed 90 minutes full of her classic hits, energetic dance routines and magical costume changes. Fans were left in awe. Stronger - an attention grabbing slice of classic up-beat pop - and Dont Let Me Be The Last To Know - a smooth ballad, co-written by Shania Twain - , followed as the final singles from an exciting sophomoric record, that showed immense growth as a performing artist and a tight relationship with a sound that is undoubtedly Britney! and now?…


Britney has appeared on screen and in print around the globe. Time Magazine (International Edition), Marie Claire (UK) Elle (UK and Japan) and Vogue (Spain) are some of the magazines that have embraced Britneys charismatic image for their cover stories. MTV, CHANNEL V, FOX, M6, RTL, along with a countless number of other television networks and programs around the world, anticipate Britneys new releases as fans would themselves.


Britney co-headlined at the Rock In Rio Festival in Brazil in January, 2001, performing to an audience of over 250,000. Also in January, Britney appeared with Aerosmith and *NSYNC at Superbowl 35 during the half time show, performing Aerosmiths classic hit "Walk This Way". Britney presented and won an award at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards and co-hosted and performed at the 2001 American Music Awards.


In 2001, the reigning Queen of Teen Pop shows us a fresh and more mature side. The new songs on her third album, Britney, reflect the changes in her life and her development from a teenage girl to a mature, young woman. Working with producers such as The Neptunes, on the first single Im a Slave 4 U has allowed her to move on to the next level. Other producers and songwriters on the album include Max Martin, Rami, Riprock n Alex G, Dido, Josh Schwartz and Brian Kierulf of KNS Productions, Rodney Jerkins, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears herself.

2001 was a banner year for the pop star, as she co-hosted the American Music Awards with L.L. Cool J.; performed with Aerosmith, *N Sync, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige at the Super Bowl; appeared on a spoken-word CD of the Pope's prayers; and signed a multimillion-dollar endorsement with Pepsi.

While she dances with factory workers in a warehouse, impressing even Viagra-enhanced Bob Dole and his dog, Christina Aguilera stars in a Coca-Cola commercial, fueling more than just a pop war.


Britney and her legions of teenage fans aren't her only admirers: it turns out her role-model, Madonna, has said that she's a big fan of Britney, and a duet with the new Princess of Pop is in the works. Britney also appeared in a one-hour BBC documentary on the Material Girl.


As if CDs, sold-out concerts, books (her second co-written book with her mother was released in April 2001, entitled A Mother's Gift), and a huge endorsement aren't enough, Britney is now working on an acting career and tinkering with the idea of a fashion line.

But for now, being the youngest female to achieve 10-times platinum status and to notch a number 1 album and single in the US with debut recordings, ain't all that bad.

Today Britney even says "I never knew I would be this famous" She is still going srong and even stars in the new movie "Crossroads".
Transcending her tumultuous teen character in "Crossroads," a self-assured Britney Spears will live life in the fast lane for her next movie.

Spears' self-titled third album was a laboured attempt by the singer to cultivate a more mature image. Although its initial sales were not as strong as her previous two albums, Britney shot straight to the top of the US album chart on its release in November 2001 for a brief stay.

Britney Spears is a cultural phenomenon. Though there have been pop music princesses before, none have had the impact, success and influence of Britney Spears (though the Spice Girls gave it a good shot before imploding spectacularly).

Britney has become an icon to millions of fans worldwide and her
infectious brand of pop/R&B has become the template for girl pop.

She has spawned a new era in music in which the audience in control of record companies' multi-million dollar profits are teenage girls. Britney has also drawn a host of imitators into pop music that include: Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore.

Britney is here to stay and getting bigger and better all the time. All we can say is watch this space!!

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